Sunday, July 03, 2011

Huzzah - Nail of The Day!

I may on occasion run the risk of being mistaken for Bet Lynch or more realistically Bet Lynch's grandaughter but who doesn't love a bit o' leopard? 

For these prettys I'm blaming the influence of the, ever talented talon queen that is @_Lynnie_, if you're not already a follower believe me you're missing out. Another inspiration being the sight of my recent River Island purchase - 


So how did I do it? Simples!

Starting with a Seche Clear base coat I then used 2 coats of Leighton Denny in Supermodel. It's a gorgeous taupe-y mushroomy colour. I'm not usually drawn to these shades but Harper's Bazaar very kindly offered a free sample last month & I have to say I love it. Its fairly fab as an office colour on its own, with one sparkly accent nail (This is me we're talking about) but I believe I may have found Supermodel's purpose in life. 


Next step was touches of Essence Colour & Go in the shade 'What Do U Think', its a beautiful corally peach shade with slight shimmer on close inspection. I bought this at the start of the summer with high hopes but this is its first outing. You don't need to be too precise with your 'spots' I think it looks a little more natural if you're not (great news for my gammy right hand nails). 


Your next step is to partially encircle your 'spots'. I used Kiss Nail Art Paint in, well, black. I have a serious love for these nail art paints. Bought them for €7.29 in Dunnes for a 3 pack, (Other colours being white & silver glitter) which is exceptional value and a secret weapon for cack handed lovers of nail art like yours truly.

Working in a busy office and with a lot of site meetings I usually prefer an accent nail so gave that a bash

But was quickly swayed to do the rest as I don't think its TOO in your face - please feel free to disagree (quietly)

So, one quick swish of Sally Hansen Insti Dri, a miracle saver for my manic life, and there we have it - The Lazy Leopard:-


No, wait.. There we have it, the Lazy Leopard:-


 What do we think? Would you give it a go?


Dee said...

Love it! And the suitcase! X

Sarah said...

I love leopard print. I love everything about it and everything it stands for. And I love your nails! :D


Sue Jordan said...

Yay, I'm not alone so? Thanks for the encouragement Gals :) x

Marie said...

I love this. What Dunnes did you get the Kiss Nail Art Paint in? I have never seen them there but would love to get them.

Sue Jordan said...

Thanks Elaine :)
I picked them up in the Dunnes in Blanchardstown Centre, there's 3 in each pack. Actually picked up a different set last week, blue, green & neon pink. They're €7.29 for 3 & really good value!