Monday, December 22, 2014

Monday's Moments - 22/12/14

Morning, morning!!

Is there a nicer Monday that the one before the holliers? Possibly not. 

This has been an incredible week of catching up with loved ones, good pals and probably the first ever that I've managed a Christmas tipple or two WHENEVER I WANTED now that the lads are full grown and out working for themselves. But wait, there's more: 

1. Learning Baby Alexander's First Words are 
'Get In' 
For When He Wants A Love

2. Both Lads Bringing Home Their First Wage 
& Handing Up A Few Bob Unprompted

3.Getting Home After The Office Christmas Party 
Knowing I Did NATHIN' Embarrassing

4. Realising Aaron is the Perfect Sidekick 
For a Day's Christmas Shopping

5. Finally Being 'All Set for the Christmas'

So tell us, what's amazing in your life right now? 

Family home for Christmas? You jetting off? 

Share the happy haps!

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