Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ógra Skincare - Organic and Lush

I have a serious grá for home-grown products and companies and beauty products don't come much more home-grown than Ógra from the bogs of our very own emerald isle. Made from natural peat (turf to you & I cailíns) its essential oils, fatty acids and lipoids work wonders on tired and dehydrated skin.

Having been petrified of the picture of the Old Croghan man for my primary school years, brought him back in all his leathery glory last week and the truth is undeniable, looking fresh after 2,000 years in the ground means there has to be something to this turf malarkey. I was intrigued when the kind folks at Ógra sent me some beauty bits to trial. There's nothing like facing your fear, right?

The First thing I noticed with this collection was the packaging, the matte black and high shine gold containers are genuinely luxurious. Each offering is weighty and would take pride of place on any dressing table.

Fancy a peek inside?

Monoi Tiare Petal Exfoliant €28

This scrub is one of the most gentle I've used. You can see here the scrubby goodness and it's probably my favourite from the range. Using sweet almond and avocado oil, its only slightly scented but a real treat to use. I've been using this three times a week and the difference to my fizzog is unbelievable. From the first use, it was strokably soft. I'll be repurchasing this again. And again.

Moisturising Facial Cleanser €19

The Moisturising Facial Cleanser is a creamy offering, it contains seed oil, beeswax and peat extract and again is only delicately scented. While extremely gentle, and easy to use because of the handy pump, I found that this didn't wash off as well as I'd hope. It took two goes to get mah face squeaky clean. In fairness that could have been because I used a little much but I do like to be able to cleanse and move on. I'm not a rinse and repeat kinda gal. The result though was beautiful.

Nourishing Facial Moisturiser €30

The Nourishing Facial Moisturiser contains coconut oil and is only lightly scented too. My face drank every drop of this and instead of leaving a sheen, my skin actually felt soft and plumped from the very first use. While it might be a little heavy for my skin for everyday use, I'd heartily recommend this for dry skinned gals looking for some comfort. It won't disappoint.

100% Peat Face & Body Mask €30

Finally in my pack of goodies was the one I dreaded the most and what I thought everything in the collection would look like. Made from 100% Peat, this face and body mask has an earthy but not unpleasant scent. Of all the collection this is probably the Must Have product, it's also the only one I shared with the lads. Let's just say if there was a fire on Friday night we three would have been getting some very strange looks.

With a slightly grainy texture, we've used this mask twice now and the results are fabulous. My skin is brighter and tighter and my skin tone seems to have improved. The lads' skin however is noticeably calmer. The eldest's exact quote 'It looks so wrong, but feels so right' If that's not an endorsement then I don't know what is.

These would make ideal Mammy's Day pressies and there's a whole lot more and some fascinating background information over on Ógra's site or they run competitions on their Facebook page that are well worth checking out.

Does anything here pique your interest? Does 'Uncle Peat' freak you out as much as me? Do let me know!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday's Moments - 27/02

Monday, Monday, so good to me, Monday, Monday, it was all I hoped it would beeeee...

1. These Boots are Made for Walking... No..Wait..

I told you a couple of weeks back that I've started walking again. Yay me. So I wasn't too put out when I couldn't find parking within half a mile of the meeting I had on Thursday. 

I wasn't too put out because I had forgotten that I was wearing my high boots. It was only 10 minutes into the walk with shin splints that'd fell a rhino that a memory struck me. I had been out on Friday night and had these lifesavers stuck in the end of my bag. I could have moonwalked the rest of the way. I didn't, but I could have.   

2. A Blessing in Disguise (of Rejection)


I made mention last week of an interview I had, well it went fantastically well. It's a great boost to get good feedback, especially when there hasn't been any move in an organisation for several years. 

We didn't know going in where the position would be and once all interviews were done they told us. It would have meant an extra hour commute for me, suddenly I wasn't so happy with a kick ass interview. Turns out it wasn't to be though, a bestie of mine got it and it's in her Department. I'm thrilled for her. Even better than that there's several more choices coming down the road in my place. They say what's meant for you won't pass you, right?

