Monday, June 17, 2013

Monday's Moments: 17/06/13

Morning, All, is it just me or did that weekend whizz by? We mightn't have had the glorious sun from last week but we did have gorgeous sunny spells and that'll do me A-OK. 

How about some Moments to chase away the Monday blues and ease us into this week then, hmm? 

1. Forest Fairies FTW

It's been quite a while since I've found sheckles but while out on my lunchtime walkies this week, what did I find? 

The park was abandoned so I can only assume the Forest Fairies left this for Moi. At first I thought it was a Boots voucher. Then I turned it INTO a Boots voucher. (& surprise Subway for the lads). 

2. New Weekend Plans! 

It was going to be another weekend of tidying le shack and catching up with blogs and videos until I got a phone call from FM104. Apparently everyone that had texted in that week was entered into a VIP Taste of Dublin draw and yours truly came out top! 

The Sis & I were treated to dinner in ely (ehm not recommended :(), a night in the Camden Court hotel, VIP tickets to Taste of Dublin and passes into the G.H.Mumm tent where the cocktails were flowing. 
It. Were. Awesome. 

3. Guess Who's Back.. back again.. 
Kirstie's back..Tell a friend! 

It was with HUGE delight that I arrived home after a manic few days to realise that the long awaited had officially launched. Not only is the site beautiful to look at and a cinch to navigate but it's already chock full of fabuloso content and ridiculously good comps.  

The brains behind this inevitable internet sensation is Kirstie McDermott of fame. There's no doubting her interwebz Midas touch but that's 100% down to hard work, determination and a cracking personality. 

If it weren't for this lady, her inspiring work and her generosity of time & advice I'd never have started CherrySue in the first place so do please pop across and show her some love before Frillseeker goes stratospheric, ja? 

4. New Baby!

We had some fabulous news this week from across the water. Our eldest Broseph and his be-a-utiful wife are to welcome a little Evil Kenevil into their Evil Kenevil fold. 

He/She will be their long awaited first and I couldn't be any more thrilled for them but if that Baba doesn't come out with a helmet already strapped on I'll be shocked. 

Congrats, you loons! <3

5. A Smurftastic Adventure

I've been sitting on this little nugget of info for quite some time but this being the last Monday's Moments before the off I thought I'd share: 

I've been chosen by Sony Picutes to represent the our masses this weekend in Europe (Brussels and Paris) as the Irish Ambassador amidst Ambassadors from the world over! I couldn't be more exited for the off on Friday so do keep an eye on both the Instagram account and the Twitter machine and I'll be sure to share all the Smurfy fun as it happens. 


So c'mom, what's chasing your Monday Blues away? I'd love to hear! 


Kirstie said...

Aww Sue thank you, I am thrilled! This means a huge amount to me and I really appreciate it!

Chloe said...

Massive congrats on becoming an Ambassador! Hope you have an absolute ball :)

Anonymous said...

arrrrrrrrrrrrrr brilliant news all round! congrats chung wan xxx

Leanne Cornelius said...

So much good luck & good news all at once hey! Well done. x

Rob Jordan said...

We've confirmed a little boy too! I'll be buying his first lid and leathers soon!