Sunday, June 30, 2013

Cherry Pick of the Week - Dizzee Rascal ft Robbie Williams: Goin' Crazy

Ahhoooo, Cherry Pick of the Week is back and this week the nod is going to Dizzee himself with a little help from Robbie. 

Goin' Crazy is pretty much a dead cert to be populating our air waves in the next fortnight - that's if it can get off the constant loop it's playing in my noggin!

Tell me, which choon is driving you loco this week then? 

Friday, June 28, 2013

Monsters University - Movie Review

Who's in it?

What's it about?

Monsters University is the prequel to (my personal favourite Pixar film) Monsters Inc., and it follows Mike, Sully and a host of new monsters (including a young Randall Boggs) work their way through college, or attempt to anyway. 

The winds of change certainly treated Randall well...

Mam had told me that before the film there would be a new short film, as Pixar are known to do, and this time it was The Blue Umbrella. It was a story about a blue umbrella among a sea of grey umbrellas and how he spots a bright red umbrella among the grey. This short film has to be my one of my favourites of all Pixar's short films, it opened with the sound of raindrops on different surfaces that came to form a really sweet song, the best part of the short film for me. It was a really sweet story to go with the song and the animation was absolutely incredible, the littlest things on the screen would suddenly form a face, and it was overall a brilliant opening to the feature film.

This picture doesn't do the animation justice at all

Any Good?

This is tied to Monsters Inc., so it was my immediate reaction to think 'this will be AWESOME' and I was delighted to see I was completely right. Watching this movie it struck me that the jokes in this would go over kids heads, this isn't so much as a children's film in terms of jokes, but more for people who grew up around Monsters Inc., which would include me and also the beautiful Grandmomma Cherry (who accompanied me to this showing) who would have watched it with me as a child. Said jokes weren't in your face adult, but very subtle to the point I wouldn't be surprised if Sully or Mike had turned around and winked down the camera and this really was a pleasure in terms of this film.


In terms of general animated films of late, this would be a masterpiece but following the actual masterpiece that was Monsters Inc. it just wasn't on the same playing field. It was without a doubt hilarious, but the story just didn't stand up to it's predecessor. The writing was in itself excellent, on par with the likes of Studio Ghibli anime movies (which I HIGHLY recommend), but very typical in the way of most college films go. As it reached the end the film did take after the original, that is until the climax, which was fantastic and the most original turn in any film (animated generally but also includes most films out today) I have seen in a good while. 

Doooood it's about, like, our lives!!

The opening of the film follows Mike as he grows up, and continues to follow him for a short while longer until Sully in introduced as the typical college jock winking at the teachers and doing nothing in class. Now Billy Crystal did a great job voicing Mike as he did before, but for me more Mike Wazowski wasn't necessarily a good thing. John Goodman (another of my favourite actors) was absolutely brilliant, being able to switch the tone of his voice to match the situation or Sully's expression perfectly. For me anyone else would have just held Sully as the jock that everyone loved but the audience was supposed to hate, but Goodman really did shine as the Sully who would be the jock that everyone was supposed to dislike but they just couldn't. While Crystal and Goodman were stars in their own right, for me it was the supporting cast that really stole the show. The students of Oozma Kappa were truly fantastic, every one of them playing their part to a tee and Charlie Day(of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia fame)'s Art was the best of all. He was reminiscent of  Kimmy Jin (the quiet one with the weird outbursts) in Pitch Perfect, but he talked a good bit more and everything he said was hilarious. And of course, Helen Mirren was excellent as Dean Hardscrabble, but in all fairness this is Helen Mirren so that would go without saying anyway.

I wanna touch it..

Overall this film is truly a fantastic movie in its own right, but falls just short of it's predecessor in terms of story. I definitely recommend it, if you have kids that want to see it, liked the original, or just want a good laugh with a really well written story then this film is perfect for you. I absolutely loved it, and the 3D is good enough to stand out even to me who is pretty much blind at 2 feet, much less in the very back row of a huge cinema. It even had Nan Cherry awake for the entire time, and when a movie can do that you know that it's something special. While I didn't find it as good as the original, I adored it and I can bet anyone who goes to see it will agree with me that it really was excellent in every aspect even if the story does take a little bit to become the style you're used to from the original. The animation blew me away, the opening scene on the bus looked like it was monsters actually CGI'd onto a real bus and it kept a constant standard all through the movie. And even if I didn't like the focus he got at the start, I can't help but love Mike throughout the film, ESPECIALLY baby Mike, he's unbelievably adorable!!