3. Universally Excellent News

One piece of news that cheered me up no end this week was joining the Press List for the fantastic Universal Pictures. There's already a competition up and running for free tickets and so many more exclusive reveals, prizes and preview tickets winging their way to this little ol' blog for you lucky lovelies. 

Movies are, without doubt, one of my main squee makers so this news has had me thrilled for days. Still has!

4. WHY Did I Never Think of This?!

There's not much like freshly fitted sheets for a good nights sleep, similarly there's not many things as annoying as a pesky fitted sheet that's half an inch too small and tries its best to ensnare you, meaning you wake up like a ball of sweat in a crocodile roll. 

While shopping last week I spotted some gorgeous Egyptian cotton sheets for next to nowt. Bought an armload each for the lads but they didn't have any King Size left. Only Super King. Boo Hiss. That's when the genius Sis said 'Ehm wouldn't you be ables to tuck the SuperKing right under your mattress!? Albert feckin' Einstein eat your heart out. GENIUS! I will never buy the right size fitted sheets again. Evah.  

5. Bawl Fest FTW

Now don't think me a loon, well any more of a loon, but sometimes its great to have a complete bawl fest. Normally at a sad show and definitely when on your own and can have the ugliest of cries. 

Saturday gone, while the lads were out gallivanting I happened to watch the newest episode of Grey's Anatomy (have you seen it? What'cha think?). The show has been hit and miss so I've missed several episodes but, Sweet Jebus, I cried my head off. Inconsolable, guttural sobs.  The poor hound had to be sent out because he was becoming quite concerned but boy did I feel better afterwards. I get it, it's a show, I could care less about about the characters but it felt great. Can't explain it. It just works. 

Would love to know what's been going on in your neck of the woods, hook a sista up with your news!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Cherry Pick of The Week - Bressie - Breaking My Fall

The only reason this wasn't a pick WEEKS ago is that there's yet to be an official video made.

It comes from former Blizzards front man and co host of The Voice, Bressie. 

What more do you need? Oh, yeah, a visual...

Oh hummunah, hummunah!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Wanderlust Tickets Up for Grabs

Today, I'm delighted to announce, is the first day that I'll be working with the good folks of Universal Pictures Ireland to bring you exclusive content and competitions for some of the best movies and merchandise to hit Irish shores. (WHOOT)

First up, in association with Universal (it has a certain ring to it doesn't it?) I have four sets of tickets to see what looks like it could be one of the funniest films of late, Wanderlust.

I've two sets for the blog and two for Facebook  and all you've got to do is leave a comment telling me: Who would be the worst person/celebrity to meet at a nudist colony? (It'd have to be Inda Kenny for me *shudder*)

Leave your comment below and include the ID you use to follow the blog (GFC, Bloglovin etc) and I'll pick four winners next Thursday March 1st, the film opens on the 2nd). This is only open to Ireland unfortunately and under 18s, do please get permission to enter. 

Good Luck Everyone!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

First Look - Zoya Arrives in Ireland!

It warms the cockles of this polishaholic's little heart to see this. Not only is one of my favourite brands of the laquery stuff now freely available in our very own country, it's an Irish startup run by a husband and wife team, Supernail Ireland, that have brought Zoya to our shores.

Any lacquer lover worth her salt will have heard about this iconic brand and perhaps already have a bottle or two in her stash. To my shame it took the generous Nila from Supernail to right that situation for me.

What's so special about Zoya you ask?

Zoya is a natural range of nail lacquers that are kinder to your nails without compromising on quality. With over 300 different shades to choose from, Zoya follows the latest trends off the catwalk to match the new season's collections. It has won the longest wearing nail polish along with 'Instyle's Best Beauty Buy 2011'. The best thing about the range is it is formaldehyde, toluene, camphor dibutyl phthalate (dbp) free, and is also suitable for vegans

This polish applies like a dream, for the darker shades there's one coat opacity and even without a topcoat, I got 3 days from the bright pink Morgan above.

