Monday, December 15, 2014

Monday's Moments - 15/12/14

All messing aside now, we're ten days from Christmas - TEN!

In other amazing news we're only one week from longer days again, something I'm genuinely looking forward to. 

As per, it's been an amazing week blog wise, job wise and family wise and these five Moments are just the cherry on top: 

1. Aaron Having His Lost Wallet Returned 
With EVERYTHING Still Inside!

2. Meeting A Chap Outside the Age Action Party in the Office 'I'm Waiting For My Mam, She's Paying Me Back for All Those Years I Left Her 
Waiting Outside The Disco'

3. A Pal Using Smart Remote Phone App To Covertly Turn Up The X-Factor Results on The Pub TV!!

4. Making My Radio Debut To Chat About Blogging (Link Here)

5. Opening THIS Surprise Gift On Sunday 
Being Completely Blown Away

Tell us, what Moment has been the cherry on top of your week? 

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