Thursday, June 06, 2013

Things That Rustle My Jimmies

Why I oughta'... But I won't, I'll share my grievances of the week in this handy posht - it's cheaper than therapy. Believe me. 

1. 'No, I don't need sun screen, 
this is Ireland, ya GOBSHITE!' 

 photo tumblr_mnbjiuC5Yk1re795wo2_500_zps59c7af48.gif
'Bring On the Dancing Lobsters!'

2. How nice, the ENTIRE bus is empty 
but you chose to right sit next to me...

 photo tumblr_inline_mh3s97Dt3p1qkk6oy_zps33dc1075.gif

3. 'Aren't you lucky you HAVE a job? '

 photo tumblr_inline_mh23lyLRZm1rbmspj_zpsf755b774.gif

4. When EVERY Facebook status 
is about your offspring -
like no one else has ever had any

 photo tumblr_mcv5mcwdvc1ruuum2_zpsaee62063.gif

5. When the super new hi-tech system in work 
takes 6 minutes to refresh each page

 photo e3R3zcX_zps481bb055.gif

Phew, it feels so good to get that off my chest. 

Tell me, what's been infuriating you this week then? It helps to share - honest. 


ArtDonatella said...

I have a bus related one also! When you sit next to me and feel the need to really corner me into my window seat and press your thighs against mine! They are *my* thighs, they don't need to flippin' touch yours! Flip off, flip off, flip off!!!! VOM!

Icaria said...

UV protection pfft! I need RAIN protection! :(

S said...

The lobsters thing. "Jaysus you're as white as a ghost" - oh, sorry, hang on so. I'll just strip, lay out in my garden, get a second degree burn, then spend the next week moaning about how sore it is but it's all grand because it'll go brown in a week. IDIOOOTTTSSS.

Anonymous said...

asshats not picking up their dog shit RAGE or letting their big beast of a dog offlead to terrorise me and my pupsters. Don't let your dog off lead if he cant behave ffs!