Monday, January 05, 2015

Monday's Moments - 05/01/15

Happy New Year, Campers!

As I said in last week's Monday's Moments a Year in Review post, I'm hurtling headlong into this year with a serious fire my belleh having reminisced over the greatness that 2014 brought.  While the entire world is letting out a collective groan about being back to school/college/work today, my first Moment is an unlikely one: 

1. Working Christmas Week So 
Escaping the Dreaded Return This Week

2. Baby Alexander Reaching 1 Year Old! 
Well Done to BattleDad & BattleMum

3. Remembering THIS VIDEO Exists 
It's Youtube Prozac!

4. Dowloading Every Plug-In for 

5. Finally Visiting The Guinness Storehouse
& Cultivating Quite a Goo for the Black Stuff!

So tell us, what was the highlight of the week that was? 

Any happy haps to report? 

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