Wednesday, November 05, 2014

A Blogger Recommends - New Tag Post

Trying a little something new this afternoon with my first Tag Post. As a beauty blogger, the one question I've been asked a bajillion times is 'So what's your favourite product?'. I can't be alone in that so thought a Tag would be the ideal way to garner shout outs for some much loved products but also be somewhat helpful for those wanting to see our ultimate buys too. 

The premise is simple, share your favourites, ones that in a sea of beauty goodness shine bright like beacons of what a product truly should be. Game changers, life helpers and all 'round good eggs. I'll start with my top five, can't live without, will recommend till the cows come home, shall I? 

1. Benefit Gimme Brow

Benefit Gimme Brow: €24.50 Here
I've recommended this weenchy pocket rocket so many times that I'm pretty sure I'll be putting all of the Benefit babies through college. The size makes it an ideal brow saviour for chucking into your mála, whether travelling or just as a fail safe tidy up. 

Its genius fibre/gel formulation is buildable and flatteringly adheres to both hair and skin so is a boon to patchy browed babes. Whether I just want a quick tidy in the morning or want something more substantial for a night on the tiles - Gimme Brow has my back - well it has my brows but you know what I mean..

2. Bourjois CC Cream

Bourjois CC Cream: €10.49 Here
Another constant in my recommendation repertoire, I have never suggested another base as often as I have Bourjois' 123 CC Cream. We all know by now that I'm a huge fan of the French brand but when it comes to the pinnacle of their game, Bourjois have knocked it out of the beauty park with this. 

Boasting 3 colour correcting pigments to combat bags, pigmentation and any number of other unwelcome visage shades, this CC cream glides on effortlessly and really does last all day long. While I topped it with a little powder on my forehead, this camouflages  my pigmentation, combats the 3pm redness and still feels like I'm wearing nothing at all (insert vision of Sexy Flanders here). 

It's the one product that people come back constantly to tell me that they share my unfaltering love for. It's that universally good. 
3. Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow

Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow: €65 Here
The most expensive of my beauty mannas from heaven but the most complimented in all my years of beauty loving, is the Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow. Earning a prize place in my October Faves just this morning and in my daily routine since the day I got my mitts on it, I genuinely can't recommend this enough. 

Flattering on every skin tone, if you're looking to change the (perceived) shape of your face with just a swish or two, this is the baby for you. The spendy price tag might be a little off putting for some but only the slightest touch is needed for incredible definition. I've used this every day for almost 3 months now and barely dented the pan so cost per use is minimal. You could spend a tenner on several duds a year or spend once on this - that's just good beauty maths. 

4. Beverly Hills Formula Perfect White Black

Beverly Hills Formula Perfect White Black: £2.45 Here
Ever try a product so good that when you see others choosing between brands in the store that you want to whisper to them? Beverly Hills Formula Perfect White Black is formulated with activated charcoal so might be a little startling in all its blackness on your toothbrush but rest assured it'll whiten your teeth like no paste before. 

I noticed a difference instantly in breath freshness and in the colour of my pearly whites within 5 days, quite frankly, I wouldn't be without this black number now. I've bought this for friends and family and recommended ad nauseam - for less than a fiver a tube, you've nothing to lose in giving this a bash. 

5. This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

€20.80 with Free Worldwide Delivery Here
Do you struggle with insomnia? Have trouble switching off of an evening? Wouldn't it be nice to have a product that guarantees zeds in minutes? Let me introduce you to the Deep Sleep Pillow Spray from This Works - this actually works. I'll go one further and tell you that this should be labelled as chloroform in a bottle because within minutes of spraying its relaxing scent onto my pillow, I'm sound asleep. Every. Single. Time. 

Infused with essential oils of Lavender, Vetivert and Wild Camomile to soothe the body and mind, the pillow spray is completely natural so safe for use with restless kiddies too (proven by my nephew Séamus (6)). I thought originally that it might be a placebo effect, sheer coincidence that every time I spray this, I sleep, but then I bought it for friends. It works for everyone, every time. Wouldn't it be nice to buy sleep? Well tan-spankle-ah-dah - now you can!

And that's them, products I'd happily put my name against and have done, regularly. 

Imma Tag some of my faves in the beauty blog business to throw in their two cents, whether in a blog post, a comment here or an Instagram with the hashtag: #ABloggerRecommends (that's a nod to Ruth, of course!).

I read these gals on the daily & of course you should too but there's a bajillion others, so if you're not linked, sozzles, do please take part & Tag your fave bloggers too!

Step right up & show us your ultimates: 

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