Friday, November 14, 2014

Doctor Who - Season Review

Welp, that's all folks. The flagship season of Peter Capaldi's 12th Doctor is over and all I can say is, it was brilliant in the writing of characters but lacklustre, to say the least, in the story telling.

One of the most important hopes I had this season was that Capaldi could improve as the man himself after the extremely shaky (to me) first few episodes. He really came into his own and seemed to settle down into his new skin around Robot of Sherwood with his interactions with Robin; as well as the way he started to insult Clara less for humour and just went with his morose take like I expected, he was great.

The introduction in Danny Pink was interesting at first; a soldier who could possibly join the Doctor in the TARDIS which would be breaking one of his biggest rules in no soldiers (except Martha Jones of course). I felt like all of the character development he had was to make him look like a good guy - a maths teacher who has a dark past but cares for kids and teaches a special ed. class, but in the end he just came off as a Rory copy; right down to his..."upgrade".

Missy/Mistress/Guess Who

One huge new character was the mysterious Missy, a lunatic woman with ties to the Doctor. Throughout the season she was there at the end of episodes with cryptic clues to who she is (or where she is). In the finale, when she's finally revealed it feels a little late, because if you can follow simple clues, you'll know EXACTLY who it is after the first time she speaks to the Doctor. 

All in all this season didn't feel like a full season but more of a build up, like at least half of every episode in the season itself. In this review I decided to focus on the introduced characters - the previous episode reviews contained exactly my impressions on the story writing of the season - exactly what I opened the review with. Now for the wait until Christmas to get my next (story-centric, get excited!!) fix, with the added bonus of NICK FROST AS SANTA!!

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