Monday, January 12, 2015

Monday's Moments - 12/01/15

How do, Monday, hopefully it hasn't been too painful thusfar? I'm just gathering thoughts having spent the weekend pub hopping in Port Laois, because what's better after a week of clean eating & excersize than a weekend of booze & bouldness. Nothing is the answer. 

As ever there's been Moments that mean Monday 'round these parts doesn't suck quite as much. Ready? 

1. Finding a Twirl Stashed Under My Pillow & Aaron Telling Me 
'I knew you didn't get one from the shopping'. 

2. Managing to Fill the Fridge & Freezer with Healthy Eats for the Week. 

3. All Sale Purchases Arriving at Once!

4. Adam Bringing Home a Tray of Red Bull from Work. 'You can't drink that, you'll have a heart attack' - 'Oh God I wouldn't drink it, 
I'm going to sell them at school'

5. Being Invited to Apply for a Two Year Graduate Programme in Work!

And that's them, the little things that made my second week of the year pretty great. 

Tell us, what's going on with you of late?  Anything amaze?

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