Friday, June 21, 2013

This is the End - A 'Gorebag' Movie Review

(Another teenage Gorgebag REVIEW!)

Who's in it?


What's it about?

This is the End opens by following Jay Baruchel's trip to LA to his bestest bro Seth Rogan's new place. After they go to James Franco's house for a party, Jay decides he needs to go to the store after feeling left out by seeing Franco and Rogan's super-bromance, and it's here where the film goes CRAZY. Big effects and big cameos follow their return to James's house, which all leads to the six hilarious actors above being stuck together in the house. 

Any Good?

I first seen the trailer after watching the 'Pineapple Express 2' trailer and nearly lost it, I got so excited over so little for some reason but I just knew it had to be good. After Mother Cherry received tickets to see it I was delighted, even more so her raison d'etre (who is AWESOME) would be coming with me to see it, so I wouldn't have to try not to laugh (it nearly killed me sitting beside her watching Ted during his job interview). It starts with a couple laughs, but it's not till they reach the party the laughs really start. The celebrities were great, my favourite had to be Michael Cera ditching his George-Michael/Scott Pilgrim style acting to be an over-cocky douche which was great due to just how odd it was. 

I was a cocky douche?..

Emma Watson made a fantastic cameo as well, but the best part about it was Danny McBride's deadpan 'Hermione stole our shit' in his personal vlog. The funniest of the lot of the actors had to be both McBride and Craig Robinson, McBride being as crude and hysterical as ever and Robinson being the scared and overly dramatic one of the lot.

Jonah Hill was the sweetheart, which led to the funniest parts of the whole film (which you need to see for yourself, no way I'm spoiling them for anyone). While watching it I was annoyed by Jay Baruchel, he was a self centered douchebag but it took me a couple minutes to realise he was playing for that and that made him absolutely fantastic, surprisingly good for a comedy where the actors play themselves.

What is with this guy calling people douches?

While I did find This is the End entertaining, I didn't find it as good as every reviewer seems to be lately. Sure it had it's moments, and those moments were really, really funny, but there just wasn't enough of them for me to see it how all the critics find it absolutely hilarious. That being said, it does incorporate religion into the story and it makes it funny while still being good, which, from past movies, seems to be a slippery slope to blatant bible-bashing if over done (looking at you The Invention of Lying!!!). Now, I'm in no way religious but compared to the aforementioned film I found the bible themes funny as they weren't just for internet atheists who spend time badmouthing religion (sorry Ricky Gervais, I still love most of your other stuff!!), and it was this that made the film good for me, it was crude, loud, and a great film for seeing with friends if you're a bunch of lads or a group of ladies. 

It's things like this Ricky dammit!!

Overall, This is the End is a great film to go to see just for laughs, even with it's less than hilarious jokes and parts. The effects were fantastic, even up close the CGI was really well done and the script itself was funny, and when things went right they went RIGHT, I'm still laughing at the bed arrangement scene. My advice for this movie is go with friends NOT family if you're under 18, that could just lead to dodgy side glances while you're laughing at some of the Danny McBride jokes. I've always wondered how a movie with actors just being themselves would be, and if this is anything to go by it can be something really special even with jokes that try too hard. 

And specially for any out there who wonder what a gor(e)bag actually is (this is where playing games and watching movies for hours on end helped me), this is him..

She jabs him with her stigahh, and he goes as limp as a boneeefish
Yep, thanks Mam.

(You're a 'Gorgebag' & you know it! - Mam x)


Dan O. said...

Good review Cherry. I couldn't stop laughing a single second during this flick, and I kind of want to see it again, just to see and hear what jokes I may have missed out on the first trip.

S said...

Great review, Mr. Bag! Is it me or does Mother Cherry sound enormously menacing?