Tuesday, 29 May 2012

New - Nuxe Cleansing Range with Rose Petals

Parisian favourite Nuxe have released their latest cleansing range and it's a manna from heaven for sensitive skins or those that simply want a gentle, feminine and delicately scented cleansing routine.

Each offering is based on one key ingredient, the Rosa Damascena (the Damascus Rose) renowned for their fine fragrance and use in Rose Oil production. The non allergenic perfume for the entire range is based on this rose and also uses subtle floral notes, such as honeysuckle and cyclamen. It's non allergenic, pampering and one of my favourite floral combinations.

Micellar Foam Cleanser - €14.90
Gentle enough to use every day with a little warm water, the Micellar Foam Cleanser is a velvety foam that needs only one pump per cleanse. Using vegetal glycerin and cotton seed oil derivatives to soften the skin, I found this bubbly emollient a joy to use. I did avoid the eye area as I'm a chicken when it comes to stingy peepers. It washes off cleanly and left me with a thoroughly clean yet soft face. There's no tightness or squeakiness as can happen with foam cleansers.

Gentle Exfoliating Gel - €17.90

This viscous amber gentle exfoliating gel uses 100% natural scrubbers, such as lychee seeds and walnut shell powders combined with rose petals and water to effectively eliminate impurities and buff the skin. To be used on dry or damp skin once or twice a week, Gentle Exfoliating Gel worked to make both my hands and face silky soft. The gentle perfume lasted until lunch time too.

I'm really liking both of these, sent from the brand for review, so much so that my next beauty purchase will be the Clarifying Cream Mask for a little bit of weekend pampering.

Have you used Nuxe yet? Are florally scented cleansers for you?


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