Friday, November 21, 2014

One Million Dubliners ~ Staggeringly Beautiful & On RTEPlayer Now!

We have something a little different for today's Flicks on Fridays. Instead of a review, we have a heartfelt recommendation for the stunning Irish documentary, One Million Dubliners from Aoife Kelleher. 

Narrated by cemetery guide and historian Shane Mac Thomáis, it tells the affecting tale of the 1.5 million souls buried in Glasnevin cemetery. A staggering amount considering the population of Dublin in 2013 was only 1.2 million. 

One of the most moving a pieces of film making we've ever enjoyed, if you didn't catch it as it aired on RTE last night, you can watch One Million Dubliners on RTE Player HERE for the next 21 days. We can't recommend it enough. 

Were you one of the many lovers of the documentary lastnight? We'd love to hear your thoughts? 

Check out the #onemilliondubliners tag on Twitter to see just how affecting it is. 

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