Thursday, November 27, 2014

Things That Rustle My Jimmies

Mawnin', All, you came for some unrustling of some jimmies, isseh? 

Let's do this thing!

1. Companies That Work The GUTS of Students For Nothing Under The Guise of Internships

2. Paying €60 for the GP To Be Told 'It's Viral'

3. 'I Don't Like Your Tone'

4. 'If I Could Just Confirm Your Name, Address & Account Number' That You've Confirmed Three Times AND Keyed Into The Phone Before You Were Put Through To Me...

5. Having to defend My Netflix Choices

I can't tell you how good that feels!

Tell me, what's been rustling your jimmies this week? 

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Woman In Black: Angel of Death - Movie Review

Who's In It? 


What's It About? 

Creepy mute boy with a bowl cut and draws? Check.
Old abandoned house in the country with an old nursery? Check.
Older woman doesn't believe younger woman? Check.
Prettyboy love interest being the only one who believes young woman? Check, check and CHECK.

 Any Good? 

This movie was so obviously drawn up in a boardroom of management types spouting their management spiel and horror buzzwords such as "nursery" or "synergies like creepy kid and nursery". There is absolutely ZERO heart or soul to be found and it kills the atmosphere.It's a real shame because I had some hopes going in.
There's nothing spooky at all about this film, it's so old and done that there just isn't a shock factor at any stage, what's a horror film without the shock factor? Kids go to old house. One kid is creepy. Kid communicates with ghost in creepy nursery. BOOM! that thought in your head? That's the entire movie.


It's not like there's any actual story, it's just useless exposition and faff from one lacklustre scare to the next, and I use the term scare EXTREMELY lightly. Not only does it follow horror clichés, but it follows love movie ones too - emotionally damaged soldier is the only one who believes Eve (main) and she believes she can fix him. Imagine what happens. The film doesn't even tell you who the Angel of Death is, just adds hints that aren't even interesting enough to speculate on.

I can honestly say this film has just added fuel to the belief I have that all horror movies (non-grindhouse/shlock withstanding) are the same and not worth watching. It has no story, no memorable characters (except for the painfully obvious Damien rip-off) and worst of all; it's just a bunch of old, beaten horses from TWO genres of film. I may be being a little harsh here, so if I can say one good thing about The Woman in Black: Angel of Death, it's that it's certainly a horror movie. Don't waste your time.


Tuesday, November 25, 2014

A Weekend in Birmingham – Cadbury World, Bullring Shopping Centre & Jamie’s Italian!

Last week I left you at Thomas Land in Drayton Manor & we were staying at the holiday Inn Express in Tamworth. We really only need one day in Thomas Land so for our second day in Birmingham we hop on a train for the 40 minute journey to the wonderful Cadbury World!

Take the train from Tamworth to Bournville, change at Birmingham New Street. Return tickets are priced at adult £10.90, child £5.45 & under 5’s free. We usually buy our train tickets on the day at the station.

Thank Crunchie!

You can buy tickets online from Cadbury World and save 5% on door prices. Online: adult £15.15, child £11.12, family (2+2) £46.36 & under 4’s are free

From the moment you arrive at Bournville train station you can smell the chocolaty goodness. You can follow the scent or the road signs for the short 15 minute walk to the factory!

Cadbury Adventure

While technically not a factory tour, it’s infinitely better. There are over a dozen adventures & experiences to keep you entertained for most of the day. As you enter a few of them you’ll even get free samples so you can munch your way around on the freshest Cadbury's to ever cross your lips. 

There is even a creation station where you can create your ultimate chocolate treat using a vast array of sweets & treats. Just writing that makes me want to go back for another visit.

Every time we have visited there's free live entertainment provided at the back of the factory. Everything from street dancers in the summer, to a Christmas pantomime in winter. There are also playgrounds, a restaurant & the world’s largest Cadbury shop onsite. Leave room in your suitcase for huge quantities of chocolate! (Like you don't already)

Aoife with a Chuckle Bean!

Cadbury World is decorated beautifully for Christmas. As well as the Christmas pantomime a visit to Santa with a gift is included in the ticket price. You can avail of the family Christmas dinner deal in the restaurant, only £24.95 for 4 meals & 4 drinks.

Rather than stay in Tamworth for the second night, you could book into the Travelodge Birmingham Central Bullring. You get what you pay for in this hotel, it’s very basic but the huge plus is that it really is central. 

The Bullring shopping centre, containing over 140 shops, is literally just across the road. On the other side of the Bullring is Birmingham New Street train station with easy access to the airport. 

I booked through & paid £45 for a family room. I found the proximity of the hotel to the shopping centre very handy for sending the hubby back with shopping half way through the day rather than lug it around with us - down there for dancing, up here for thinking!

If you do go at Christmas you’ll get the added bonus of the Frankfurt Christmas Market which stretches from the Rotunda to ICC, through New Street & Victoria Square. Soaking in these smells & sights will soon have you in the festive mood.

