Tuesday, August 30, 2011

That's a Lorra Lipgloss!

Changing over my bag on Sunday I pulled out a lipgloss, then another, then another.. repeat to fade..

I knew I had a difficulty with product piggery but how, in the name of God, did I end up with 9 lipglosses in one bag? Nine!

Realising that this was just the tip of my lipgloss iceberg I was tempted to count my entire collection then realising, in turn, that that may stop me buying any more I decided against. 

Lets have a looksie at the 'few' I've been carting around shall we? 

L'Oréal 6hr Glamshine in Hold on Rose: This is a lot pinker than the swatch would have you believe. Non sticky & long lasting, nowhere near 6 hours long but long nonetheless. I happen to have 3, in this shade my love is so great for 'em. Great daytime colour. 

Essence XXXL Shine, would love to tell you the colour of this one but Essence aren't known for packaging that survives the belly of handbags. This blends to a lovely berry plum with a silver shimmer, bit sticky but great colour. 

Lancome Juicy Tube mini in Fraise, it's been a while since I've abandoned Juicy Tubes for their sticky ways and hair catching annoyance but this one is a lovely pick me up colour. 

Essence XXXL Shine in Big Night Out, this is a lovely nude pink, part of their new Nude range, funnily enough, that I happen to have several of. Their non sticky and taste like sweeties. Their longevity is not the best but, again, they taste like sweeties. 

Catrice Colour Show, a clear gloss with golden shimmer, lovely as an over gloss for lipstick and almost gone! (Must pick up another one)

Estée Lauder High Gloss in Berry, these are probably some of my fave glosses ever made. Great colour choice, not an ounce of stickiness and a biscuity sweet taste. This happens to be one of a pack of 6 minis. That's not mentioning the full size ones. 

Smashbox O Gloss Noir, this is a blackish gloss in the tube but changes colour according to your own lip colour. Turns out as a lovely berry colour on my kisser. Hugely expensive (€26) for what it is so while I'll never replace it, I loves it. 

Smashbox Limitless Lipstain & Colour Seal Balm in Berry. This stain is a felt tip one end and a corresponding  balm on t'other. I wanted to love this, I really did but with the dried up felt tip (after only 6 weeks) I just don't reach for this one. Hence the languishing at the end of my bag status. 

Essence XXXL Nude, another of the nude range. Sweeties. That is all. 

Having cleared out my bag & some of my conscience, I'm feeling a bit better. 

Any of these catch your fancy? Want to make me feel better & count your glosses and/or your own product obsesh? G'wan... 

Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday's Moments 29/8

Ooh second instalment already but last week was so enjoyable, thought I'd give it another bash. So, what have been the highlights of my past week? 

1. I may not be Rachel Zoe but I ain't Nicki Minaj

Nicki, please! What in the name of all things holy was she thinking when she laid this ensemble out on the bed? No, wait, maybe she used part of the bedding unintentionally? As I said, I'm no stylist but getting several compliments as opposed to 'What the Frick were you thinking?' That's nice. 

2. Belly Laugh Anyone? 

Laughing till you get faceache? I loves it. Has happened to me on two days this week, serious guttural, deformed, I may atchilee pee my pants here, laughing. Best. Medicine. Ever. Everyone should have one or more of these people in their lives & if you do? Spend as much time as is unstalkerishly possible with 'em!

3. Where is Everyone?

Ninjas do their best banking on a Friday

I try my utmost to avoid queues, at all times. To that end I avoid the Bank like the plague. Strange thing happened on Friday though, having no choice I got up early, on my day off, and braced myself for an hour of wasted time. I opened the branch door and... not a sinner... no one! Checking my watch, the door, my watch again and then the ground for customers in case I was disturbing a stick up, I made my way to the counter. Through all of the dividers. Looking over my shoulder. The cheery teller told me she hadn't a clue where everyone was as they'd been swamped all morning. As I finished my bidness & turned to leave I was met with a deluge of customers. Beaming I turned back to the teller & got a look as if to say 'Told ya!'. Glorious. 

4. Speed Wobble Undetected

Do you know what's worse than falling? Falling in front of people. Its never funny when its you (until afterward) but its always hilarious when its someone else, so you can't blame them, the mirthy swines. What's the best case scenario when you do fall like I did on Saturday? Nobody seeing you, not one! You get to do your speed wobble, straighten yourself using either dance moves or ninja technique and realise you shouldn't have bothered. Score.  

5. Secret Crush

'I used to have a crush on you'. How do you react to that? I couldn't say what I was thinking because that was 'I have literally never seen you in my life' that's just not nice. What did I say? 'Ehm, ah, yeah?', 'Oh, you'. It's a lovely feeling, even better feeling when you realise this chap is now married and you don't have to cope with the follow up questions. When friends asked what we were talking about I was honest 'Ah he's a lovely fella, great taste'. :P

What have been your highlights this week, folks? Care to share? 

