Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Gorgeous Gradual Bronzers ft Xen Tan Transform Luxe, Cocoa Brown Night & Day and Dove Summer Glow

We had a look this morning at Brilliant Instant Bronzers but sometimes, just sometimes I'm ahead of the game and actually plan my tanning. Three of the most reliable, olive toned, non oompa loopa favourites of mine have to be Xen Tan, Cocoa Brown and Dove. 

Fancy a closer goo? 

Xen Tan Transform Luxe: €23.69
I've been a very loyal fan of Xen Tan for years now, mentioning it here in my Unsung Heroes post . I go through phases of using this olive toned tanner and 
when I stop using it I always wonder why. 

The most unfaketan like scented fake tan there is on the market, I actually enjoy the smell of this one. Directions say to leave for 3 hours before showering but my regular routine is to apply a pea sized amount after cleansing at night and walking up as if I've been prone under a sun bed for the night. 

Truly gorgeous, Xen Tan is one of my Holy Grail products and I can't envision a time that I won't have 1/2 tubes about the place.  

Cocoa Brown Night & Day: €9.99 or €7.99 in Penney's!
The brain child of the uber glam Marissa Carter, you'll recognize Cocoa Brown tan from 'OH EVERYWHERE!' of late - that's not for nothing. This product could actually have made it into this morning's Instant Glow post as I've used it and trotted out the door without worry too. 

Made with vegetable derived DHAs and without parabens, Night & Day is suitable for all skin types including sensitive skins. The Tahitian Gardenia scent too is a welcome break from 
the usual digestive biscuit affair we're subjected to. 

My normal routine is to apply this moussey lovely and leave it for about three hours before showering but when I dry myself off I apply it again and I'm a bronzed goddess (YES, I AM!) for at least 4/5 days once I moisturise. Can't recommend this one enough. 

Dove Summer Glow: €6.49 (Boots & Supermarkets)
Billed as the UKs number one gradual tanner, the first iterations of Dove Summer Glow 
were some of my earliest dalliances with gradual tanners as they were so affordable.

It's refreshing to see that at €6.49, that's still the case and the formulation 
has only improved. 

I use this pleasantly scented, thick moisturising cream for at least 2/3 days to build up my preferred result and that tends to last me the guts of a week without reapplication. 

The resulting bronze is even, doesn't go streaky or patchy and seems to nourish my skin beautifully. (One word of warning is your hairline though, there are orange tendencies if you're not very careful) For affordability and ease of use, Dove is certainly a contender 
for the top prize. 

Do remember if you're using a gradual tanner that exfoliation in the lead up days is essential and never moisturise before use. But gentle scrubbing while wearing them and drenching your skin with moisturiser on the days you're sporting your tan will actually elongate it's bronzey life. 

Tell Moi, are you a gradual tan fan? 

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