Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Thermal Spring Water & its Very Many Uses

Thermal Spring Water, huh, what is it good for? Absolutely... Well loads of stuff actually..

Prepare to realise why one of these French fine mist sprays could be the answer to several of your beauty or lifestyle problems and why every fridge and mála should have one.

Thermal Spring Water mists are the only products to be connected directly at source to the springs in France, meaning the pure water inside literally doesn't see the light of day for up to two years or until such time as its called into action.

I first came across the Avène version while on holidays in Tenerife a couple of years back. We kept it in the fridge for use throughout the day and it saved our skin, literally, on more than one occasion. I actually came to miss it in the weeks after we arrived home so was thrilled at the refreshing reminder when the brands sent me these bad boys for review.

I've listed 10 of the most useful uses for these cooling compadres but of course this list is not exhaustive:

  1. As a toner. LRP Thermal Spring Water is naturally high in selenium and its Avène counterpart in silicate. These work to purify and calm the skin. Reducing redness and closing pores naturally. Both are naturally anti oxidant. 
  2. To set make up.  Once you've completed your make up look for the day a spritz of Thermal Spring Water acts to set your work in place, it can also be used throughout the day as the mist is fine enough not to cause make up to 'melt'. 
  3. Fizzog refreshment through the day. Whether on holidays in the heat or stuck inside a busy office with 24 hour central heating and air conditioning, this spray is like a cool drink of water for your skin. The fine mist won't frighten babies so is perfect for keeping little kissers cool too. 
  4. For long flights or trips. Being stuck inside a pressure controlled can in the sky for up to 12 hours with recycled air is really no good for your complexion. An easy addition to your carry on luggage, refreshment is only a spritz away. (Or, of course you could spray it on Hoggy McHoggerson, snoring with their mouth open and falling over your seat too)(The perfect crime)
  5. For fever and nausea relief. Not necessarily self inflicted illness but good for that too.  It's instantly cooling. 
  6. Treatment of burns & wounds. Be they sun burns, razor burns or otherwise, a spray of this regularly really helps to ease the sting. It can also be sprayed on open, clean wounds to calm inflammation and temporarily relieve pain.
  7. New tattoos: For new tattoos, in the healing stage, when all you want to do is scratch!
  8. Itchiness relief: Whether from a healing wound, skin conditions such as eczema, bug bites or chicken pox. Relief is just a spray away.
  9. During and after workouts: To help keep you going or to cool you down once done. 
  10. Nappy Rash or chaffing: The mist is so fine that when a little one is suffering so much that a cloth or wipe stings, it works wonders to gently ease the pain. 
 While the La Roche Posay offering is ideal to be kept in the fridge all year round, the Avène version is small enough to be handbag or nappy bag friendly and can be brought everywhere. 

LRP retails for €9.66 from all good pharmacies and Avène travel size for €4 in larger Boots. 

Have you used either of these before? Got a use to add to my list? Lemme know!

**Edit** The Sis has reliably informed me
that these sprays are invaluable for
pregnant ladies for every day and for the labour ward! Genius! 


LauraLou said...

I keep one of these in my kit! It's a savour for getting a dewy look all over the face. Or when I'm running around like a looper :)

Lovely Girlie Bits said...

Em, I never woulda thought to use them for allllll those things, except refreshing the visage, nice one!! Am hoping to get a tattoo in July so will keep mine in the fridge, ready for action :) Great post flossy

Padme said...

I love the Avene thermal water, it´s fantastic!

Makeup Over Mind said...

I actually just picked up a travel size version of LRP the other day for 4euro! Lovely! :)

Anonymous said...


French myself, I often use thermal water in spray. Very refreshing in the summer as well.
If you are interested, I have written a review about Caudalie Grape water, which has also lots of benefits for the skin.

boredmum said...

i have the Avene one and sure its the bees knees, i love it, its great on my sons Excema, but i was told not to keep it in the fridge, for some strange reason,

Sue Jordan said...

Perfect addition to any kit, you're right Lauralou! x

Sue Jordan said...

A tattoooooooo you say?

Sue Jordan said...

Isn't it so refreshing, Padme? I loves it! x

Sue Jordan said...

Ooh, nice spotting, Orla! :)

Sue Jordan said...

Bienvenue, Mademoiselle!

And merci for such a helpful comment, your blog looks great, am now following :) x

Sue Jordan said...

Ooh, I wonder why boredmum? I met with the Avene representative last week and she said to keep it in the fridge too. Strrraaaange ;) x

Emer said...

I got a sample of the La Roche Posay one at a promotion day and I have been using it to set my makeup,I didn't really know what it was for at the start but it did a pretty good job at that,it made my skin look so fresh and flawless so when I run out I'll defiantly be re-purchasing :)


Sunshine Rose said...

I love the LRP one, it is so big though. The Avene one is definitely more bag-friendly!

boredmum said...

it was a friend of mine that told me not to keep it in the fridge, she read it somewhere or something which i thought it was a bit strange, i will go with the Avene rep as she is the expert, so its back in the fridge with mine, :D

Unknown said...

Thank you! Just reminded me to grab mine and spritz myself. I'm flipping. Dying in this heat!

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