I can't believe it.. I was on a review!!

Now even though I found the story to be weaker than the original, I adored Monsters University and it is worth every penny you would spend going to see it, even if you just stayed for The Blue Umbrella you would get your money's worth. I can't recommend this enough, you just have to go see it for yourself to get what I mean when I say how well it is done, I know I'll be dragging Mama Cherry to see it with me again and maybe once more, as it really is that good.

I loved the original Monsters Inc., and like I said, Monsters University is for those who grew up or were around for the original as it features more adult aimed jokes but still will be loved by children, just look at the AWESOME Adventure Time (which Mother Cherry LOVES) for an example of a children's show that would be great for adults too with their jokes that are geared towards said adults that would be watching too. A well written, hilarious, for all ages film that falls just short of perfect, it may become a classic and I wouldn't argue that at all.


Tell us what you made of Monsters University in the comments or on Twitter if you've seen it, I'd love to hear what you thought of it,
The (sigh..) Eldest Gorgebag

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Global Smurfs Day 2013 - Smurf Log of an Irish Ambassador: Day Two!

Welcome back for Smurf Log Day Two! It was an early start on Global Smurfs Day with the alarm going off at 5.30am! The breakfast room was almost empty when I arrived so I can only imagine there was a blue uprising from 4am onward. 

Once brekkie had been scarfed it was time to get BLUE!

We're Blue dah dah dee dah dah dah!!

From every nook and cranny Smurfs emerged and I began to feel slightly less silly and really got into the swing of things. 

We assembled outside to meet the press (LOTS OF PRESS) and meet Peyo's daughter, granddaughter and the movies producer to be awarded with a certificate for representing each of our countries. 

Being 170 smurfs strong we were divided into teams - The Irish contingent were Team Vanity (How Apt?!)
When everyone had gotten their assigned teams it was onto 4 coaches and toward the train station with us, the atmosphere was fantastic!

Papa Smurf, Smurfette and several other assorted Smurfs were at the station to wave us off on the specially commissioned high speed (1.5 hours) train to Paris. 

As you can see from the photos, we did our own re-inaction of that famous Samuel L Jackson movie - Smurfs on a Train. 

As soon as we arrived at Gare du Nord it was on to three open top buses and a bajillion circles around Parisian streets en route to the Eiffel Tower reception. 

During this Griswald-esque journey I learned two things 1. Blue face paint is not waterproof and 2. No matter how crappy your French day is going, it's impossible not to laugh and wave at a bus load of Smurfs. Good times. 

After being treated to an overwhelming reception at the Eiffel Tower, including (what felt like) 67 Flash Mob routines, we were off marching up the Trocadero for a further 67 thousand photos and puzzled looks. We were in it together. 

All back onto the buses after roughly 2 hours and it was off to Notre Dame to bewilder several thousand more Parisians and tourists. 

It has to be mentioned that there were some serious, I mean SERIOUS fans of the Smurfs on our trip. They collected every shred of Smurf related paraphernalia as we went, including train dust covers, peoples' lunch boxes and BAGS of sweeties and drinks - basically everything that was blue & wasn't nailed down. It. Were. Lunacy! 

I've never been happier to see a hotel in my entire life!!
Once every single photo op had been taken, we headed off back to our hotel (this was 13 hours after we'd set out) and thought it a rather cruel joke that we had to circle the Arc de Triomphe FIVE TIMES before setting down. (Look, kids, it's Big Ben!)

The hotel was fabulous though, the nicest bath I've ever had and as soon as I finished filming the last of the sizzle reels for Sony we were treated to a blue extravaganza for eats! Anything we wanted was provided including all the blue cocktails you could stomach but having had a relentless day of Smurfing about I was pooped and headed to bed early (In Paris, I KNOW!!)

All in all I can safely say the Ambassador experience was nothing like I've ever endured  enjoyed before. Sony were right on the ball at every turn and I can only imagine the final footage will knock our socks off. 