Jamie’s Italian Birmingham

Another huge plus point for staying in the Travelodge is that Jamie’s Italian is also just across the road. We had both lunch & dinner at Jamie’s, the food is divine & reasonably priced. I think I would have stayed there if I could, rather than the hotel! As with all Jamie's, keep a keen eye out for the lemon Martini - my absolute fave. 

All in all, I'd heartily recommend Birmingham as a weekend destination you might not have considered before. It's just a short hop across the water so flights are always reasonably priced. Whether you're bringing the childer to enjoy the attractions or just skirting off on a shopping trip of your own - there's something for everyone in Brumland. 

Are you a Birmingham fan? Anything we should look out for on our next trip?

Monday, November 24, 2014

Monday's Moments - 24/11/14

Good morning all on this cold November morning, am I allowed to be shocked it's so cold, considering it's almost December? 

As most weeks have been this past month or so, the past one was a beaut. I managed to get about to several events that I'd had marked up for weeks and managed to pencil in several more before the end of the year too. All go, in a great way. 

How about some stand out Moments then? 

1. A Work Pal Gifting Me A Malteser Bunny Just Before The 3pm Slump!

2. Realising Aaron Plugged In My Electric Blanket An Hour Before Bed When I Complained 
About My Back

4.My Much Longed For Charlotte Tilbury's Lost Cherry Arriving In The Post!

5. Snuggling Back Into Bed As 
Both Lads Leave For Work

Tell us, what's making your Monday all the more bearable today? 

Friday, November 21, 2014

One Million Dubliners ~ Staggeringly Beautiful & On RTEPlayer Now!

We have something a little different for today's Flicks on Fridays. Instead of a review, we have a heartfelt recommendation for the stunning Irish documentary, One Million Dubliners from Aoife Kelleher. 

Narrated by cemetery guide and historian Shane Mac Thomáis, it tells the affecting tale of the 1.5 million souls buried in Glasnevin cemetery. A staggering amount considering the population of Dublin in 2013 was only 1.2 million. 

One of the most moving a pieces of film making we've ever enjoyed, if you didn't catch it as it aired on RTE last night, you can watch One Million Dubliners on RTE Player HERE for the next 21 days. We can't recommend it enough. 

Were you one of the many lovers of the documentary lastnight? We'd love to hear your thoughts? 

Check out the #onemilliondubliners tag on Twitter to see just how affecting it is. 

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Things That Rustle My Jimmies

Oh Hai, Thursday, ready to unrustle some jimmies? 


1. People That Don't Acknowledge You 
Holding The Door Open

2. People That Tell You MID HUG That They're Smothering With Flu

3.  Nasty Ass Kids Bullying Others On Twitter Because They Were Blocked

4. The New Tenners Looking EXACTLY Like Fifties In Your Purse At First Glance

5. UPC Going Down When There's
Jimmies To Be Unrustled!!

Recognise one or five of the above? 

Tell us, what's been pushing you to the edge this week ? 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Supermodel from Charlotte Tilbury ~ Special Edition

Dublin Twitter was abuzz last week with a visit from the MUA of the moment, Charlotte Tilbury as she jetted into the city to launch her Special Edition 11th Look, The Supermodel. 

Charlotte has cleverly designed her entire product line so that it can be grouped into Looks. You can choose the entire package to achieve the desired look or, like me, you can mix and match to personalize the final effect for yourself. This has taken a lot of the guesswork from make up buying and has helped make beauty counters a lot less daunting than before. 

I've made no secret of my grá for the high end line and you'll see it pop up on my Insta and my kisser more often than not but to say I was enamoured with the lady herself is an understatement. She spoke with more passion for her products than any beauty legend I've met thus far. Down to earth and instantly likeable, I will never read 'Darlings' in any other accent but hers from now on. 

What of the new Look though? 

Inspired by the heavenly supermodels of the 1990's and the trailblazing icons of today’s catwalk, from Linda, Cindy, Claudia, Helena and Naomi, to Kate, Cara, Jourdan, Joan and Miranda. The Supermodel is channeling the legendary makeup of these perfect, glamazon women who understand the power of the ultimate smoky eye paired with a sultry nude lip look.

Special Edition Supermodel Look: €250

As with most of Charlotte's line, the real concentration is on the eyes with this look and the stunning Fallen Angel palette fits the bill perfectly. The ultimate metallic smokey eye palette for the holiday season, the new formula can be used wet or dry to amp up the drama. 

The shades: pale golden pearl, antique silver, velvet black, and molten, metallic bronze can be used separately or together to create a look that can bring you from desk to dancefloor with ease. Ideal for the Christmas party season. 

