Wednesday, March 28, 2012

NOTD: HB Delights!

There was a picture floating around Facebook yesterday of ice pops of yesteryear and it got me to thinking (it doesn't take much) Look at all those pretty colours...

That led on to me thinking 'wouldn't they make a lovely mani?!' And yep, in my humble opinion they do.

Now I'm not advocating you wear all of 'em together but the bigwigs in Morkeshing at HB didn't put these lovely Summer colours on our favourite pops for nowt.

Any one of these on your accent nail with one colour on the rest would make a lovely Summer, sunshine nail job, sez me.

I did start with all Twisters, seen as they're the ULTIMATE hangover cure and my fave - this is what that looks like:

Not bad, right?

If you are going to attempt 'em, the colours I used are as follows:

Wibbly Wobbly Wonder: Barry M Lemon and Strawberry with Bourjois #23 (Choggeleh Brown)

Twister: Seche Porcelain, Essence Lime Up! and Chanel Rouge Carat

Brunch: Seche Porcelain base, Barry M Lemon and Sally Hansen Back to the Fuschia

Loop the Loop: Barry M Lemon, Bourjois #23 and an Essence mix (Lime Up & Trust in Fashion)

So tell me, which is your all time ultimate ice pop?! Are you getting the chance to hog one in this glorious sunshine?

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

**Battleship Bumper Giveaway**

To celebrate the upcoming release of Battleship, the good folks at Universal Pictures Ireland have given me 5 (FIVE) bumper Battleship goodie bags to give away. 2 for here and 3 for the Facebook page

Each bumper bag contains two caps, a waterproof case, a ladies' t-shirt and best of all? A pair of tickets for the BATTLESHIP Preview Event: that's a food and drinks after-work party followed by the screening of the film on April 11th in Dublin! Wowsers! 

To be in with a chance to win, watch the trailer and tell me: Which Barbadian R&B songstress stars as Petty Officer Cora Raikes? 

Send your answer, name and contact details to 

T&Cs: Over 18s only (because of the kick ass party). You must be signed up for the CherrySue newsletter to enter (You can do so right now on the right hand bar). Winners will be notified on April 10th. Good Luck ♥

Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday's Moments - 26/03

Hands up, who got a little sun over the weekend? Glorious wasn't it? Good news is we apparently have a week of sunshine to look forward to, music to my ears! As were these 5 moments of bliss, read on, lovelies...

1. Inbocks EMPTY!

Following 3 weeks out of the office I was dreading returning and the inevitable Everest that would be my desk. 2 days it took to wade through the emails. TWO DAYS. Yes, it meant entering and exiting the floors on my belleh like GI Jane so I wouldn't be spotted and could get some work done but it was worth it. 

There's not a lot of things as gratifying as seeing a big fat zero next to your Inbox after responding to, passing on and deleting the guts of 750 mails. Wonderful feeling. 

2. Warming Our Bones

As I mentioned above, Ireland was blessed with some elusive March sunshine this weekend. It's a rarity and the eleventy billion tweets and Facebook statuses prove just that. Feeling a little hermit like when the most I'd done was open the blinds, I decided to venture out into the garden to soak up some rays. 

Closing my eyes in the sunshine and Diesel flaking out on my feet (He's a horse, I may have permanent damage) we could have been anywhere in the world. It was one of the only moments that I spied a 747 flying to sunnier climes and didn't shake my fist with an obligatory curse word to see them on their way. Bliss.  

3. Masters of Dirt

Friday evening, following a wonderful Benefit event, the hounds and I ventured out for a family night. Masters of Dirt in CityWest was everything a teenage boy dreams about. Back flipping bikes, scramblers and snow feckin' mobiles (WHO discovered you could flip a snow mobile?!). 

We thoroughly enjoyed the evening, each trick and stunt bigger and better than the last. My moment in all of this? Realising that both lads had eyes like saucers, one at the bike tricks and the other at the leather bikini and suspender clad, fire breathing 'Fuel Girls'. Boys, wha?!

4. Secret Smile

Random things make me happy and ridiculous things make me smile. Following on from moment number one up there, I was in a pretty great mood. Had settled back into work, was on top of one or two upcoming projects and was feeling pretty good about mahself. 

That's when I spotted Giuseppe here, a random ink splodge from handwriting a couple of compliment slips. Even he was happy. Very random, very ridiculous. Shizz like this makes me very happy.  

5. Fingal Film Festival

I had the huge pleasure last week to be invited along to the Fingal Film Festival as Press. Me. Press!! First off, the fact that they managed to pull off such a large scale event is a testament to the hard work and dedication of everyone involved. 