Friday, August 26, 2011

NOTD - Peridot (With an OOTD thrown in)

Am off to a wedding tomorrow so thought I'd give you a sneak peek at the look I'll be rocking. (Yes, I intend to rock).

The Dress

This halter necked number is from Julian McDonald's Star collection, I don't care if the he's the only white man around with a Soul Glo 'fro & cuban heels, the man knows his way around a woman's print dress. The shrug is John Rocha. 

The Shoes

With the heel in need of repair on my beloved Louboutin's these are my second favourite pair. These are the most comfortable heels I've ever owned, perfect for all day wear. (Pssst, they cost sheckles from Pennés.)

The Jewellery 

Picked these up in the Red Herring sale, the earrings were mucho longer but chopped 'em down for fear of Pat Butchery. No necklace needed because of the stones under the bust of the dress. 

The Nails

NOTD are Peridot, I'm not sure there's a picture around that could do this colour justice. Temptalia  has some lovely shots. It changes colour depending on where the light hits and picks up several of the colours in my gúna so thought it the perfect choice. 

I've chosen a leopard accent finger just to break it up. 

So, now you know what I'll be wearing... should I go missing... or make the headlines... or star on Crimecall... I may tone down that rocking after all. 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Beauty Essential - Bargain Alert - Brighter Peepers!

Back in October Kirstie over on Beaut.ie informed us all of the awakening effects of peach eyeliner. A shade that's a lot more natural and a lot less harsh than white (white should only ever be used for photos, Kat Slater!) I have to admit I've been a fan ever since and have definitely noticed the difference.

My choice until now for peachy nudiness? The Skin Glow Pencil from Une in its lightest shade G01.

€9.79 from Boots, Liffey Valley

I've been pretty gick at sleeping lately, so much so that during a nightmare lastnight about being held captive I actually remember thinking 'Well, at least I won't have to get up for work' (See? Silver linings all the way with me).

I digress, looking more haggard than usual today and picking up another Essence Long Lasting Eye Pencil, what did I spot?

New (to me) and for the ridiculous price of €1.99, Wun Niney Nine, People! A supersoft and precise pinky/peach liner in my favourite format. Score.

The colour is ever so slightly shimmering so ideal for the waterline but also any other areas that need highlighting. Cupids Bow etc.

I love it as I've loved these pencils for yonks, they're long lasting, simple to use, smudgeable and with the twistable tips require no faffing about with pairing.

Hoooge range of colours. (Hoooger than this)

Buildable lines, peach is gorgeous. 

Just one word of warning though, eh? Use it sparingly....

Pic credit: DoobyBrain.com

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

One Day - Preview Review

Who's in it? 

What's it about? 

Dexter and Emma, having spent a drunken graduation night together make a plan when they awake for St. Swithin's Day, the 15th of July. One Day goes on to show snapshots of their lives on the following 20 15ths of July. Often times together but sometimes not. To say its a love story is simplifying it a bit, its more a story of life, glimpses of relateable and entertaining struggles as each grow into their own skin and the people they are destined to be. 

Any Good? 

Like the Lovely Bones adaptation before it my thumbs are still hovering mid air about this one. Having read the book and loved it last year, the film was never going to live up to it. Though I usually feel that way.

In fairness Jim Sturgess plays a blinder as Dex, quiffy/obnoxious Dex, whom I had very little time for while reading. Sturgess has helped me empathise with the character, definitely the sign of a great actor. I can almost forgive him for the weirdest film I've yet to see, Heartless. You find yourself rooting for Dex, wanting the best for him even if he doesn't. 

Anne Hathaway as Emma had huge potential, she was actually believable, until she spoke. Honestly how much does a dialect coach cost in the grand scheme of things? I wanted to like her, I really did but not knowing whether the next line would be Harry Enfield's Scouser 'Calm down Dex, eh la?' or a Wool Pack extras 'Eh up chuck, fancy a bitter?' just put me off, right off. Her London accent was believable, if only she stuck with it. While her lines were funny, on paper, they were delivered in a mish mash of accents that just lost it for me. Shame.

I have to give a nod to Ken Stott as Dex's father though, one of the greatest actors of our time brought the character to life. Truly believable as a Dad that just wants the best for his boy, in-spite of his boy. 

The scenes that were taken directly from the book are well executed and instantly recognisable but there's so much missing that would have woven the story together, that happens in adaptations. I suppose.

As I've said I knew I'd be biased having truly enjoyed the novel so asked my date for the evening, who hadn't, my Mamito. Her take? 'There was the makings of a great film there'.

