Thursday, January 29, 2015

Things That Rustle My Jimmies

In no particular order of pissiness, here's what's a rustling my jimmies this week: 

1. There Being FIVE JAYSUS WEEKS in January. 

2. A 30 Minute Wait for Drinks in 
a Five Star Hotel Bar

3. Forgetting My Bag for Life AGAIN

4. People That Pass By an Entire Row of Empty Cubicles to Use the Loo Beside You

5. My Poor Pops Being Stuck on an A&E Trolley for THREE DAYS!

See? Feelings of stabbiness have been significantly reduced. 

Tell us, what's been rustling your jimmies this week then? 

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

New Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation & Concealer in One!

I'm all for cutting a minute or twenty off my morning routine, more so when that routine is done in the office loos just to eek out as many precious zeds of a morning as I can. As soon as I laid eyes on Clinique's upcoming Beyond Perfecting Foundation & Concealer in One before the Christmas break, I knew it, I and my snooze button would get on very well indeed. 

There's 21  shades incoming with one of the lightest feeling full coverage formulations I've used to date. Aimed at the over 30 lady with a tendency toward oiliness, I've found it's worked a boon on my normal 30ish skin this past several months. 

Just one large doe foot of product is enough to do your entire fizzog. I know, I was doubtful too when makeup artist Florrie White gave me the lo-down but she is entirely right. The formulation feels dry on application but blends in nicely and is buildable as and where needed. Despite initial Saharan worries, I found it felt hydrating during its 12 hour wear time. Full comfortable coverage with very little product so that it never feels 'masky', that's a feat in itself but Clinique have pulled it off. 

Less than half a buidéal left - that's good going!

I've been so impressed with this double duty formulation that even when trialling other bases I've been reaching for Beyond Perfection as my concealer of choice. Now that's unheard of for me. I find the consistency ideal for my under eye area with enough slick so that it never creases or dries into fine lines. That's a sure fire sign of a product I'm loving, when I'm reaching for it unbeknownst to myself. 

Clinique Beyond Perfection Foundation & Concealer in One hits counters on February 6th and might just be the answer to many a busy woman's prayers. 

What say we? Will we be giving it a looksee when it drops? 

Friday, January 23, 2015

Big Hero 6 - Movie Review

Who's In It? 

 and Scott Adsit

What's It About? 

After a disaster at San Fransokyo IT, Hiro re-purposes his brother's medbot to be part of a super hero team he builds with Tadashi's (Hiro's brother) friends.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Things That Rustle My Jimmies

Welcome to Thursday, fellow Rustlees - how's the week been treating you so far? Colleagues being irrationally hangry because they're still caught up in a detoxing fad? You being irrational because 'IT'S NOT A FAD GODDAMMIT, THIS IS HOW I LIVE NOW AND MIND YOUR BUSINESS, JACINTA!'?. Step right this way for maximum unrustlement: 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The AirMotion Pro Brush - Are You Ready For Love? (Discount Code Included!)

Remember when the Tangle Teezer was the best brush since comb shaped rocks? Do you also remember the amount of times you've inadvertently flung it across the bathroom floor because you couldn't keep a grip on it?

Forget. That. Noise!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Is Tinder Ever OK When You're in a Relationship?

*dusts off Chattery header* Oohee, it's been a while, right? 

There was a chat happening in a Facebook group I'm part of today and I really, really would love to hear your thoughts on it as it seriously divided opinion. Shockingly so, I thought. 

The gist was that one of the girls saw the Tinder app on her chap's phone as he was texting. They've been living together for 2 1/2 years. Asking him about it, his response was defensive at first, but then dismissive, saying 'Sure I was just curious, all the lads have it.'

This lovely lass was asking advice as to whether she was being paranoid in telling him it wasn't acceptable behaviour in a committed relationship. Especially since she happened to find out he'd been using the app by chance, that he hadn't brought it up in conversation. 