At €11 they're not the cheapest but consider the chiptastic Chanel charges €21 and doesn't even last an hour, let alone days, I'd happily pay €11 for these over & over again. 

These are the 6 new pastel shades for spring/summer with 3 fleck polishes to wear over or on their own. Beautiful. 
Do drop by Supernail Ireland to have a little looksee at the gorgeous colours on offer and be sure to let me know you get on too, I'm afraid to look for before payday!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday's Moments - 20/02/12

What a bizzay week that has been and even busier weekend! Around the time this is published I should be white with nerves for an impending interview - definitely not a Monday Moment...

Anywho, I'm not there yet, here's what's been floating my boat this week:

1. Mo' Money

I know I'm not the only one struggling these days but January and the beginning of February this year felt like about 6 months. Because of a mix up with the job, my wages (as measley as they are) were even measlier. 

Just short of wearing a placard reading 'Won't someone think of the children' I managed to chase up Payroll and Thursday saw the last of my back pay handed over. Rockerfeller! (for a week). Probably the best feeling in the world. 

2. Echo, echo, echoooo...

How I now enter every room (almost)
Spurred on by getting my spondulicks sorted, I decided that now was as good a time as any to start a little spring cleaning. I hired a skip on Saturday and we've basically spent the weekend gutting this crap shack. 

The inhouse, outhouse and doghouse were blitzed, no drawer left overstuffed and no wardrobe (or floordrobe) left overflowing. The place is never that bad but it's glorious to get up and be tempted to twirl your way round the rooms á lá Julie Andrews (without the singing childer).  

3. Can You Hear Me Now?

Because of the nature of my daytime job I'm pretty much constantly on the phone. When I'm not I'm bombarded with a gazillion voicemails. Take Friday, for example, I had an afternnon meeting that went on for 40 minutes and came out to 17 voicemails. It's no joke. 

Foraging my way through them, each more urgent and 'accident waiting to happen'dy that the last I came across one gem. 'Aunty Sue, it's me, I'm looking for you. 'Aunty Sue, could you answer me?. 'Aunty Suuuuuuuueeeeeeee'. It was mah main man, Séamus (3) probably with something more urgent than any of the others and he made me smile uncontrollably. 4 times I listened to that message. Four times. (yep, it's saved)

4. I Have the Powahhh!!

 There's a lot of things I do really well (toot, toot, own trumpet) but showing restraint when it comes to buying nail polish is not of of them. Save staying out of the shops altogether I find it very, very difficult to pass a make up stand or display with new polishes and not pick up a bottle or three. 

Now, consider that polish piggery problem and add in the fact that I was paid this week... Danger, Will Robinson, Danger! That's why my second proudest moment this week happened on Saturday. Seeing Catrice's new line (including a feckin' marvellous Peridot Dupe,yo) I promptly filled my basket with four or five. I'm not sure how this next bit happened but I talked myself out of them. Told myself, sternly, that I didn't in fact need a Peridot dupe when I own the bloody original and put every single bottle back! Shocking, right?

5. Look, Maw, I'm Famous!!

So my final moment and, without doubt, proudest, comes courtesy of the wonderful McDermott sisters over on the largest beauty blog in Ireland today (& for the past 5 years) This week the girls allowed me to feature on their blog and I couldn't be more thankful. If you've read my blog for any amount of time you'll know I heart these girls and everything they do. They were and are my inspiration to take to blogging and couldn't be more supportive or helpful if they tried. 

Racking my brain to come up with a post worthy of inclusion, I went with nails (told you, addicted) and put together a Valentine's look that's simple to recreate but doesn't look too shoddy. When the post went live on Tuesday I think NASA may have been able to see my gnashers from space. Complete Chuffage. Thanks, Ladies!

So that's me, another week done. Do please tell me what's ace with you in the comments or if not try & send some positive interview vibes my way, ja?

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Cherry Pick of the Week - This Club - I Won't Worry

Oooh I do love a Cherry Pick from the Emerald Isle. 