One Day is a wonderful story, beautifully written and while the film as a standalone works, if you love your books, as I do, you're really doing yourself & David Nicholls a disservice if you watch this before reading. It's a good movie but its a Great book. 

Monday, August 22, 2011

Monday's Moments 22/8

With Monday being the most depressing day of the week, closely followed by the day before payday (any week), I thought I'd share a few moments of bliss. A bit o' gratitude, if you will, PMA and all that shizz. 

My five top moments for the week, thus far, have been: 

1. You Old Charmer!

Receiving a genuine, heartfelt compliment from someone you look up to definitely gives me a case of the warm & fuzzies. On the flipside I've found that giving genuine & heartfelt compliments to those you appreciate can produce the exact same fuzzies! Win/Win.

2. Wha? I'm Not Destitute? 

This *may* not be me counting my money

Waking up on a Monday and realising, despite your worst fears and best efforts, you haven't obliterated your bank account entirely. This doesn't make me Rockefeller, by any stretch, but it does mean I don't have to think twice before ordering a Frappachino. Bliss.

3. Final Scenes, I Waited & Waited for You! (Rendered by smiling eldest Gorgebag)

Watching the final scenes of a game that's been haunting you and giving you the arthritic digits of a person approximately 6 times your age. Aar would like me to point out that he played on 'Insane Difficulty Level' (So now you know). Though I can relate, seeing LeChuck get his in the final scenes of Monkey Island still gives me a smug sense of satisfaction.

4. False Alarm!!

Proabably one of my all time favourite, unexpected moments of bliss, the alarm going off at 7.30 on a Saturday, Panic! Followed by the most comfortable spot you've ever found in your bed. In yo' face alarm! Please note this feeling cannot be orchestrated, I tried once but knew the alarm was set to go off so I just interrupted my sleep & got up at stoopid o' clock. Fail.

5. I Got This!

Being a single Mam, I'm sometimes (not often) struck by the paralysing thought that I'm doing it wrong. Part guilt, part insania but then you have a conversation like this: 
Me: What's his Mam like?
Ad: I dunno, like you. 
Me: What does that mean?!
Ad: Well, she's cool. 
Cue yours truly welling up and youngest gorgebag storming off 'You are SOOOOO embarrasing!' 

Yup, sure feels good to think about the good stuff, what moments of bliss have you had this week?

Sunday, August 21, 2011

CherrySue's Gratuitous Graphite Giveaway!

So, 66 followers later I'm thinking it's time to give something back and what's better than a Chanel polish that's taking the beauty world by storm? - egged on by the limited availability of course. 

A polish has to be special to make me annihalte my most recent nail art after 2 days, without hesitation to show you - how pretty! 

This one is for Moi, yours is untouched!
Just Stunning!
The lovely Dee & Sineád over at Viva Adonis really put the goo on me for this one with their Chanel haul post, not to mention the fact that there are no dupes! You heard me, none! 

The Goddess of the duping beauty world, Temptalia has said as much and her word is gospel. Fact. 

Once I had heard each Chanel counter was only getting 90 bottles I called BT with the quickness. Helpful gal informed me that they had only 2 bottles left (and one Peridot, sssshh, I'm hiding that on myself as a Graduation self gift) I hurtled into Grafton St and picked 'em up. 

Me, being me, a generous soul to the last, couldn't leave one bottle on it's lonesome so that's where you come in. Who wants?!

Giveaway is open to Ireland and UK followers ONLY. You have shots at this so please read the rules carefully:

To Enter: 

1. Firstly, you must be a follower of the blawg, new or old, via Google Friend Connect. (I'll be checking). If you're not following yet, where have you been? Click on the GFC on the right, post haste!

2. For a second entry, follow yours truly on Twitter @ItsCherrySue. I'm hilarious so trust me, this isn't a hardship. 

3. Third entry? You gotta give my Facebook page a big blue thumb up! You can find me here or by using the ickle box on the right. 

4. Lastly, for all you Twidder lovers,  Tweet the following 'WIN CHANEL GRAPHITE with @ItsCherrySue over on http://cherrysuedointhedo.blogspot.com/

You must leave a comment on this post to tell me how many entries you are entitled to, again, I'll be checking. Please include your email address/Twitter username/FB ID & GFC name.
The giveaway will close on the 4th of September, just in time to show off your Chanel on the school run or in the office. 

Winner will be drawn by random.org to keep things fair. If you are under 18, please get your parent or guardian's permission to enter. If you're of the male persuasion there are no words for how many brownie points this beauty could buy you. (Hint: It's feckin' LOADS!)

Soz, Giveaway is closed, Folks, winner to be announced on the 5th-
Do stick around though, 100 Follower Giveaway to be announced at the same time! 

