Monday, June 03, 2013

Monday's Moments: 03/06/13

Ah bank holiday Mondays, just about the only Mondays that don't need their blues chasing away - regardless I've compiled some Moments - wanna see 'em? 

1. Hole in ONE!

While on our magical mystery tour (to the Amber Springs in Gorey btw) last week we took some time out to visit the local seaside town of Court Town in the sunshine and ended up in the adventure golf mecca that is Pirate Cove. 

Of course I was winning by a country mile *ahem* but the pinnacle had to be a storming hole in one, I was mid victory moonwalk when himself rocketed his ball in in one go too... HARRUMPH!!

2. Honest Peeps FTW

I have the worst record when it comes to sunnies, either sitting on them, standing on them or losing them pair after pair. That was until my very kindly Sis bought me these stunners as a birthday present 3 years ago. I've minded like a child, until Tuesday. 

While packing up to leave the hotel I realised they were missing and panic struck. Having torn the room and the cases asunder a call to reception was the last resort. 'Why, yes, they were handed in yesterday, we have them here for collection'. THRILLED!

3. Thwarted by Teenagers

The eldest Gorgebag is in the height of Leaving Cert study hell right now so I was happy enough to allow him to blow off some steam and head to a pal's birthday party.. on one condition..

'I'm going to need to speak to the adult at the party please, Aar' - response 'Mam, every one of them is either 18 or 19, they're ALL adults!'. *stunned silence as that realisation sets in* DOGNAMMIT. 

4. Free Gaff

What's better than the Friday before a bank holiday weekend? The ENTIRE office clearing out and leaving me completely alone. That's what's better!

I spent the entire Friday without a sinner at their desks because of a colleague's mother's funeral. 'Absolutely I'll mind the office, pass on my regards' *commences twirling through the aisles* 

5. Beers for Browsing

The Sis and I had the most gorgeous day on Saturday together, shopping, nails, lunching and then off for a night out with Andrew Rudd in his new restaurant. With 4 little ones under 6 it was a badly needed breather for her and some valuable Sister time for both of us. 

That's why when the gorgeous gals in Om Diva offered us a beer while we browsed we didn't hesitate to accept. Fantastic customer service in a beautiful little boutique, it *may* have led to me buying this stunner  but one can't be sure *hic*. 

Tell me, what's chasing away your Monday Blues this week? Hmmm? 


Anonymous said...

Courtown, not Court Town!!

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