This is where things became divided. The consensus seemed to be that something was a little hinky, with most advising that she trust her gut but surprisingly (to me at least) a lot of gals seemed of the opinion that this was perfectly acceptable, even expected in relationships nowadays. Seemly we're all visual creatures and Tinder is just a bit of fun. With some lasses even saying that they use it WITH their partners for a spot of 'harmless creeping'.

My question is thus. Is having a profile on Tinder, or any dating site for that matter, really OK when you're in a committed relationship? Of course, we're all adults and can make our own decisions about the relationships we have, no matter how fickle or virtual but would it be a deal breaker for you? I'd love to know...

Was she right to be so upset or are relationships at a point now where anything goes, social media wise? 

Let's Chat!

Gigs You Need Your Passport For!

EVERY year Sue’s birthday conveniently falls the day before St. Patrick’s Day. How awesome is that?! It means that we always have an extra day off to celebrate (or recuperate) so we usually head away for a city break. 

One Year, however, Kylie, one of her all time fave artists, was coming to Dublin for the Aphrodite tour. I debated whether to just get her Kylie tickets and an overnight stay in a Dublin hotel for her birthday rather than go away, as the tickets alone were the guts of €100 each. Then it struck me, sure it’s a European tour, we could do both!

First thing I did was check out Ticketmaster for what other cities Kylie was playing in, then checked out Aer Lingus to see where we could go that wouldn't cost the earth. Yep, it was genius, nope, I'm not ashamed of the humblebrag. Wait till you see, you're about to realise it was genius too...

Monday, January 19, 2015

Elizabeth Arden's Beautiful Color Matte Lipstick in Bold Red. Photos & Lip Swatches!

Given the choice of lipstick finishes I opt for satin every time. It's not that I can't make a matte work, it's just that it's just that, work. That's why when at an Elizabeth Arden launch last week they mentioned incoming moisturizing lipsticks with a matte finish, my interest was piqued. The Beautiful Color Moisturizing Lipsticks in their 6 new Matte finishes are matte, Jim, but not as you know it. 

Given our choice of the six new shades, I'd never have believed you if you told me I'd choose Bold Red but Natalie, one of the lovely ladies presenting, was wearing this bright cherry red, saturated with colour and I genuinely couldn't take my eyes off it. 

My one abiding memory of Elizabeth Arden, as a brand, was seeing potions and lotions lined up on my Aunt's dresser in New York, when I was a girl. I recall being mesmerised by the way each bottle and jar managed to capture the famous red door in its design. Chances are those potions and lotions are where my love for high end packaging originated. Thank YOU, Aunty Peg! 

Seeing these heavy weight, golden lipstick casings brought me right back to that memory. They're a beautiful design that belie the €26 price tag and that's before you even try the lippie inside. 

The lipsticks themselves are formulated with moisture rich pigments so you can feel luxury with the first swipe. Mango, shea & murumuru butters mean the rich colour glides on to the lips with zero effort and feels like no matte I've ever worn before. Satin texture powders form a film over the colour on the lip, which is undetectable to me but is credited with the 6 hours wear I got from Bold Red on its first outing. 

While I've always been hesitant when it comes to reds, Bold Red just makes me feel good while wearing. Definitely Bolder - I may have to brace myself for the effects when I pick up Nude...

Beautiful Color Mattes are available from Elizabeth Arden counters and directly from Debenhams HERE now, I'd urge you to give 'em a looksee. 

Monday's Moments - 19/01/15

How we've been getting on then? Resolutions still holding firm? It has to be admitted I'm wavering on the cutting back on the demon drink but all in all, I'm motoring along and happy with the little changes I've been making. 

One thing that won't be changing any time soon is counting my blessings in the form of Monday's Moments and this week's no different. Ready?

1. New Earphones Arriving The Day After 
I Tweeted About Busted Ones!

2. The Luas Stalling and the Driver Announcing
 'Well Thanks to that GOBSHITE Lifting the Door Off it's Hinges, We Have to Get Off!'