In truth I would have preferred to bring a companion along, just as every other country did (some brought entire families) just to share the trials, tribulations and craic that was crammed into our two days of mania. A little heads up about the €100 tab on each of my hotel rooms while there would have been nice too (Extortionate Toblerone, we could have been great together!)

I did however spend Sunday on the Champs Elysee and several hours in Sephora, which kinda made up for it a little. I'll totally be showing you my stash from there very soon!

Global Smurfs Day though? Would I do it again? 

Can you spot the Irish flag? 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Global Smurfs Day 2013 - Smurf Log of an Irish Ambassador: Day One!

Well I'm back, still slightly tinged with blue but I'm in one piece. For those of you that didn't know, I was chosen by Sony as the Irish Ambassador for Global Smurfs Day in Brussels and Paris this weekend and boy did they pack a lot in. 

I managed to take a bajillion photos as I had little or no coverage on the ground, it was like I had lost a blue limb! Wanna see some of 'em? 

Day One was an early start with a 6am flight to Brussels. I was travelling with Alison from Presence PR and Michelle from the Daily Mail. After a passport debacle and a check in catastrophe we were away and landed in great time.

We were some of the first to arrive because of the crack of dawn flight but it slowly dawned on me as coach loads of guests arrived from all over the world that this truly was a global endeavor. There were ambassadors from 40 countries, most arriving with friends and family (le sigh) and by the time we'd all checked in our Smurf army was 170 people strong!

Once I'd checked into my room (Alllll byyy myyysellllf) I found some pretty excellent Smurfy bits awaiting me, including the brand new Sony Xperia Z smartphone (my iphone's since been retired) , a Sony Cyber Shot camera (a pressie for the Sis as she missed out on the trip) and everything a smurf could possibly need to navigate this global holiday across two cities. 

I spent about an hour filming snippets with the Sony crew to show the background of the first day in Brussels, which I'll link when live but then I was free as a bird to explore the city a little, visit some serious chocolatiers and despite being left on my ownio for the day I was joined by the girls that night for one or two sociables. 

It's safe to say that the Belgian chocolates are only matched by the Belgian beer. Leffe (mmm clovey!), Trappistes Rochefort (15% proof & Buckfasty) and Delerium Tremens (famous Belgian strong pale ale) were all sampled - well, I was the Irish Ambassador and they were gooood! 

We were in bed by sensible o'clock to ready ourselves for a 5.30am start and the madness that was to be Global Smurfs Day! 

Tune in tomorrow for a seriously bumper post on exactly what goes on behind the scenes for a smurfy trip like this, oui? 

Did you see any coverage of the day? Or were you involved in the celebrations here? I'd love to know. 

Friday, June 21, 2013

This is the End - A 'Gorebag' Movie Review

(Another teenage Gorgebag REVIEW!)

Who's in it?


What's it about?

This is the End opens by following Jay Baruchel's trip to LA to his bestest bro Seth Rogan's new place. After they go to James Franco's house for a party, Jay decides he needs to go to the store after feeling left out by seeing Franco and Rogan's super-bromance, and it's here where the film goes CRAZY. Big effects and big cameos follow their return to James's house, which all leads to the six hilarious actors above being stuck together in the house. 

Any Good?

I first seen the trailer after watching the 'Pineapple Express 2' trailer and nearly lost it, I got so excited over so little for some reason but I just knew it had to be good. After Mother Cherry received tickets to see it I was delighted, even more so her raison d'etre (who is AWESOME) would be coming with me to see it, so I wouldn't have to try not to laugh (it nearly killed me sitting beside her watching Ted during his job interview). It starts with a couple laughs, but it's not till they reach the party the laughs really start. The celebrities were great, my favourite had to be Michael Cera ditching his George-Michael/Scott Pilgrim style acting to be an over-cocky douche which was great due to just how odd it was. 

I was a cocky douche?..

Emma Watson made a fantastic cameo as well, but the best part about it was Danny McBride's deadpan 'Hermione stole our shit' in his personal vlog. The funniest of the lot of the actors had to be both McBride and Craig Robinson, McBride being as crude and hysterical as ever and Robinson being the scared and overly dramatic one of the lot.