I'm fond of a flick or two, we know this, but the calibre of Irish film making talent on show really was something to behold. My personal favourite of the three day event was a short called Two Hearts (which went on to win the award) truly mesmerising. My favourite moment, however, was the chat coming home from Situations Vacant (above) with my eldest and realising he loves analysing and enjoying movies just as much as his Maw. Mmpf. 

Sin é an scéal, Monday's Moments for another week. Got anything you'd like to share? Spend any time in the glorious (hopefully not fleeting) sunshine?

Tell Moi...

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Cherry Pick of the Week - Carly Rae Jepsen - Call Me Maybe

Not trying to jinx anything but the sun has been shining in Ireland, even better than that, it's expected to shine all week long!

What better than a sunshine, happy song for this weeks Cherry Pick then, eh?

Friday, March 23, 2012

This Must be the Place - Movie Review

Who's in it?

Sean Penn, Frances McDormand, Judd Hirsch and Eve Hewson

What's it About?

From screenwriter and director  Paolo Sorrentino, This Must be the Place is the story of Cheyenne, an aging, retired rock star living well on his royalties in Dublin with this spunky wife Jane. Upon hearing of his father's ill health he travels home to the US and subsequently goes on a search for his late father's Nazi persecutor. 

Any Good?

Darkly comic and very often surreal, This Must be the Place is the sort of movie I would usually hate but I just couldn't. Penn as Cheyenne is a mix of Edward Scissorshands and an aged Bono with a voice like nails on a chalkboard but there's something so endearing about him you can't help but like him. He has moments of dialogue and actions that are genuinely, can't help yourself, laugh out loud funny. 

Eve Hewson (Bono's daughter irl) plays Mary, Cheyenne's 16 year old Goth friend (a peculiar relationship) and apart from her faltering american accent, even though she's Irish, playing an Irish girl, her performance was rock solid. 

Penn (not Bono) in the Blanchardstown Centre (yes, really)
McDormand as Cheyenne's wife Jane is a breath of fresh air in the movie, actively encouraging him and loving him unconditionally. They provide some of the funniest moments together and I for one would like to see the outtakes of their scenes. 

While I didn't dislike this movie, on the whole, I can't say I liked it either. The surrealism and convoluted plot points that went nowhere or sudden character introductions with no explanation or attempt at cohesive movie making put me in mind of Donnie Darko and I HATE Donnie Darko. It is a testament to the calibre of acting here that made this flick fascinating viewing. 

It seems as though this, instead of one film, is a montage of every movie Sorrentino ever wanted to make. Cheyenne's trip to his native US is disjointed with the story and the Nazi hunting element shoots the script on an entirely different tangent without actually addressing any of the issues it raises. 

While I enjoyed each of the characters in their roles and will be buying the kick ass soundtrack immediately, I just can't recommend you part with your euro bucks for this one. Unless of course Donnie Darko and its ilk are your bag, you probably like Being John Malkovich aswell, don't you? In that case, you'll love it. If not, wait for the DVD to give it a gander, so you too can think yourself when it ends 'Seriously?'. 


Thursday, March 22, 2012

Quick Dry Drops from Zoya and Essence

My grá for nail art runs deep - we know this . My grá for saving time and simplicity runs even deeper. That's why when Supernail Ireland sent me Hurry Up Drops with a recent Zoya package I was intrigued to try them out. 

Turns out they kick ass, one drop on each nail works in 60 seconds to dry them to a beautiful shine. Now, not Seche Vite high shine or Sally Hansen Insta Dry quickness but the dropper application means that you're guaranteed no drag on your nail art designs or decorations (crystals etc.)

For those of us that don't have the budget for Zoya (€17.20) just now though but want to try the concept, Essence have come to the rescue, yet again. Priced at €2.49 Nail Art Express Dry Drops do exactly what they say on the bottle and can be used for ordinary manis as well as nail art wonders. 

It has to be admitted that I do prefer the consistency of Zoya but both dry your nails in just over a minute and give exactly the same result shine wise. While I may never stop being a sucker for Seche Vite, these are a welcome addition to my nail stash and nail art arsenal. 

What think we? Have you tried these drops before?

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Avon SuperExtend Extreme Mascara

Secret formulations have been hailed in marketing since the beginning of time, used universally as unique selling points to draw sales – take for example the Colonel’s secret recipe for chicken or Coke’s secret ingredients that set it apart. Well whatever secret sorcery Benefit used to create cult favourite mascara, They’re Real, Avon have cracked it.

