Tuesday, August 30, 2011

That's a Lorra Lipgloss!

Changing over my bag on Sunday I pulled out a lipgloss, then another, then another.. repeat to fade..

I knew I had a difficulty with product piggery but how, in the name of God, did I end up with 9 lipglosses in one bag? Nine!

Realising that this was just the tip of my lipgloss iceberg I was tempted to count my entire collection then realising, in turn, that that may stop me buying any more I decided against. 

Lets have a looksie at the 'few' I've been carting around shall we? 

L'Oréal 6hr Glamshine in Hold on Rose: This is a lot pinker than the swatch would have you believe. Non sticky & long lasting, nowhere near 6 hours long but long nonetheless. I happen to have 3, in this shade my love is so great for 'em. Great daytime colour. 

Essence XXXL Shine, would love to tell you the colour of this one but Essence aren't known for packaging that survives the belly of handbags. This blends to a lovely berry plum with a silver shimmer, bit sticky but great colour. 

Lancome Juicy Tube mini in Fraise, it's been a while since I've abandoned Juicy Tubes for their sticky ways and hair catching annoyance but this one is a lovely pick me up colour. 

Essence XXXL Shine in Big Night Out, this is a lovely nude pink, part of their new Nude range, funnily enough, that I happen to have several of. Their non sticky and taste like sweeties. Their longevity is not the best but, again, they taste like sweeties. 

Catrice Colour Show, a clear gloss with golden shimmer, lovely as an over gloss for lipstick and almost gone! (Must pick up another one)

Estée Lauder High Gloss in Berry, these are probably some of my fave glosses ever made. Great colour choice, not an ounce of stickiness and a biscuity sweet taste. This happens to be one of a pack of 6 minis. That's not mentioning the full size ones. 

Smashbox O Gloss Noir, this is a blackish gloss in the tube but changes colour according to your own lip colour. Turns out as a lovely berry colour on my kisser. Hugely expensive (€26) for what it is so while I'll never replace it, I loves it. 

Smashbox Limitless Lipstain & Colour Seal Balm in Berry. This stain is a felt tip one end and a corresponding  balm on t'other. I wanted to love this, I really did but with the dried up felt tip (after only 6 weeks) I just don't reach for this one. Hence the languishing at the end of my bag status. 

Essence XXXL Nude, another of the nude range. Sweeties. That is all. 

Having cleared out my bag & some of my conscience, I'm feeling a bit better. 

Any of these catch your fancy? Want to make me feel better & count your glosses and/or your own product obsesh? G'wan... 


Audrey- The Nail Affair said...

I actually love the look of the first one! Even the packaging is really pretty:) The smashbox thats a lip stain and a gloss sounds like a good idea but so unfortunate it dried up....

I think the worst I had was about 5 lip sticks and 2 lip glosses

Lovely Girlie Bits said...

I knew we were going to get on famously, I am also a lunatic who carries around way too many lip products :) Glad I'm in good company :)

Y said...

"product piggery" should be an official term!
I do that too, so every now & then I clean my bag & just leave 1-2 lip thingies in there.
That plum essense gloss looks wonderful, especially with fall coming up!!

S said...

Dying laughing at product piggery!!
I always end up with a rake of lip things in my bag too, mainly because I put it on at home, stick it in my bag, then it never leaves the bag, I can't find it, so pick another one. Just checked the mála there, I've two tins of vaseline lip balm, three NYC lipsticks, an Essence lipgloss and a Rimmel lipgloss. Seven!

Mercedes said...

I can totally relate!!! I just cleaned out my purse again and put all gloss away. Won't be long before they make their way back to my bag

Jacinta Geraghty said...

I pulled out my makeup purse in work one day and the girls were in amazement as I pulled out 6 lipglosses!! They really couldn't believe I would need that many! I think I have at least 20 in my drawer though, I'll have to count and let you know!! I tend to bring a small bag around with me these days so only have room for the one!!

Sue Jordan said...

See? I knew you lovelies would make me feel better ;)

Anonymous said...

I fear the 'bag stuffed with makeup' syndrome, so I have merely one lip gloss, one lipstick and one lip balm in my bag. (Plus a small bag of make up that isn't lip related - I do it in the car as I'm car pooling to work).

BUT what about those poor lonely products languishing in the make up bag at home? I have yet to find a solution 'cos I love buying makeup and it takes sooooo long to use it up (in fact I practically never do use it up but I can rarely bring myself to throw it out...)


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