Thursday, June 20, 2013

Things That Rustle My Jimmies

Good morning, Thursday, or Friday Eve as I like to refer to you. I had thought that we'd make it to today with minimal rustling but nope - that hasn't happened. 

On the bright side, this little series has turned into a spot of catharsis for the community at large and has been proven to reduce feelings of stabbiness and urges to maim. 

Your welcome, World. 

1. 'I know you said this doesn't fit your blogs tone but could you post it anyway?' x 3!!

 photo tumblr_inline_mhvjzhv6LH1qz4rgp_zps4bed8e2d.gif

2. Cars pulling up bumper to bumper in traffic when you're trying to find a gap to cross the road.

 photo tumblr_m2wi7hoPhh1rn86vk_zps2896f8a2.gif

3. Complaining how tough your life is when you live at home & your parents pay all your bills.

 photo tumblr_m7ld4goncC1qmoxb9_zpsd262fde8.gif

4. 'How is your blog so popular?' 
(asked in all seriousness)

 photo tumblr_inline_moi9fncQBt1qz4rgp_zps71dafedd.gif

5. Obviously sponsored posts not labelled as sponsored posts!

 photo tumblr_inline_mo6z34Dg1x1qz4rgp_zps56ff2cdc.gif

Wheeeweee, that feels gooood!

Come share in the catharsis and tell me,

What's rustled your Jimmies this week? 


Unknown said...

Ugh those people who live with their mam at their beckon cal... grrrr!!!

Unknown said...

Another driver from the lane you want to turn to suddenly speed up when you turn on the left/right signal. This is so that you can't go to their lane. Sort of claiming: this lane is MINE!!

Anonymous said...

The non declaration of sponsored posts atm, especially ones I know are paid for (as I've usually been approached too) GRINDS MY FRIGGING GEARS. I know at least 3 bloggers who repeatedly do it. JUST DISCLOSE! GRRRRR.

Great post as per usual m'lady!

Happy Bubble Gal said...

People in the office that make a cuppa and throw their dirty spoon in the sink! Whos gonna wash it? The washing up fairy? it takes TWO SECONDS to rinse a spoon!! grrrr

Lovely Girlie Bits said...

The sponsored post thing gets my absolute goat right now! And even worse when you can tell they've copied and pasted something because for once, all the words are spelled right!

This week my biggest jimmie rustler has been gobshites who don't know how a roundabout works. I've made good use of my beeeeeeeeeep a couple of times this week!

S said...

STUPID PEOPLE. Specifically, One stupid stupid man who could win an award for being stupid. He's doing some work for us at the minute and my husband keeps bringing him in for tea. Oh, sorry, not tea, coffee, because he doesn't like tea unless he has toast, but he doesn't want toast because too much butter is bad for you. Shame you don't feel the same about eating an ENTIRE PACKET OF OREOS that don't belong to you, isn't it? He informed me today that he does not like my decaff. TROT OFF HOME THEN. He has also told me to "watch your son when the baby is born, my lad tried to smother his brother and he put a nappy on his head". My son is 8 years old, and also, I'm fairly sure, knows that a) smothering is bad, and b) knows the difference between a bottom and a head. Also, your child was 2 when your next one was born. Bit of a difference. JUST GO HOME AND DRINK YOUR STUPID CAFFEINATED COFFEE from your "Nexpresto". NEXPRESTO. I WANT TO HIT YOU. Idiot. IDIOT. Utter idiot. I'm mentally slapping the few teeth he has left out of his head. AAaaaaaand breathe.......

Anonymous said...

ahahaahahah DYING laughing at Sharons comments! Lol

Also KUDOS Sue for including Fabio Aureliom former lfc player xx.

Ok, hows this for Jimmie rustling this week.

I seen a tiny chihuahua being run over on saturday; the prick driving the golf just kept going. I stopped, turned on my hazards and went to get out of my car. The bitch behind me decided to overtake, nearly killing me and running over the poor injured dogs head, completely finishing him off.
This was on the tiny main street in Athy. I was extremely upset and there were at least 10 pedestrians that didnt do anything; just watch me, heavily pregnant, try to scoop what was left of the dog into my car to bring to the vets :(
Still not over the shock of it all.

Unknown said...

People using Facebook to bitch about shit on twitter.

Unknown said...

I'm actually horrified, you poor thing- witnessing that must have been just horrific!

laura said...

Cherrysue,can i just say these posts are just fantastic,i always look forward to reading them:) Serious jimmies rustled this week, a best friend who cant come to my hen because shes having dinner with her fella and his mammy for his birthday..people who talk about nothing else other than their children ( i mean i love kids,but its sooo irritating), idiots taking up two to three car park spaces because of being unable to park correctly ..ugh !

Sue Jordan said...


Sue Jordan said...

Soooo annoying!! It's not like you're getting anywhere faster you Douche Canoe!

Sue Jordan said...

Thanks Sera, had a feeling a couple of blogging lovelies would relate xx

Sue Jordan said...

We have a sign in our office that says 'Your Mother doesn't work here, wash your bloody dishes!' x

Sue Jordan said...

Jebus, people thinking their indicators are accessories when it comes to roundabouts? TITS!

Sue Jordan said...

Hahahahahaha Sharon, your comment made me literally LOL in the office.

I laugh WITH you though you understand.

What a bloody pillock he is!

Sue Jordan said...

Ah Rach, I actually got teary reading that. Are you ok? xx

Sue Jordan said...

YES! Own your passive aggressive BS people!!

Sue Jordan said...

Aw Thanks so much Laura, I'm so thrilled that peeps are using it as an outlet. It's so cathartic!

Also, what up 'best friend' FFS?!?

Anonymous said...

yeah grand now but I arrived home in snots and tears and himself couldn't make head nor tail of what I was trying to tell him. It really shook me I must admit and its not many things do. I volunteer for a local animal rescue so I have seen it all so it must be the hormones that just tipped my hysteria over on that day. x