Their new SuperExtend Extreme Mascara, launching this month, claims to leave lashes 87% longer (How long is a lash?) while I can’t confirm that exact percentage I can confirm that I love it.

Using ‘energy charged magnetic fibres’ this new formula separates lashes like a pro. I’ve been using this for a week now and have found no clumping or flaking, just lengthened and glossified lashes that lasted all day long.

The new brush puts me in mind of They’re Real too and worked wonders on lower and corner lashes to up the mascaras impact.  

In the interest of balance, I do have a couple of issues with SuperExtend though:

  1. The packaging might need a rethink, although I’ve been using this daily (sometimes twice daily) for a week now, the writing shouldn’t have rubbed off already. Now, this in no way affects the product itself but I do like pretty packaging and this just looks a little grubby now. Boo.
  2. So lengthened were my lashes with this new formulation that I couldn’t wear my nerdy Harry Potter 3D specs in comfort! Cue me watching StreetDance 3D with specs down my nose like the Tweety Pie’s Granny. *shakes fist*

Although this was given to me to review at the Avon evening last week, without doubt, I will be purchasing both the navy and the brown versions for €12 when they go on sale this month.

If you haven’t yet tried They’re Real or you have and know a bargain when you see one try to get your mitts on one of these bad boys before they inevitably sell out.

Available online here or from your local Avon Rep.

Monday, March 19, 2012

**Real Techniques Giveaway**

I've yet to hear a bad word said about these new brushes from Samantha Chapman of Pixiewoo fame that are taking the beauty world by storm. 

Of course me being the consummate philanthropist would like to share some of that magic with you lovelies to Thank you for reading and following little ol' moi. 

I've two Core Collections to bestow upon ye, one for here and one for the Facebook revellers but feel absolutely free to enter both. All T&Cs are included in the widget below. 

Good Luck! 

Monday's Moments - 19/03

If you're reading from Ireland this morning then you might not even need this positivity injection - it's a Bank Holiday, fo' shizzle!!

But hey, seeing as you're already here an' all, stick around for my five moments that have ensured my boatage floatage this past week, yeah?

1. I Won, See?

This here little loon is Séamus, the love of my life, after my Hounds of course. I've mentioned him often as he never ceases to make me chuckle. Well, on Thursday my Sis sent me this pic, he had won a medal in school for Irish dancing and you can see his delight. 

That evening, while I was in the Parents' she rang because he wanted to talk to me, 'Aunty Sue, you'll never guess, I won a medal, here look!' - 'Oh my actual God, that's amazing! So shiny' - 'Isn't it? Where's Grandad? He needs to see this too'. The entire family marvelled at his medal down the phone line - well he was sure we did. I was showing Grandad this picture at the time so he'd be able to describe it as if he was looking right at it. Hilarious. 

2. This Feeling Will NEVER Get Old

I know I've done a few Monday's Moments in the past about featuring on bigger blogs and online directories. I'll try to stop but HAVE to share this one. I somehow managed to get my Paddy's Day nails featured on one of the largest and most influential beauty blogs in Americay (And, you know, the world) -!

There's probably not a feeling like it in the world, to see your own name and pictures featured on a blog that you've read religiously for years and have used as a reference point for donkeys (figuratively speaking, I'm not sure how Christine feels about actual asals). I'm delighted, truly delighted. 

3. Duty Done

I may have mentioned in passing over the past several weeks that I was caught up on dreaded jury duty. Well, I'm ecstatic to report that it's done with now. Back to work on Tuesday for moi, Thank Chraaast. 

To be honest, I've never met 11 more different people that instantly clicked together. We spent 3 weeks herded round like sheep in very close quarters but we made the best of it. We laughed easily and often, when together and in private, which was a lot to do with comic relief because the trial was fairly harrowing and I'd like to think that I've met a couple of friends that I never would have done in the normal day to day of life. Moment number 3 was raising a glass with those crazy cats when our duty was done. Just immense relief. 

4. They're Keepers

I'll start this moment with the acknowledgement that Aunty Corrina may have had a directional hand in this but the Gorgebags played a blinder over the last couple of days. It's was my Birthday on Thursday and not only did I get that beautiful card, bigger than a couch cushion with a beautiful necklace but Adam chose to write me a thoughtful message. He's a modest wee pet. 

Then this morning for Mammy's Day Aaron nearly bodily wrestled me back into the bed as he'd made me brekkie (Toasties with tea, juice and fruit). I had to sit on the edge of the bed and hog it so he wouldn't feel he'd wasted his time. I know every Mam feels this way but they really are good lads. Am very proud to be their Oulone. (Unless they call me that, then there's batings galore!)

