Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Pressies for El Papito: Father's Day Gift Ideas ft Gillette, Armani, Bulldog, Fitflop, Molton Brown & Netflix!

Heads up, lovelies, Daddy's Day is a coming this Sunday and you've got to be prepared. 

Whether your pops is a manly man, preferring to rough it, skincare wise, rather than take a little extra time - I know from experience that if you give that man some daycent product, 
I mean physically place it in his hand and fold his fingers around it, 
not only will he use it but he'll blahhdy love it too. 

I've put together some tried and tested gift ideas that the popster in your life is sure to love. Check it, yo!

1. Bulldog Natural Skincare (starts at €6.79)

We've reviewed the Bulldog Natural Skincare Range here at Casa Cherry extensively. With the Gorgebags now on their second and third bottles of this line. 

Each product is all natural and based on the Bulldog unique blend of 8 essential oils but each also cram in extra ingredients to tackle the job at hand, naturally and effectively. 

2. Acqua Di Gio from Armani (from €51.75)

Designer smellies are always a winner with Dads. If you completely love the scent, it's more than likely that Daddio will too. 

Acqua Di Gio is one of the cleanest, manliest smells I've come across to date, buying the third bottle for my Dad the sales assistant in Boots said 'God, that's GORGEOUS, you won't be able to stay off him with that' - 'Eh I hope I will, it's for my father' - the look on her face will make me chuckle until the day I die. Truly stunning scent. 

3. Molton Brown Sport (from €19: full range €59)

One of Dad's stand out products has to be Molton Brown and he doesn't get many complaints from me as every time I buy him a piece or two the Dundrum store spoil me with deluxe samples. It's totally win/win. 

Their new Sport range starts at €19 and consists of a trio of energising, high-performance products ideally suited to athletes, sportsmen and gym goers and work hard for older Dads on the go too (the madra doesn't walk herself a bajillion times round the park y'know). With deodorising cassia bark, invigorating nutmeg and refreshing lime they're a sure fire manly hit. 

4. Gillette Fusion Pro Glide (€13.99)

The eldest Gorgebag has been trialling the Gillette Fusion Pro Glide for the past several weeks and is in the absolute love with it. 

His face is soft and clean with none of the usual nicks or tears from bating the blade around his face before school. Relatively cheap for a top class and flawless shave every time, 
there's not a Daddio that wouldn't love this. 

5. NetFlix Subscription (€6.99 per month or €83.88 for the year)

Does your Pop love the all things televisual? How about a gift that keeps on giving with a Netflix subscription?

With a wealth of shows including the most recent Arrested Development, imagine the chats ye could have over tea? (Spoiler free of course) 

6. Fitflop for the Mens (€90)

For the health conscious father a pair of men's Fitflops could be just what the Doc ordered. 

Advertised as 'caffeine for the feet', your only concern with these bad boys would be the ladies in the park checking out your Papito's perfectly toned legs & buns as he walks the madra. (BOKE)  

Tell me, have you picked your Pop's gift yet? Anything here to inspire you? 


Caz said...

Netflix subscription! You are a genius! :-D

Sue Jordan said...

Well I don't like to boast *coughs* ;)

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