Friday, December 19, 2014

MY Christmas Viewing Pix!

Due to the fact myself and my friends are broke college students the 12 Pubs has been ruled out for me this year, leaving me plenty of time to reflect (read: watch religiously) on my favourite Christmas viewing - and here are my top choices!!

3. (NEW)Doctor Who Specials:

Yeah, it was obvious, but these things are DAMN good. Like, get you into Doctor Who (MAAAA!!) good. Some might be Shakespearean stories of love, some might be about a madman that eats people becoming PM of Britain - but all of them are fantastic to watch. 

Plus, Nick Frost this year, sweeet.

2. Twitch Streams:

Even if you aren't a big fan of games, there's something about watching grown men and women drink copious amounts and make a gobshite of themselves playing Just Dance in a tiny room - for some reason it really brings the Christmas feeling to the Scrooge in me.

My recommendations - Yogs for Charity and The Eggman, Northernlion.

1. The Nightmare Before Christmas:

I'm 18, have a penchant for alt-rock and dark clothes - this was inevitable. A staple of all long haired teenage boy and neon/black haired teenage girl viewing, this better-than-Disney Burton flick has my favourite all time Christmas song which I put above, give it a listen yehh?

Fun Fact: I have a DVD of this since I was about 15 and neither Mam or Adam have ever seen it, as well as the fact I don't remember buying it/receiving it as a gift. It's kind of like your first Nirvana record, the Teenage Fairy leaves it under your bed when you reach 14-15 for you to find and treasure.

What will you be binge watching this Christmas season? Netflix or otherwise? 

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