Thursday, December 18, 2014

Things That Rustle My Jimmies

Ah, Thursday, the one day of the week that I let it all hang out and unrustle the jimmies of the week before. I mean it's only the week before Christmas, what could possibly have me stressed?!

This could:

 1. 'You Seem Like a Girl In The Know, 
Could I Grab a Copy of Your UK Contacts?'

2. Gombeens With NO Sense of Direction 
Directing Traffic in Shopping Centres!

3. 'I've Changed'

4. Accidentally Saying 'Love You, Bye' 
At the End of a Work Call!

 5. 'Oh I've Had My Christmas Shopping 
Done Since June'

Feelings of stabbiness? Significantly reduced!

Recognise any jimmie rustlers? Care to share your own? 

It's cathartic, I swear!

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