Jonah Hill was the sweetheart, which led to the funniest parts of the whole film (which you need to see for yourself, no way I'm spoiling them for anyone). While watching it I was annoyed by Jay Baruchel, he was a self centered douchebag but it took me a couple minutes to realise he was playing for that and that made him absolutely fantastic, surprisingly good for a comedy where the actors play themselves.

What is with this guy calling people douches?

While I did find This is the End entertaining, I didn't find it as good as every reviewer seems to be lately. Sure it had it's moments, and those moments were really, really funny, but there just wasn't enough of them for me to see it how all the critics find it absolutely hilarious. That being said, it does incorporate religion into the story and it makes it funny while still being good, which, from past movies, seems to be a slippery slope to blatant bible-bashing if over done (looking at you The Invention of Lying!!!). Now, I'm in no way religious but compared to the aforementioned film I found the bible themes funny as they weren't just for internet atheists who spend time badmouthing religion (sorry Ricky Gervais, I still love most of your other stuff!!), and it was this that made the film good for me, it was crude, loud, and a great film for seeing with friends if you're a bunch of lads or a group of ladies. 

It's things like this Ricky dammit!!

Overall, This is the End is a great film to go to see just for laughs, even with it's less than hilarious jokes and parts. The effects were fantastic, even up close the CGI was really well done and the script itself was funny, and when things went right they went RIGHT, I'm still laughing at the bed arrangement scene. My advice for this movie is go with friends NOT family if you're under 18, that could just lead to dodgy side glances while you're laughing at some of the Danny McBride jokes. I've always wondered how a movie with actors just being themselves would be, and if this is anything to go by it can be something really special even with jokes that try too hard. 

And specially for any out there who wonder what a gor(e)bag actually is (this is where playing games and watching movies for hours on end helped me), this is him..

She jabs him with her stigahh, and he goes as limp as a boneeefish
Yep, thanks Mam.

(You're a 'Gorgebag' & you know it! - Mam x)

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Things That Rustle My Jimmies

Good morning, Thursday, or Friday Eve as I like to refer to you. I had thought that we'd make it to today with minimal rustling but nope - that hasn't happened. 

On the bright side, this little series has turned into a spot of catharsis for the community at large and has been proven to reduce feelings of stabbiness and urges to maim. 

Your welcome, World. 

1. 'I know you said this doesn't fit your blogs tone but could you post it anyway?' x 3!!

 photo tumblr_inline_mhvjzhv6LH1qz4rgp_zps4bed8e2d.gif

2. Cars pulling up bumper to bumper in traffic when you're trying to find a gap to cross the road.

 photo tumblr_m2wi7hoPhh1rn86vk_zps2896f8a2.gif

3. Complaining how tough your life is when you live at home & your parents pay all your bills.

 photo tumblr_m7ld4goncC1qmoxb9_zpsd262fde8.gif

4. 'How is your blog so popular?' 
(asked in all seriousness)

 photo tumblr_inline_moi9fncQBt1qz4rgp_zps71dafedd.gif

5. Obviously sponsored posts not labelled as sponsored posts!

 photo tumblr_inline_mo6z34Dg1x1qz4rgp_zps56ff2cdc.gif

Wheeeweee, that feels gooood!

Come share in the catharsis and tell me,

What's rustled your Jimmies this week? 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Gorgeous Gradual Bronzers ft Xen Tan Transform Luxe, Cocoa Brown Night & Day and Dove Summer Glow

We had a look this morning at Brilliant Instant Bronzers but sometimes, just sometimes I'm ahead of the game and actually plan my tanning. Three of the most reliable, olive toned, non oompa loopa favourites of mine have to be Xen Tan, Cocoa Brown and Dove. 

Fancy a closer goo? 

Xen Tan Transform Luxe: €23.69
I've been a very loyal fan of Xen Tan for years now, mentioning it here in my Unsung Heroes post . I go through phases of using this olive toned tanner and 
when I stop using it I always wonder why. 

The most unfaketan like scented fake tan there is on the market, I actually enjoy the smell of this one. Directions say to leave for 3 hours before showering but my regular routine is to apply a pea sized amount after cleansing at night and walking up as if I've been prone under a sun bed for the night. 

