Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Monday's Moments - A Year in Review!

Whether you're a sucker for resolutions, a fiend for inspirational quotes or an eye roller at the very notion, it's been a running theme 'round these parts for the past few years to give thanks, weekly. 

Regulars to the blog will know that every Monday I post 5 Moments that I'm grateful for from the week before. Things that mean my Mondays don't suck as much and I can't recommend it enough. For peace of mind, for perspective and for a little mood moost when you need it most. Moments rock. 

Every New Years Eve, that's today, I spend the day looking through the entire years back catalogue and no matter what mood I tend to be in on the 31st (often melancholy, always hungry) they never fail to put a huge smile on my face and a fire in my belly for the year ahead. 

Personal standouts have to be my eldest Gorgebag becoming a man ~ My back recovering enough that I was mobile again (your health is your wealth, kids) - so mobile that I could get back to daily walking and manage to shed just over two stone so far ~ Two brand new nephers arriving into the world ~ Both Gorgebags starting work and Our dear old Cherry Pops getting the final all clear. 

Things were pretty phenomenal on the online front too ~ So phenomenal in fact that I managed to go from the full time rat race to part time! I landed two huge freelance gigs (still pinch myself over these) and I pushed myself to get out and about more, resulting in ~ Speaking on panels at conferences, workshops and networking events ~ Having chats with a London agency that want to sign CherrySue and Offering PR/blog consultancy on the reg.                                                                       Mind. Blowing. Stuff!

The point of all this self reflection is not to gloat, it's to thank every single one of you for your input into our life changes and to give thanks to the powers that be (whomever she is) for the little things that have made our 2014 one of the best years we've ever had. 

I'd highly recommend taking up the habit of Monday's Moments for everybody, not only for the weekly boost that comes with rising above the dark clouds and recognising silver linings but because I've found, genuinely, that when I start being truly grateful for the little things, big things tend to follow. 

Here's to a healthy, happy & mindful 2015 
for every single one of us 

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