Wednesday, June 05, 2013

May Favourites ft L'Oreal, Pixy, Real Techniques, Glam Glow, Body Shop, Smashbox, Garnier, Origins & Tinchy Stryder(!) (Pic Heavy)

Can you believe May is over? Nope, me either! Time for a little looksie at what's been making my life easier and stuff I be lovin' this past month. There's some doozies. 

First up, I was convinced that I'd been duped when Pixy's Glowing Body Butter landed on my mat. The whipped light & fluffy mousse of cocoa and shea butters feels like air in the tin and most pleasingly, on the skin. With Coconut, Vitamin E and Sweet Almond oils to sweeten this beaut my skin has never looked brighter. 

Keep an eye out as Pixy's Glowing Body Butter will have pride of place in an upcoming feature where you can have a closer look. 

Origins Plantscription Anti-Aging Cream €62
Boasting brand new Rasberry Plant Stem Cell Technology, Origins Plantscripstions Anti Aging Cream has rocketed to the top of my visage creams of choice this past month. 
The thick and ridiculously moisturising cream plumps my skin more than any other and I detected a noticeable decline in my skins brightness when I forgot this little gem on a weekend away. 

So impressed am I with this new face love that I've featured it in my first beauty column for the Fingal Raven magazine (more deets on that very soon). 

L'Oreal Fresh Dust Dry Shampoo - €11.85
 'Dust, anybody? no? DUST' honestly, Marjorie Dawes goes through my head every single time I pick up L'Oreal's Fresh Dust dry shampoo and that's been hella lot this past month. 

The only dry shampoo to cure my bereavement at not being able to find Batiste's Gold Shimmer ANYWHERE, this version is actually worth the extra sheckles for lack of build up and continual shine (not the greasy kind) when I'm using it. I'll be definitely repurchasing in the next day or so. 

Real Techniques Duo Fiber Face Brush (Set of three €19.99) (or €11.38 from
I never was a big user of setting or finishing powder, preferring instead to set my visage with a spray of Thermal Spring Water instead. Those times have changed thanks to Real Techniques. 

I'm all about this Duo Fiber Face Brush since purchase last month and the air brushed effect I can achieve with Smashbox's Halo Finishing Powder. 
I'm a complete convert & wouldn't be without it now. 

Smashbox Halo Highlighting Wand €32
I mentioned this pen of wonder in a recent Instagram pic as one of my go to products when I want to look less dead in 5 minutes when I'm flying from work straight into town. 

With a design similar to Touch Éclat but with a wider brush and some form of witchcraft in it's pearlescent pinky highlighting cream, this highlighting wand is certainly aptly named. 

Garnier Perfect Blur €15
I'm all about speed when it comes to make up so when Garnier promised instant results with their 5 Sec Perfect Blur I was all over it, if a little dubious at the same time. 

I needn't have doubted 'em though as Perfect blur does 'sactly what it says on the tube. 

My face appears smoother even without make up on top and this here tube has replaced my beloved Smashbox Photo Finish primer for evening jaunts out. Unheard of!

Body Shop Brazil Nut Dry Oil €15
I can't get enough of this wonderful stuff! Body Shop's newest (returning) dry oil  is brazil nut and I can't describe the vanilla/chocolate/deliciousness of it's scent. It reminds me of warm candy floss without the sickly sweetness. 

I'm using this dry oil on my bod, on my cuticles, to tame flyaway hairs and even to remove makeup in a pinch. It's truly, truly wonderbar! 

Glam Glow Super Mud Clearing Treatment €45
I've reviewed this little pot of mucky goodness here  but couldn't let May faves go by without an enormous shout out for Glam Glow Super Mud Clearing Treatment. 

Not only has it vastly improved the brightness & tightness of my visage but as an on the spot treatment it has saved my skin (literally) from 3 mini Mt Vesuvius' already! 
Astonishing stuff. 

Tinchy Stryder in Ear Headphones €49 (on sale for €29 in Curry's) 
Last but by no means least one of my favourite additions to my collection of schtuff this month has to be these weenchy teenchy headphones. 

Noise cancelling and ridiculously comfortable to wear (even for a small lug holed user like me) these in ear headphones are stupidly good for pumping out the choons. 

So much so that I've even done extra laps in the park at lunchtime just to continue to listen. 

Now that's good! 

Wheweeee, that was a long post - tell me, what's been tickling your pickle this past month, eh? 


Caz said...

Thanks for a great post! I am really looking forward to trying the L'oreal dry shampoo as Batiste has been irritating my scalp lately for some unknown reason. I bought Touche Eclat before Christmas after reading rave reviews, it wasn't for me, it just seemed to sit on top of my skin, wasn't blend-able at all at all. Would love to try Smashbox! (Hello Credit Union!!) ;-)

Nurse Fancy Pants said...

I want a new (non batiste) dry shampoo, this looks interesting. Does it leave any white residue?

Anonymous said...

These all sound great! Think the Garnier Perfect Blur is on offer in Sam McCauleys this month for €11.99 so might get that tomorrow :-)

Angela K Webster said...

I've been looking at the Body Shop oils, wondering how I can fit them in to my life (trying to justify buying more beauty products! :D) Thank you for the tips ! :)

Audrey- The Nail Affair said...

I'd be interested to try the Smashbox Halo, but definitely try before buy as my unused and unuseful touche eclat says... Really interested in getting that garnier primer!