Monday, July 11, 2011

Photo Fabulous? Yes Please!

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My quest for larger hair has been long and arduous, not to mention costly. You name it I've tried it. In reality I should have posted a pic of my locks at present but am feeling a little iffy about them at the minute (More on that later). 
I saw the gawjus Aisling of recommend these lovelies on her recent stint on Exposé & thought 'Why not, wha?' I picked them up in Boots for €8.79 but they do have a 3 for 2 on at the minute and even better than that, their haircare voucher will get you a further €3 off. Not to be sneezed at. 

The shampoo itself smells, well, delicious, there's almost a musky sweet smell, if that makes any sense and this is the first I've used in a while that the scent actually stays with you into the next day. I love it. Looking at the product itself under light you can see iridescent particles that I'm assuming only help with the awesome shine on drying. 

Its not often I like a shampoo on first impressions because I find volumising offerings tend to weigh your hair down after a wash or two but not so with this. I've been using it for several weeks now and have even re bought at this stage. Because of the 3 for 2 offer I've also bought and used the Intensive Treatment in the range. You can use it twice a week but I honestly haven't needed to. Once is plenty. 

Would highly recommend this range if you're on the lookout for a little volume and certainly if you want moisture & shine. It ticks all the boxes & I'm hooked. 

I had my six weekly hair cut/style last week and was telling the girl about this product, she uses it herself and she too raves about the results. Having explained my need to reach higher heights with my grúaig I gave her free hand to chop as much as she liked. I have to say I floated out of the salon and all the way home to be met by the eldest - 'Oh, Mam you went for a mullet?', 'Ehm, nope', 'Don't panic, they're all the fash, it's like business up front and parrrty out back!'. 

He broke my achey breaky heart..


Breige said...

Oh, I LOVE James Brown products!! I love the dry shampoo in the white range.

I used the conditioning treatment in this range and loved it. I must try more of his stuff

Unknown said...

Never ever heard of these products! Shame on your son, don't mind him! Men have no taste. Take my dad for example, he has a photo of my mam in his wallet from the late eighties that he takes out everytime my mam gets her hair done asking her why he cant have his wife back!!! its funny but he has no idea!! My mam has the most gorgeous curly hair but back in the eighties it was.....different!

The Make Up Fairy said...

Great review glad I purchased xx