Saturday, December 13, 2014

Gift Guide for Teen Guys

They say speak from a place you know and when it comes to writing, there's little I know more about than Christmas buying for teenage hooligans. 

I've done the market research, which involved polling such as 'Here, would you like that?' over dinner and come up with 7 cracking gifts, guaranteed to please an unpleasable teen. OK, maybe not guaranteed but you won't be as much of an embarrassment for at least a day. Ready? 

1. Laundry Punch Bag: €25 Here

It'll hold their socks while they give it socks - there's not many lads that would balk at the idea of a punch bag in their room and it certainly beats a floordrobe. 

2. ASOS Black & Rose Gold Watch: €35.72 Here

This was actually on my youngest Gorgebag's list for Christmas, which I thought curious as not many teens wear watches anymore. Apparently rose gold is in for lads now though and this watch the perfect hint of the pink metal without going overboard. 

3. Gillette ProGlide Styler: €27.49 Here

Aaron has been using and loving this all year long. It's ideal for trimming beards, shaping goatees or even a straight up clean shave. All that and it means my Gillette Venus haven't been pilfered since. It's an investment really. 

4. Sennheiser In Ear Headphones: €49.99 Here 

I genuinely believe I've put the grandchildren of headphone makers though college with the sheer volume of pairs I've bought over the past ten years for the lads. It truly is a false economy buying cheap and buying often so top brands, like Sennheiser here, really are the only way to go for quality of sound and longevity of wear. 

5. Grey Leopard Print Trainers: €37 Here

Imma readily admit that I want these Nike Freerunesque trainers myself, really, truly WANT but they don't have them in my size. I was lamenting that fact to Adam when his eyes lit up and I realised the Bette Lynch gene is strong with this one. According to himself, these are the bomb diggity (though he asked me never to say bomb diggity in his company again).

6. iTunes Voucher: €50 Here

Of course the denomination of voucher will depend on just how helpful they've been through the year but when it comes to vouchers and iPhone lovers, you can't go wrong with iTunes. Used for music, games and god knows what else, I've never met a teen that wouldn't gladly relieve you of one o' these. 

7. Hollister Guys Beach Vest: €89 Here

For reasons still unbeknownst to anyone over the age of 19, Hollister is the epitome of cool when it comes to teen clothing. The Abercrombie & Fitch offshoot can be extortionately expensive but these fleece lined vests are the gift that keeps on giving. What's more, there's free delivery on online orders over €50 so you'll never have to don your mining helmet to darken their already darkened doors again. YUSS!

Tell us, have you a teen to buy for, anything we've missed out? 

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