3. Being The First in the Country to Get My Sniffer on L'Occitane Cherry L'eau for 2015

4. Leaving Work This Week While
 It Was Still Bright!

5. Aaron's Landing a New Job Two Days Before 
He Finished His Christmas One! 

Tell me this and tell me no more, what's going on with you this week? 

What's making your Monday brighter? 

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Cherry Pick of the Week: Sia ~ Elastic Heart

You might have seen this vid causing ripples on social media for the past week or so with cries of simulated pedophilia and to that I say 'What.The.Jaysus?'.

Sia has come out to say that the interpretive dance performed by Maddie and Shia (love him unashamedly especially for THIS VIDEO) LaBeouf is representative of the strained relationship she had with her father growing up. Watching it with that in mind I'd like to purchase two tickets to Feelidelphia please!

Her lyrics are haunting and her vision is light years ahead of any bubblegum pop on the scene right now. 

Listen & love it, I know I do!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Things That Rustle My Jimmies

It would seem that some lovely new visitors to this here corner of the internet aren't quite sure what a jimmy is or why the rustling there of can be a life threatening issue. To those of you lovelies I say this.. Shhh... Behold... this weeks list in the never ending list of things that rustle my jimmies:

1. USB Thieves!

2. Earphones Going Kaput Halfway 'Round a 6k!

3. Lovingly Preparing Lunch Then Promptly Forgetting to Bring It To Work!

4. The First Profile Pic Trend on Facebook. My Profile Pic is There.. Under Profile Pics...

5. People That Comment on Everybody Else's Food!

So tell me this new lovelies and older lovelies alike - what's been rustling yours of late? 

You know you wanna...

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Tom Ford's Adriano & Giacomo. Pictures, Swatches & Review!

Tom Ford Giacomo

Can we just take a minute? Just inhale deeply and behold the beauty that is Tom Ford lipsticks. I'll readily admit that I have never been swayed by Mr Ford's hella expensive products before but when I saw the Goddess of beauty blogging that is Temptalia swatch the entirety of the Tom Ford Lips & Boys limited edition collection. I knew I'd have to have at least one. That's how Adriano & Giacomo here became the newest boys in my life. 

There's just no getting away from the price with these miniature lippies, with each of the 50 strong wardrobe coming in at a hefty £26 (€33.49) for just 2g of product. TWO GRAMS OF PRODUCT. But this, dear reader, is where any beauty addict worth their salt will tell you, it's an illness. I HAD TO HAVE THEM. 

Of course I spent the two weeks before release on Stephen's Day googling and regoogling swatches. Hmming and hawing about which colours I absolutely, positively couldn't live without and that's how Adriano & Giacomo found their forever home in my stash. 

Before my Selfridge's order even arrived to Parcel Motel, reviews began to filter through the blogging world of disappointment with the product amount. Not with the lipstick itself, because Tom Ford but with the weenchy bullets that arrived for the money dispatched. I began to regret my purchases before these lads even arrived. But then they did. 

The packaging is classic TF black and gold and is surprisingly weighty for its size. Though the bullet weighs in at just 2g, gram per gram these are the same price as their full size counterparts. That news lifted my spirits immediately. Then came swatches, from the shaft of the bullet at first because who wants to ruin that TF embossing? Of course once I'd seen one swipe I wanted more and went for a full swatch each. 

Giacomo Swatch, Lipstick, Tom Ford

Adriano is a bright coral with orange leanings but just enough pink to make it wearable for me. Completely opaque in one richly saturated swipe, I found it incredibly moisturising and soft for such a long wearing lipstick. I favour this one on evenings out with a subtle matte shadow look and lashings of mascara. It's as brave as I've been with lipstick and I'm loving it. 

Giacomo is a much pinker coral with a extremely subtle golden microshimmer. Again it applies like a dream and wears for hours on end, without the need for retouching or checking it's stayed in place. That doesn't stop me looking at it again and again as I'm wearing it though. It might just be my most perfect colour. 