Truly gorgeous, Xen Tan is one of my Holy Grail products and I can't envision a time that I won't have 1/2 tubes about the place.  

Cocoa Brown Night & Day: €9.99 or €7.99 in Penney's!
The brain child of the uber glam Marissa Carter, you'll recognize Cocoa Brown tan from 'OH EVERYWHERE!' of late - that's not for nothing. This product could actually have made it into this morning's Instant Glow post as I've used it and trotted out the door without worry too. 

Made with vegetable derived DHAs and without parabens, Night & Day is suitable for all skin types including sensitive skins. The Tahitian Gardenia scent too is a welcome break from 
the usual digestive biscuit affair we're subjected to. 

My normal routine is to apply this moussey lovely and leave it for about three hours before showering but when I dry myself off I apply it again and I'm a bronzed goddess (YES, I AM!) for at least 4/5 days once I moisturise. Can't recommend this one enough. 

Dove Summer Glow: €6.49 (Boots & Supermarkets)
Billed as the UKs number one gradual tanner, the first iterations of Dove Summer Glow 
were some of my earliest dalliances with gradual tanners as they were so affordable.

It's refreshing to see that at €6.49, that's still the case and the formulation 
has only improved. 

I use this pleasantly scented, thick moisturising cream for at least 2/3 days to build up my preferred result and that tends to last me the guts of a week without reapplication. 

The resulting bronze is even, doesn't go streaky or patchy and seems to nourish my skin beautifully. (One word of warning is your hairline though, there are orange tendencies if you're not very careful) For affordability and ease of use, Dove is certainly a contender 
for the top prize. 

Do remember if you're using a gradual tanner that exfoliation in the lead up days is essential and never moisturise before use. But gentle scrubbing while wearing them and drenching your skin with moisturiser on the days you're sporting your tan will actually elongate it's bronzey life. 

Tell Moi, are you a gradual tan fan? 

Brilliant Instant Bronzers ft He-Shi Luminous Shimmer, Clarins Splendours Shimmer Body Oil & Pixy Glowing Body Butter

I'm all for beauty on the run, because I'm mostly on the run but what with us knowing now what we do about harmful UV rays, bronzing on the run is also an essential part of my readying up for a night out or just in the quest to appear less dead. 

Three of my ultimate instant bronzers have to be He - Shi Luminous Shimmer, Clarins new Splendours Shimmer Body Oil and Pixy's Glowing Body Butter. Read on to find out for why: 

He-Shi Luminous Tanner: €12.50
The winner of the Image 2013 Best for Shimmer Beauty Award, He-Shi's Quick & Easy Luminous Shimmer is exactly that. Quick, easy and shimmery. 

This deep mahogany brown gel, crammed full of gold and rose gold shimmer was a little off putting with it's stunning shimmery ways in the tub but the effect on the skin is instant, light catching, bronzed gorgeousness. 

With the staying ability of bronzers three times its price, apply this beauty with a mitt to your decolletage, and arms for an instant, lasting sun kiss. 

Clarins Splendours Body Oil: €37 (Limited Edition)
This limited edition super sparkly body oil is probably the least oiliest oil you can find. It applies like a dream, scented like holidays and it's infusion of golden micro particles blend seamlessly with your skin to give you a subtle, summery shimmer. 

Hazelnut oil nourishes your skin beautifully and the scents of mandarin, grapefruit, Tonka bean and ylang ylang work to give this oil it's stunning scent.
As with all things Clarins, Splendours oil is a little bit of luxury for a reasonable price. This is the one I've been reaching for most of the instant bronzing helpers so I'd advise if you'd like to sample it that you hot foot it to your nearest Clarins counter before it goes bye-bye. 

Pixy Glowing Body Butter: €12.99
You'd be mistaken for thinking you'd been duped when first reaching for Pixy's Glowing Body Butter. The whipped up bronzing souffle inside is light as air and smells incredible

Crammed to the brim with Shea butter, cocoa butter, sweet apricot oil, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, vitamin E, fragranced with jasmine and laced with mica to give your skin an instant shimmer, this is the most nourishing of the three when it comes to getting your glow on. 

