Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Barmy for Balms?

There's no doubt about it, Ned Stark (RIP) was right, Winter was coming. Although here in Ireland we seem to have escaped the worst of it (so far). Chattering my teeth on site at a balmy -3 the other morning, I had to admit that my regular gloss addiction just wasn't going to cut it. My poor kisser has been in a dreadful state, having been exposed to the elements too regularly and not y'know, kissing, honest! 

With Valentines Day haring towards us at a rate of knots, I thought I'd share with ye 3 of the best lip balms I've found & love: 

First up, don't let L'Occitane 95% Shea Butter fool you with it's pretty little tin, this bad boy has serious strength when it comes to buttering you up. I'm not just talking lips either, this Shea Butter has literally saved my hide on several occasions. It regenerates and protects dry and dehydrated skin. It can be used on lips, knees, elbows - even split ends. The tin is perfect for chucking in your bag without fear of breakage or spills.

€10/£9.50 (YAY, Kiehl's!) from Kiehl's stores or online
Second, Kiehl's LIP BALM #1 hasn't been going strong for 40 years for nothing. It's genuinely the softest balm I've ever used. So much so that I've bought this as gifts for people, as little stocking fillers and even for friends' hospital bags when they're motherhood bound and I've never had anything but rave reviews and profuse thanks in return. Mango is, without doubt, my favourite 'flavour' but it's available in Vanilla and Unscented too. Applied liberally this balm can work it's magic, even better to apply it at night and awake to the lips of a sexy mother puckerer. (That good)

€3.95 from Health Stores & Pharmacies nationwide

Last up we have cult favourite and a beautiful reminder of my childhood* (It's going since 1989!) Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm. 100% natural, this balm is soft and pliable and your lips' best friend. There's a hint of peppermint oil that gives you a pleasant tingle and a soft sheen. (Reminds me of the taste of Murray's Mints!) My Aunt used to send this to us from the States and I always remember feeling so grown up using it, making a big show of producing my little yellow tin. I know we don't all have generous American Aunties but for only €3.95 there really is no excuse for chapped chops with Burt's Bees now so readily available. 

Have you tried any of these? Do you have a favourite balm you'd recommend to a friend?

* Thanks to Aoife for sending these beauties
& providing my trip down memory lane. 


Leanne Woodfull said...

I swear by my Burt's Bees balm! Gonna pick up a tube of the Kiehl's balm soon :)

Ria said...

I have too many balms. And I'm a Gemini. Which means I cannot pick just one to have as my favourite. But, I have to admit that the one I've recently finished (Vanilla Perk by Crazy rumors) and the one that's way too close to being finished (EOS Tangerine) could be in the products I love and can't wait to repurchase. When I finish a couple more that I own.
Also? You make me wanna buy things. Again. (Not that I have a problem in the wanting to buy things area, but I didn't want a Kiehl's balm. Only because I didn't know it existed.).
I'll stop rambling now.

Sue Jordan said...

I've yet to try EOS, Ria, but have heard great things. Oh & Moi? A spending enabler? (It's on my CV :P)

Sue Jordan said...

You'd love the Kiehl's too, Leanne, it's supersoft and luxurious x

Lovely Girlie Bits said...

I gotsta try a Kiehl's one too since I'm a lip balm fiend, fiend I tell you!

pinkshoes76 said...

i am loving the handmade soap co. lip balm in choco-mint its devine and its irish which is a big plus for me helps with the choccy cravings havent tried any of yours but am gonna track down burts bees as i like the sound of it