Tuesday, June 04, 2013

The José Eber 25mm Curling Wand: Before and After Pics with Video Demo

While trying VERY hard to resist the lure of the Babyliss Perfect Curl as demoed by the hilarious LovelyGirlyBits sisters here  I've been on the search for a cheaper alternative that could turn me into a Curly Sue without emptying my pócas. Cue chance encounter with the José Eber 25mm curling wand this weekend. 

You'll only find José in Arnott's and BTs
The very lovely Lilian, José Ebers shop assistant offered to demonstrate how quickly this curling wand could turn my naturally straight grúaig into a curly wonder (she said 10 minutes max) and the blogger in me leapt at the chance. (Yisser welcome) 

Ehm excuse the spaced out state, ja? 
The Official Low Down on the 25mm Curling Iron:

  • Ceramic heating elements designed for quick heat recovery without sudden increase of heat

  • Hair is heated softly and evenly from inside out, safe curling in a fraction of the time

  • Ceramic technology produces negative ions to seal the cuticles and repel humidity

  • Provides raw infrared rays for superior protection to hair, reducing frizz and making hair soft, shinny and healthier

  • Teflon coated, wipe clean aluminium barrel eliminates residue build-up

  • Teflon also provides a protective barrier between the hair and heated iron, giving more damage control

  • Hair glides easily over Teflon surface, reducing friction and tangling

  • I think I was most impressed with how quickly the hair was curled without any product - no muss, no fuss. Lilian gave me the chance to try a couple of curls myself and as a novice (wearing the heat resistant glove), they still only took me 5 seconds each!

    Don't believe me? Check out this snippet of Lilian working her magic and featuring MY EYE! 

    And the finished result? 

    The final result! 
    I was absolutely chuffed with the results, my hair had more bounce, more volume and seemed brighter without using any product or holding spray to finish. 
    The curls lasted right the way through the evening and I still had a bouncy wave well into the next day AFTER a night on the tiles. 
    Trés impressive. 

    The José Eber 25mm curling iron retails for €160 but is regularly on special for the price of €100 WITH complimentary gifts. 

    Appointments can be made to have your hair done in store before purchase for €25 and can be booked through Arnott's directly on 01 805 0400. 

    Are you a fan of the curly look? 


    Lovely Girlie Bits said...

    Loving the locks bridie! Fanks for the aul shout out :) Curly bops suit you!

    Unknown said...

    the curls really suit you!!

    Audrey- The Nail Affair said...

    Ohh I've always wanted to try this, heard such wonders about it but i've never looked into it. Think I'll invest in it though since my own lil Babyliss is having issues!

    Caz said...

    Wowzers! Lovely soft curls :) I really need to invest in something like this, my Babyliss either melts my hair or I need to use a ton of cheapy hairspray to hold the curls in (Oh the pain of having thick hair!)