Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Global Smurfs Day 2013 - Smurf Log of an Irish Ambassador: Day One!

Well I'm back, still slightly tinged with blue but I'm in one piece. For those of you that didn't know, I was chosen by Sony as the Irish Ambassador for Global Smurfs Day in Brussels and Paris this weekend and boy did they pack a lot in. 

I managed to take a bajillion photos as I had little or no coverage on the ground, it was like I had lost a blue limb! Wanna see some of 'em? 

Day One was an early start with a 6am flight to Brussels. I was travelling with Alison from Presence PR and Michelle from the Daily Mail. After a passport debacle and a check in catastrophe we were away and landed in great time.

We were some of the first to arrive because of the crack of dawn flight but it slowly dawned on me as coach loads of guests arrived from all over the world that this truly was a global endeavor. There were ambassadors from 40 countries, most arriving with friends and family (le sigh) and by the time we'd all checked in our Smurf army was 170 people strong!

Once I'd checked into my room (Alllll byyy myyysellllf) I found some pretty excellent Smurfy bits awaiting me, including the brand new Sony Xperia Z smartphone (my iphone's since been retired) , a Sony Cyber Shot camera (a pressie for the Sis as she missed out on the trip) and everything a smurf could possibly need to navigate this global holiday across two cities. 

I spent about an hour filming snippets with the Sony crew to show the background of the first day in Brussels, which I'll link when live but then I was free as a bird to explore the city a little, visit some serious chocolatiers and despite being left on my ownio for the day I was joined by the girls that night for one or two sociables. 

It's safe to say that the Belgian chocolates are only matched by the Belgian beer. Leffe (mmm clovey!), Trappistes Rochefort (15% proof & Buckfasty) and Delerium Tremens (famous Belgian strong pale ale) were all sampled - well, I was the Irish Ambassador and they were gooood! 

We were in bed by sensible o'clock to ready ourselves for a 5.30am start and the madness that was to be Global Smurfs Day! 

Tune in tomorrow for a seriously bumper post on exactly what goes on behind the scenes for a smurfy trip like this, oui? 

Did you see any coverage of the day? Or were you involved in the celebrations here? I'd love to know. 


S said...

This is gas, I had no idea there was even a thing called Global Smurfs Day!! Congratulations on being chosen as ambassador, I'm sure you did them proud ;-)

Unknown said...

I wanna see you in your finest blue :)