Monday, November 24, 2014

Monday's Moments - 24/11/14

Good morning all on this cold November morning, am I allowed to be shocked it's so cold, considering it's almost December? 

As most weeks have been this past month or so, the past one was a beaut. I managed to get about to several events that I'd had marked up for weeks and managed to pencil in several more before the end of the year too. All go, in a great way. 

How about some stand out Moments then? 

1. A Work Pal Gifting Me A Malteser Bunny Just Before The 3pm Slump!

2. Realising Aaron Plugged In My Electric Blanket An Hour Before Bed When I Complained 
About My Back

4.My Much Longed For Charlotte Tilbury's Lost Cherry Arriving In The Post!

5. Snuggling Back Into Bed As 
Both Lads Leave For Work

Tell us, what's making your Monday all the more bearable today? 

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