Monday, November 17, 2014

Monday's Moments ~ 17/11/14

Morning, All, that was probably the quickest weekend in the history of the year but I'm not complaining. Well I would have been had I not taken a few minutes to recognise how Kick Ass last week was and how this week will be even better again. 

Wanna know the Moments pooh-poohing my Monday Blues? Yeah you do:

1. Both Lads Getting Work In The New Skate Rink!

2. Sending A Hailo To Pick Up Aar From His Party - No More Nerve Wrecking Wait On The Nite Link!

3. A Work Pal Buying Me A Nice Bottle Of Red Wine For Helping Her Choose Her 
L'Oreal Perfect Red Lippie!

4. Spending The Weekend Catching Up On Freelance Work ~ i.e. In Mah PJs!

5. Being Asked To Speak At The First Irish Blogger Conference!! 

So c'mom, what's awesome in your life right now? Something make your weekend? 

Lemme know!

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