Such is my grá for this little whipped pot of wonder that it made it into my May faves with ease. 

And that's them, my top three for getting your instant glow on. 

Have you tried any/all of these? I'd love to know what you use when bronzing on the run. 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Mud Wrestling: 3 Clay Masks Tried,Tested & Compared ft Voya, Skinician & Glam Glow

Being an avid beauty junkie it's very natural that I can get caught up in obsession with certain products or treatments. More often than not it's make up, lip gloss or nail polish but this past couple of months it's been clay face masks. 

Thankfully for this new obsesh there happens to have been a couple of press launches of late that have allowed me to test out some of the best. Behold, beauty lovers, Voya's Get Glowing, Skinician's Purifying Mask and Glam Glow's Tingling and Exfoliating Mud Mask. 

Voya's Get Glowing Illuminating Clay Mask: €38
I'm a big lover of home grown products and the organic, sea weed based brand, Voya is right up the top of that list. Their newest beauty offering, the Illuminating Clay Mask is over 70% organic and made from hand harvested seaweed. 

The scent of clay is infused with rosemary and patchouli and of course seaweed. This mask never fully hardens, instead it feels as though your skin drinks in it's organic goodness and after ten minutes washes off to leave a seriously luminous visage. (The ideal mud mask to answer the door in and not risk inadvertent heart attacks)

While my pores were sparkling and skin brighter than before, a word of warning for sensitive skinned ladies here: I had a brief slight reaction (read lobster chops) so I'd recommend a patch test first should you be considering this for easily agitated faces. 

Skinician Purifying Mask: €27
Skinician, the new skincare range from the makers of He-Shi is showing serious promise so far. The Purifying mask is just the first product I've trialed and I'm genuinely impressed. 

Designed to balance sebum production, tighten pores and reduce fine lines, this one would be my recommendation for the oilier ladies amongst us. With green clay, shea butter and Japanese seaweed, this is one of the most moisturising clay masks I've used. 

Again the Purifying Mask didn't set on the skin as most clay masks tend to. It's a creamy, smooth texture that leaves a slight tingle on washing off but the difference on my schnozz pores was definitely notable and has meant that I'm not reaching for primer as often when using it. Very handy. 

Glam Glow Tingling & Exfoliating Mud Mask: €40 for (.5floz!)
Much like it's Super descendant Glam Glow Super Mud that I reviewed here  Glam Glow Tingling & Exfoliating was designed to be a 10 minute wonder mask for the Hollywood elite before they faced the cameras. 

Designed and suitable for all skin types, Glam Glow is the grittiest of the three, with actual pieces of green tea leaf visible in the mud. This mask dries solid, leaving you with limited gurning abilities and limitless scaring possibilities for the ten minutes it's in situ. (I had the kitten terrified) (That could have been the jumping out with jazz hands). 

Made with volcanic rock, French sea clay and active green tea leaf, you'll get the biggest bang for your buck with this little black pot. The brightening and tightening results are much more exaggerated and if it weren't for Glam Glow Super Mud, this would be the pinnacle of my current clay mask stash. 

All masks are available now online and the links in the photo captions are the cheapest I could find them at the time of publishing, though do please let me know if you've seen 'em cheaper and I'll amend. 

Are you a clay mask lover? Are there any others I should be casting my beady eye over? 

Monday, June 17, 2013

The Irish Blog Awards are Back!

Can you believe it's been a year since the Irish Blog Awards 2012? I certainly can't! I was a judge last year and the quality of the nominations and eventual winners was phenomenal! 

Well this year I'm going to do something a little bit outside my comfort zone (that makes me a little shaky) and ask that, if you enjoy this little corner of the interweb, that you might consider nominating moi? 

I've already made my nominations on this page and it couldn't be easier! 

If you do feel like being a blahhdy legend today then here's the info you'll need: 


Name of Blog: CherrySue Doin' the Do

Of course if you're looking for further inspiration you can look to your right at 'Blogs I be Lovin' and consider showing those ladies some love too. 

I'll finish by saying regardless of nominations and awards I've been absolutely blown away by the support from lovely readers and bloggers alike and I honestly consider myself hugely lucky that people like to read what I love to ramble about.

Thank you very kindly.