So the question is thus, are they worth the spend? In my honest opinion? HELL YES. 

I've been carrying both little boys in my mála since they arrived a fortnight ago and I never thought I'd be saying this but I've already got my eye on 3 more, once my freelance sheckles clear (Guillermo, RichardAlejandro).... (and maybe Cary) Wha? I can't help myself! 

You can pick them up exclusively on Selfridges here but they are limited edition and some colours have already sold out. That sentence is enough to give any beauty fiend sweaty palms right there. 

Tell me, would you part with €33 for 2g of lippie? Even more importantly, if money were NO object, which of the boys would you be buying? I'd love to know!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Valentine's Trips ~ My Top Spots!

With the festive season firmly in the rear view mirror it’s time for a bit of forward planning, but before those Summer holidays come calling, let’s talk about some Valentine’s Day romantic getaways. While I know everyone won’t be all loved up with that special, Snuggle Bunny / Pookey / Muffin Chops or Sweet Cheeks by February 14th, my top picks are also perfect for some bestie Valentine’s pampering. GALentine's, if you will. PALentine's? You get the gist. 

I loved everything about the Killashee House Hotel on our visit couple of years ago & have vowed to go back as soon as I can. The four poster bed was so luxurious as was the decor of the room. We got gentle tap on the door not long after we arrived to present us with some wonderful macarons, this, for me, is top class service.  

I have yet to find Eggs Benedict to rival those at The Killashee. Head Chef Philip Gleeson along with his team source the best quality Irish ingredients & whip them into dishes that are found in every foodies dreams. Trust me dinner in Turners Restaurant is a must, the 5 course tasting menu is to die for. 

They also have an onsite spa which uses my all time favourite Elemis products. One night bed & breakfast including dinner in Turners starts at €200 per room per night. You can purchase gift vouchers online here.

The ultimate Valentine’s getaway would be to the City of Lourve, Paris. Believe it or not it really doesn't have to cost the earth. Aer Lingus currently have their January seat sale with flights to Paris Charles du Gaulle starting at €103pp for Friday 13th – Sunday 15th February. BARG!

The hotel I have chosen for you is a very budget friendly 4 star designer hotel in a fantastic location near the Champs-Elysees, the Arc de Triomphe & the Eiffel Tower in the 16th arrondissement.  Hotel Bassano is easily reached via Metro from Charles du Gaulle airport. Valentines weekend for a double room is €337.76 per room for two nights. Here is where I found the cheapest rate for Hotel Bassano. Flights & hotel for this weekend would cost approx €544 for two people.

The last one I’m not allowed to tell you about, but I can tell you that you'll snap up two nights B&B for 2, including a bottle of wine for just €145 Here - if that's not enough to make you Lusty for Lusty Beg Island, maybe Sue's full review will be - check it out HERE!

Tell us, are you planning on escaping it all this February 14th? 

Monday, January 12, 2015

Monday's Moments - 12/01/15

How do, Monday, hopefully it hasn't been too painful thusfar? I'm just gathering thoughts having spent the weekend pub hopping in Port Laois, because what's better after a week of clean eating & excersize than a weekend of booze & bouldness. Nothing is the answer. 

As ever there's been Moments that mean Monday 'round these parts doesn't suck quite as much. Ready? 

1. Finding a Twirl Stashed Under My Pillow & Aaron Telling Me 
'I knew you didn't get one from the shopping'. 

2. Managing to Fill the Fridge & Freezer with Healthy Eats for the Week. 

3. All Sale Purchases Arriving at Once!

4. Adam Bringing Home a Tray of Red Bull from Work. 'You can't drink that, you'll have a heart attack' - 'Oh God I wouldn't drink it, 
I'm going to sell them at school'

5. Being Invited to Apply for a Two Year Graduate Programme in Work!

And that's them, the little things that made my second week of the year pretty great. 

Tell us, what's going on with you of late?  Anything amaze?