Fallen Angel: €59The entire look contains: 
-The Supermodel: Luxury Palette in The Fallen Angel
- K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick in Confession
-Lip Lustre in Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds (or L.S.D)
-Cheek to Chic Blush in Sex on Fire
-Rock ‘N’ Kohl Eye Pencil in Bedroom Black
-Lip Cheat Lip Liner in Pillow Talk
-Full Fat Lashes Mascara.
Of course the show stopping way to shop this look is to buy the entire box in one go but €250 is a pretty large chunk of change to spend when the other products are more of a background to the luxurious eye palette. That being said, if you're dropping hints to your significant other about one kick ass gift this year, there's not enough neon signs in the world for me to point at this box. 

If buying for yourself though? Had there been a saving when buying kit and kaboodle I would have chased every one of ye out the door, card in hand. As it stands, I genuinely like every element of the Look but feel that there are other blushes and other glosses from the range that might suit different skin tones better. Half the joy is in the swatching, right? 

You can see the entire Look demonstrated by the lady herself below and make up your own mind as to the must haves and maybe leaves from The Supermodel: 

I'd love to hear your take on it?

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Thomas Land ~ Drayton Manor - A Magical Christmas Trip!

Thomas Land is a Thomas the Tank Engine theme park based in Drayton Manor just outside Birmingham and if you have little ones the ideal short break from Dublin. 

Getting there is really easy & you have a choice of Aer Lingus or Ryanair flights direct from Dublin for the hour long flight. We usually fly Ryanair paying about €160 return for 2 adults & 4 children including all taxes & charges.

Knapford Station ('The Fat Controller - I KNOW HIM!!')

The best option we have found is to book a taxi ahead of our flight from Tamworth Taxis so it’s waiting for us at the airport when we arrive. 

Another option is to get the train but when you are travelling as a family it’s just as expensive for the train as it is for a taxi. We pay £25 for 6 of us to our hotel that’s located in Tamworth 20 minutes drive from the airport.

Terence’s driving school

I really like the Holiday Express Inn in Tamworth. It’s usually £50 per night for a family room B&B. As it’s a business hotel they don't have a restaurant but that’s the best bit as they have all local takeaway menus so you order in. You can sit in the breakfast area & they'll give you plates & cutlery. We found it much cheaper than eating at restaurants each night with children!

There is a shopping centre a five minute walk from hotel, where you will find an Asda to stock up on drinks & treats for in Thomas Land. The Snow Dome is on the same grounds as the hotel (indoor skiing, tobogganing & a pool) a cinema with a bowling alley are located directly across the road.


We get a taxi to Drayton Manor from the hotel which is about £6 for 6 of us. You can't buy tickets online for Drayton from Ireland (stupid I know!) You can buy them on the day but the hotel also sells them for a couple of pound cheaper per ticket than at the gate at Drayton. 

Gate prices are age 2-3 years old is £5, 4-11 years £27 & 12-59 years £36. One year we got a great deal on tickets from, they had a 2 for 1 deal.

Cranky the Crane

Once inside, it’s not just Thomas Land that you have access to, but the whole of Drayton Manor theme park. There is also a Zoo, Dinosaur Park, 4D cinema, an indoor play area & lots of other rides that children can go on. Ours really loved the views from the Ferris wheel and the cable car.

Ben 10 Roller Coaster

The usual fast food is available but if you go on the Thomas train & get off at Tidmouth Halt, you’ll find Mrs Kindley’s Kitchen. A lovely train station cafe where you can buy home cooked food like a baked potato & beans or pies. 

Prices are quite good here for food with children’s meals priced at £3.95 for a sandwich, crisps, fruit bag & a drink.

Bertie the Bus

We’ve gone at different times of the year but by far our favourite time to go is late November when it's Drayton’s Magical Christmas. The whole of Thomas Land is beautifully decorated for the festive season. The 4D movie is changed to a condensed version of The Polar Express.

Christmas at Knapford Station

As most of Drayton Manor is closed down during this time, prices are cheaper. Gate prices are 2-3 years £10, 4-11 years £15 & 12-59 years £20. This price gives you access to over 20 rides in Thomas Land & a couple of other rides in Drayton that are still open. 

Entrance to the Castle of Dreams & a visit to Santa are also included. It’s the best organised Santa Visit I’ve seen so far, as they have lots of Santa’s in different rooms but the children don’t see this. It just ensures minimal waiting time at peak times!

Feeling Festive

The gift that they receive from Santa is really lovely. Contained in the gift bag is a Santa chocolate lolly, a return pass for the following year & a silver bell just like the one from The Polar Express!

Castle of Dreams

In Thomas Land they have the world’s largest Thomas the Tank Engine shop. Prices are ok but if, like us, you have more than one child it gets very expensive very fast. I usually buy Thomas things like t-shirts or engines that I see on sale before we go & bring them with us! I also buy Thomas party bags & fill them with a small colouring book, crayons, lolly & a toy for on the flight. So when we go to the Thomas shop in Thomas Land I just buy the children cheap things badges & flags, saves a fortune!

Realistically you’d only really need one day at Thomas Land. So check back next week when I tell you where we go for our second day in Birmingham!