Monday, June 10, 2013

Monday's Moments: 10/06/13

What a stunner of a week we've had here in Ireland, weather wise, highs of 
23 degrees and hardly a cloud in the sky. 
I'm pretty much on a constant high from that alone but, as ever, 
there's always time for more positivity of a Monday, right? 

Here lie the five Moments that have topped my week: Enjoy!

1. The Breakfast of Indifferent Champions

This week saw both Gorgebags starting their State exams, one Junior and one Leaving. 

Being the dutiful Momma (I do try) I got up early to get them breakfast and see them off. Did they care? 'God, Mam', 'Chill out Mam', 'You'd swear you were doing the exams, MAM'


2. Myth. BUSTED. 

You may have heard me witter on about lunch time walking and getting back on the fitness track. Well I've pushed it up to over 7k a day and in this recent weather that makes for a pretty schweaty CherrySue (attractive). 

I've always gotten changed in the work shower room and ALWAYS believed the myth that the shower was akin to a North Pole plunge bath - then I tried it. 

Sweet Jebus it's glorious. Perfect pressure and roasty toasty water. No more Mexicanas over the work sink for moi! 

3. When Bloggers Align

The Awesome Key Lime Pie Cocktail from The Exchequer on Emma Fluff's recommendation! 
When 4 blogging peeps be blogging, working and generally awesome at life it takes a lot to find a time when all four are free for chats, eats and drinks. 

The impossible happened last Friday though as I joined Karen of the LovelyGirlieBits, Emma of the Fluffy Fripperies and Sue of all things Bright and Beautifull and we had a blahhdy ball. 

We compared beauty addiction and the behaviors of a typical beauty junkie (every one of us), it was pretty reassuring to have others nod and add in their own tale of mania instead of raise an eyebrow I can tell you. 

I'm also working on the theory that we're actually bit players in an IRL Final Destination plot but you don't even wanna know about that! 

4. The Sunny South East

As if the weather in dear old Dublin wasn't enough, I got a little selfish on Saturday and opted to spend some time in the even Sunnier South East with my bestie in Wexford. 

You could be anywhere in the world with weather like that and chats and laughs around the BBQ really do the soul some good. (I reckon Daisy up there, giving us the evils,  knew there was something suspicious about our delicious burgers) (soz, Daisy)

5. Send a Raven!!

And finally, this week saw my first beauty feature for The Raven go to print. (so exciiiiting!)

Featuring SPF saviours, Origins, Kiehl's & La Roche Posay and some advice on Sun Safe Behavior, I couldn't have timed this coinciding heat wave better

You're welcome, everyone! 
(I can only say that because it wasn't printed in torrential rain storms so everyone could scoff at me y'know)

So tell me, what's been making you happy and/or thankful this week? Hmmm? 


Unknown said...

Sue you are perfect for The Raven :)
Great catching up Friday xo

Lovely Girlie Bits said...

Well that was a grand week altogether :) Great to have les chats and has to be done again soon :)

Anonymous said...

Huge congrats Sue on your publication! so exciting!

Raging I don't live nearer to all the bloggers; would love to be a bit more involved but I HATE the drive up! I have notions of myself swanning up and down to dublin when on maternity leave but other mammies are warning me that I won't have the time! we shall see i s'pose!

have to agree with you on Wexford; i have many fond memories of childhood summers spent there in our mobile home!

Makeup Over Mind said...

Congrats Sue! The weather was amazingness! Hopefully see you at a blogger meet up soon! :)

S said...

Congratulations on your article! No better woman.