These talented young chappies were once called Hoarsebox and are one of the most entertaining live gigs I've ever seen.

You might get to hear a lot more of 'em because of AIB's new app ad on the tellybox. Well played, AIB, well played.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Safe House - Movie Review

Who's in it? 

Denzel Washington, Ryan Reynolds, Brendan Gleeson and Sam Shepard

What's it About? 

Weston (Reynolds) is an ambitious rookie CIA Agent that has spent the last 12 months guarding an empty safe house in Capetown, South Africa. Notorious rogue agent Tobin Frost (Washington) hands himself into the American Consulate and is subsequently brought to Weston's post, which turns out to be not so safe, quite the opposite in fact. They must escape, bide their time and struggle to stay alive until a new safe house can be located.

Any Good? 

Shot, I'm assuming, through some variation of an instagram lens, Safe House is gritty to say the least. Both Washington and Reynolds work in perfect tandem, Washington with his calm, cool demeanour playing the bad/good guy and Reynolds charm and expressive performance as an over eager rookie wanting to prove his worth. They're locked in a battle of wits and guns both with each other and their relentless pursuers, who never seem more than two heartbeats behind. 

Explosive stunts and action sequences are never completely over the top but are well executed and enough to keep up the thundering pace right through the 115 minutes, even if the plot isn't. While the story line is more than a little clichéd the guns, hand to hand combat and flagrant disregard for road safety is consistently fresh. Camera work leaned toward the shaky and in yo' face variety, I'm guessing to add a rawness to the story. 

Poor Ryan spent the entire movie like my fave kind of sausage. Battered. 
The cast in this movie is particularly brilliant, seeing our own Brendan Gleeson and Liam Cunningham getting an outing, it's just a shame that their roles or script never really allowed them to shine to their full ability. 

One disappointment was the formulaic closing scenes. How often do we see someone we know well, somewhere they shouldn't be and only react with a wry smile instead of this? Just doesn't happen. Then again neither does 80% of what happened in Safe House. 

Because of the calibre of stunts and action on show here I'm going to recommend you give it a looksee on the big screen, be warned though, do not attempt to drink water mid scene, I almost lost my two front teeth with a jump. That good. 



Thursday, February 16, 2012

St Valo's Day Clarin's Winner!!

Valentine's Day may not have been a doozey for one and all but it was a lucky one for one certain ducky. 

*Best Fresh Prince Impression* Drums Please...... 

The winner of the Beeyooriful Clarins blush iiiiiissssss......


Huge congrats on the win, please send me your address to and I'll get this beauty on its way!

Thanks, everyone for entering, there's a particularly nice Giveaway winging it's way to this oul blog next week. 

Keep. Peelers. Pelt!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Squeezey Does It - Lash Control Mascara

Behold a new and unique contender in the lash batter market. A novel idea, patented to save you product, time, grubby mitts and mascara filled tissues. A squeezable mascara tube, no less. Genius.

Promising to banish raccoon eyes and stay in place until you remove it with warm water, I was intrigued to test this out.

Simply squeeze the rubber insert as you pull the wand for your desired amount of product.

A firm grip will mean very little product on the brush (which is way up the better end of mascara brush offerings) to create a natural lash look. 

And a looser hold will mean mucho mascara to work with for a more dramatic look.

Must say, I like this. A lot. The idea, at first, seemed a little gimmicky to me but I've been trialling this for a week now and my lashes have held their look and lasted all day, every time.

It does have a tendency toward flaky into the evening but all in all it's a good wear. I'm not so sure about the removal with warm water though, any mascara that can stay put all day will need something a little more than uisce for removal, again, I'm not complaining but it's worth noting.

Pic courtesy of the lovely Laura Bermingham on the Twidder Machine (@berminghamlaura)

There are 3 variations of this mascara in Lash Control's line up, two black and one clear, both black offerings are available over on the wonderful for €20 each, who very kindly supplied this sample for my perusal. 

What say we? Intriguez vous?

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

LoveBot, Baby, LoveBot

Happy Valentines Day you sexy mo' fo's! I know my last VDay nails weren't your typical colours but I thought I should make a special effort for the day itself.