5. In the Night Sky

Any of you interested slightly in astronomy will have known about Conjunction this week, where Venus and Jupiter move together. Apparently we were to get quite the show here in Ireland but what with torrential rain being a given for Paddy's Day we didn't see much. 

That was until last night, I happened to look up at how bright and clear the night sky was, as I was locking up the mo mo and lo and behold there they were, Venus, Jupiter and Mars just behind - they were and are nothing short of spectacular. The entire western skyline seemed brighter because of them. There's nothing quite like seeing something that amazing to realise how small we truly are. Beautiful. 

How's your week been treating you lovely ladies and gents? Owt to report?

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Friday, March 16, 2012

Paddy's Day Manis FTW

So Paddy's Day is upon us - sing Hallelujah, begorrah, begosh. If you're at a loss as to what to do with your lovely talons then I got your back, yo. I've done some of the simplest designs I can think of so there should be something for everyone. 

First up is the patriotic splatter. I got the inspiration for this one from the fabulous Lynnie's splatter tutorial over on the other week. Instead of a straw I used the empty tube of a biro.

First tape up your nails, paint a white base and then use the biro tube (dipped into your polish) as if you're peashooting. This was the most fun to do. Just be sure you use a paper towel underneath to catch any escaping splatter.

Colours: Avon Nailwear Pro+ in Liquorice, Seche White and Barry M Gold Foil.
Next up is probably the easiest of the lot. A few scoops, anyone? If you're at a loss for green polish or reluctant to buy it just for the day that's in it then this is the mani for you. Black with white tips is really effective and the harp, of course, is the optional extra. I used a tootpick to draw the harp in gold and it doesn't have to be too precise (thankfully).

Colours: Avon Nailwear Pro + in Sea Breeze with a coating of MAC glitter in Crystallized Lime 

This is another simple one that gives a great effect. The ever generous Mags over on Emerald Eyeliner kindly donated this MAC glitter through the week. It's the poifect Paddy's Day colour and just goes to show that you don't need green polish for a sparkly look.

Paint your nails in your base coat and over a folded page, tip the glitter onto your wet nails. Use a brush to get rid of the excess and a high shine topcpat to seal the glitter in place. The remaining glitter can be funnelled back into your pot from the folded paper.

Coulours: Revlon Gold Coin and China Glaze, Emerald Sparkle

& finally, another easy squeezey look, which is probably the most subtle of the lot. Revlon's Gold Coin is a beautifully vibrant gold (sent to me in a swap by the gawgus and ridiculously talented Lorraine). I used a hair clip to place three dots on each nail and a toothpick to etch the stems. Et voila, Paddy's Day loveliness.

Of course if you're short on time or confidence in your naily abilities, you always have the option of painting each nail alternating green, white & gold for a quick look.

There should be something there for everyone or if you've done your own versions I'd genuinely love to see 'em.

Happy Paddy's Day, everyone. Have a great weekend!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

New Avon Nailwear Pro+ - Reformulated and Fab

Behold, the newly formulated Nailwear Pro+ from Avon. Aren't they purrty?

I had the great pleasure to toddle along and meet Avon's celebrity Make-Up Artist, Jackie Tyson, yesterday evening to have the chats about what's new with this reformulation and the new Avon Super Extend Extreme mascara (more on that later). First up, the lady sure knows her beauty, secondly, she's probably the friendliest and most down to earth celebrity anything, I've ever had the good fortune to meet. 

Cookehs!! The cutest cookies IN the world were in attendance too. 

Back to the polish! Due to launch through Avon catalogues and online  in May for €8 each, these are the first twelve shades (& 1 clear) of the Nailwear Pro+ line. Containing real diamond dust (!), calcium and keratin, the improved formulation is said to increase nail strength by up to 80% and to seal and protect your nails for up to 12 days of gorgeousness. 

The delightful mani I received. Love! 
You'll remember in the Smoke and Mirrors post I was taken aback at the quality of the Apricot Mystery polish, well, I'm happy to report that this lovely little lot are, in fact, better again. Fancy a goo at the swatches? Yeah you do...

Expect to see a lot more of this collection popping up in my nail posts in future, there are some genuinely scrumptious shades and range enough to bring you right through the seasons.  If that wasn't enough, there'll be several new shades added to the range throughout 2012. 

So what say you? Loving the look of any of the colours? If you'd like a closer look at a particular polish just lemme know, ja?