What are you waiting for? Another pic? Oh go on then...

Friday, August 19, 2011

NOTD - Cherry Blossoms

Have been meaning to do these babies ever since our trip to Farnham Estate a couple of weeks ago. They have a cherry blossom plate on display on one of their landings with exactly these colours. No, I wasn't a good enough blogger to take an inspiration photo - truth be told I was in my robe and spaward bound every time I saw it. Trust me, it's there.

Not a whole lot needed for this mani, we know I like things simple. I've included the Seche Vite Porcelain above because I used my, now hoogely, famous Pastel Nail Trick for the basecoat.

Yay for blurry pics!

Once your base colour is dry you can move onto the branches, I've used the black Kiss Nail Art Pen (again). Draw several branches with smaller branches off. You don't need much polish on the brush for this as you're looking for a wispy effect.

Trusty hair pins, ideal for nail art dots (polka or otherwise)

I've used the Seche Vite Porcelain and Sally Hansen's Back to the Fuchsia for my blossoms. Any white and pink will give you the same result. You could also choose just one blossom colour, depending on taste.

A quick swish of top coat for longevity and shine and there we have it. Cherry Blossoms of simplicity. Choice of colours can always be mixed up to your preference.

Are we loving it?

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bargainous Beauty - Top 5 under €5!

Who loves a beauty essential for under a fiver? Well, me for one! Lower budget beauty brands such as Essence and Catrice have really been upping their game with collections and others are following suit.

I'm loving the following 5 essentials and, to be fair, the quality belies the skimpy price on each one. 

1. Essence All Eyes on Me Mascara in Deep Purple: €2.29

First up, Essence mascara in deep purple. Picked this up in Penney's on a whim and have worn it every other day since. I loved and lost a YSL Mascara Volume Effect mascara in plum earlier this year, which I bought for €32 but didn't have the heart to replace.

I cannot believe how alike in colour and texture this Essence number has turned out to be. Neither mascaras look purple on, just softer than black which can be very harsh. It shows up Blue/Green eyes beautifully. This is one that I'll be re-buying, no doubt. Available in Penney's, Dunnes and select chemists.

2. Scrubby Gloves: €1.50

Next, the Award Winning scrubby gloves. With Samantha herself, Kim Cattrall swearing by them to keep her skin glowing and youthful “I scrub my whole body, even my scalp. And it feels really good.” these €1.50 beauty wonders really do the trick.

Whether it be for removing the remnants of false tan, ex foliating pre tan or just scrubbing the bejebus of yourself pre moisturising, the scrubby lovelies can't be beaten. Available in Penney's for €1.50, Boots for €3.75 and Dunnes 2 pack for €2.79

3. Handy Wipes - €1.49

Okay, okay you might not reckon these are a beauty essential but come on, there's no point in spending time perfecting your make up á lá Kim Kardashian but wearing the blouse of Waynetta Slob aprés Starbucks spillage. 

Travel packs of wipes are ideal for handbags for whatever disaster might befall you. These particular Wet Ones are great if you have a spot of orange palm going on post tanning. One wipe and voilà, pale palms once more. They kill 99.9% of bacteria and are gentle enough for kiddiewinkles' faces. You can't go wrong. Available in Boots, supermarkets and select chemists.   

4. NYC Navy Polish: €1.29 (€1.29!!!!!)

NYC have introduced in a New York Color Minute, quick drying nail polish with minerals in 32 se-here-iously gorgeous shades. 

The wonderful Fiona from Coty was hugely generous in allowing me to try a few of these beauties out. I'm in love with West Village above. The control flow brush reminds me of China Glaze for application, one of my favourites. This colour in the bottle has a purple hue but on the nail is the deepest hue of any of this season's on trend navy polishes that I've gotten my mitts on so far. 

The pic above is two coats with no topcoat, look how shiny! For €1.29 I will be picking up a hella lot more of these. Available in Bradley's Pharmacy. 

5. Colgate MaxWhite One: €4.99

As the ad for this new toothpaste says 'Your smile is your best accessory' and they're right! There's nowt like white pearlys to make you feel good about yourself and get your smile noticed.

We're fans of whitening polishes in our house at the best of times but when I saw this new version promising 'One shade whiter in a week' I had to pick it up. My last sojourn into the world of gnasher whitening involved the ghastly Whizzer Whitening Strips, I would do a post only I can't source a PG picture of gagging!

We're on tube 3 of MaxWhite One now, nothing like telling teen boys that girls love white teeth to get 'em brushing. Our teeth are definitely whiter and the sensational mint with micro crystals is more refreshing than a lot of whitening counterparts. Will be buying this for the foreseeable. Available in supermarkets, Superdrug and selected chemists.

What bargainous beauty are you loving of late?