I picked up this cute little dood in River Island last week (only a tenner, yo) and have been thinking about recreating him ever since.

Colours used: TopShop Starlight & OPI Sparrow Me the Drama
The hearts are made using the paper clip method as with the last ones
LoveBot himself is made using a tiny art brush (you can pick one up for about €2 in Eason's)
Finish up with black dots for his eyes, using a toothpick, and you're done!

Any rosemantic plans for the day, ladies? 

Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday's Moments - 13/02

Happy Monday, folks, that was probably the quickest weekend ever but we're only 4 days from the next one, right?

Let's get this positivity show on the road!

1. Who? Me? 

I'm still relatively new to this blogging bizz and have been lucky enough to have written guest posts for some of my favourite blogs and people in that time. This week, however, saw an invite to guess post on the largest beauty blog in Ireland. The very ladies that inspired me to begin my own online journey think I just might be good enough to write a post for their baby.  

I'm both over excited and utterly terrified at the prospect but watch this space. Should the ladies post my material, I'll be sure to fit it into every single conversation I have, regardless of context. Squeee. 

2. What the Phúc?

I'll start this moment with a disclaimer: I'm not a nutjob. (Anyone that says otherwise is a filthy liar or an arch nemesis) (possibly both). I'd like to think I'm not very naive either so usually I don't hold much belief in clairvoyants or mediums. 

The Sis convinced me this week to head along to an evening with a medium, though, as she really wanted to attend, so my rubber arm was twisted. The night began with us assigned to numbered tables. Suspiiiiicious. Once we got past our sniggering and answering calls of 'Christopher?!' with the likes of 'Columbus?!' and promptly killing ourselves with mirth, the girl went on to reveal things that no one could possibly ever know. I left aghast. Slightly speechless and a little more of a nutjob than I went in. Mad, Ted. 

3. MAC from a Mate!

Drooling over the Unsung Heroes post on The Makeup & Beauty Blog (one of my fave blogs) I immediately took to the Twidder machine to voice my intention to purchase MAC Club. I mean look at those colours! 

Only two heartbeats passed when Mags of Emerald Eyeliner (not only a favourite blog but a favourite person) tweeted to let me know she had a spare and I was welcome to it. Now correct me if I'm wrong, is that not uhhmazing? I'm used to these ladies enabling me to part with my hard earned but more & more I'm left speechless at their true generosity and awesomeness.  Thanks, Mags, you bag of ledge x 

4. Cash Saving Kismet

Here's yet another example of how my spondoolies were saved this week. Kirstie over on had the most beautiful pics on her Roger & Gallet post that put the goo on me to try the Eau de Bienfaits fragrant body mist. You need to read her review! Roger & Gallet have had some of my favourite fragrances over the past year and I was convinced I needed this one, convinced enough to take the €33 hit. 

Waking up a little tired and emotional after a Friday night with Andrew Rudd (more on that later) I was gobsmacked to get mail on a Saturday. Lo & behold the gorgeous Paula had sent me this beauty to sample. It's fab. Rich, citrussy and long lasting, it reminds me of the holiday I can't afford to take yet. It's gotten a lot of love over on lovelygirliebits too. Made my weekend. 

5. Sweet Child O' Mine

I've taken to walking gain at lunch time, it has to be done. I'm not one for weightwatchers or their ilk but I do like scoffage as much as the next girl so some form of cardio is a must. 

Arriving back to the office, puffed out on Friday I had made the grown up decision to have a peppermint tea and by pass the bikkie tin. GO ME. Then there was a call from reception. My eldest gorgebag wanted to see me. Grabbing my purse I headed down stairs (Told you, not naive) . He'd only gone and picked me up a Malteser Bunny on his way back to school! I resisted the urge to noogie him in front of the security guard. Thanked him with a hair ruffle and headed back upstairs. Choggeleh bunnehs and epic childer FTW!! 

Yep, it's been another good one this end. Any news or scandal with ye?