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Limited Edition Kiehl's Creme de Corps Launch

I was delighted to be invited along to the launch of this limited edition Creme de Corps in one of my beauty meccas, Kiehl's, in Dublin City last night. There was wall to wall beauty, in every sense of the word to spread the good word about this collaboration.

This isn't the first time that the cult favourite, Creme de Corps, have released limited edition labels in association with celebrities or charities to fund raise and knowing the ethos behind Kiehl's it certainly won't be the last. (I have an almost loved to death bottle from the Florence Welsh LE version that raised funds for Teenage Cancer Trust).

Some snaps from the night

This time round it's Pearl & Daisy Lowe that have designed the label and lent their names in aid of Temple Street Children's Hospital and there couldn't be a worthier cause. You only need to search 'Kiehl's' on this little old blog to see the depth of my grá for them and Creme de Corps, my HG body cream. It's the only spendy (€53) product that I would and do gladly repurchase time after time.

Every bottle sold will donate €2.50 + VAT to Temple Street, which is fantastic, but if I'm completely honest? I would have liked to see a 100% donation as was the case with The Jeff Koons Family Institute LE offering or likewise with the Florence & the Machine version. 

Either way, this is a fabulous cause and one that's close to my heart (My very own 14 year old Evil Kenevil has spent more time than I care to remember being looked after by the trojan workers in Temple St). 

If you're looking for a body cream with a bit of oomph that could literally change a life, yours included, then get your good self into Kiehl's to pick one of these lovelies up (Psst, they ROCK at samples too) 

Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday's Moments - 12/03

Morning, lovelies, we're almost halfway through March and trundling toward a Bank Holiday weekend - Hoo ah!!

1. Are you for Serious?!

Last Monday afternoon I received the most wonderful email, well I received scores of them but the first, the catalyst, was a mail from It's one of the foremost social networking sites for bloggers and readers, with a potential reach in the millions and they were congratulating me on being their featured blogger. Me.  

Hold the actual phone, little 'ol moi? I've only been at this schizz a matter of months. What followed was an inbox almost filled with congratulations and friend requests from some of the loveliest bloggers in the world, literally. Over 1,000 additional unique views that day and escalated views every day since. I'm hugely honoured and even more chuffed at the mention. Go me, yeah! (You'll have to imagine the Team America air grab there)

2. Ooh Choon, Choon, CHOON!


My journey to where I need to be in the morning for the past couple of weeks takes about 30 minutes. The difficulty with listening to morning radio shows, though, is that some of them play next to no music but try so hard to be funny that it makes me want to punch myself in the face - if that wouldn't alert passing motorists I'm not sure what would. 

Erring on the side of caution on Wednesday, I chose a channel I never normally would. Now, a catchy ditty coming on when the sun is shining and life is good is great an' all but two songs? three songs? - try every feckin' song from my house to the destination. Early morning good mood agogo!

3. Chokage!

I like to laugh. A lot. We know this, right? Well this vidjo, ladies and gents has had me in absolute fits the entire week. I saw the gif on Reddit a couple of weeks back but had no notion that there was actual footage of this awesomeness. I must have watched it 6789506 times. It's got to the stage that I don't even need to watch it, just the thought of it makes me chuckle. 

Is your Monday high on the crap scale so far? Give it a click there and be amazed at the zebra shuffling skillz. 

4. Mozzarella Palace

My time spent watching Marty the zebra there wasn't an entire waste though. On Saturday night I got to put my own mad skillz to the test as I went ag dámhsa with the gorgeous sisters Karen & Joanne. Lun.A.Tics!!

We had an absolute ball, laughed for the entire night and danced our little hooves off (Cicaplast to the burning ball rescue once more!). The club was cheesy, it was heaven. There was great company. It was Cheaven. 

5.  Meet & Greet

Final moment for today is a very surprising, unexpected but cockle warming meet and greet. I shared a link for free cinema tickets on my Facebook page last week for Contraband, it's actually the first screening I've been to that was full to capacity. Crammed in like sardines. Sardines at the pictures. 

That's what makes this last moment all the more surprising. As I was leaving I was chatting to a pal who had used the link to score tickets but I got a tap on the shoulder from the friendliest stranger I've yet to encounter. Turns out she recognised me from my blog picture and also managed to grab free tickets so wanted to Thank me and let me know how much she enjoys reading the blog. Made my night! Sinéad, if you're reading, Hi! *waves*, I do hope the interview went well :)

Et voilà, the five moments from my week that make Monday all the more bearable pour moi. Et toi? Care to share?