Thursday, May 31, 2012

First Look Swatches of Free Ciaté Polishes with This Months Marie Claire!

Have you picked up your free Ciaté polishes I mentioned earlier or are you waiting on these here swatches to make up yo' mind? Wait no more!

I've swatched 'em with no top coat so you can see the purrty shine.

Jelly Bean
First up, Jelly Bean is a beautiful Sunshine Fuchsia pink with a blue microshimmer running through it. It's a gorgeous formulation and although I'm of the firm belief that you can't have too many pink polishes, if you have Sally Hansen's Back to the Fuchsia and aren't of the same mind, you could pass this one. Personally, I HEART it!

Purple Sherbet
Next, Purple Sherbet is a light pastel mauve. On first application I had concerns about its opacity but two coats in, isn't it lovely? Soft, pretty & so wearable. 

Lastly, Bon Bon is a mauve based nude cream. It applies beautifully to a high shine and is perfect for everyday office wear.

I'm really impressed with these, for €5.55 you get the polish AND you get to read all about Eva Mendes talking about my boyfriend. What more could you want, wha?

Have you picked up any of 'em yet? Has this swayed you either way?


Unknown said...

hmm sherbert looks a lot like barry m berry ice cream. Bon bon will definitely come home with me :D thanks for reviewing!!!

Powdered Almond said...

Ooh they all actually look lovely, I like the nude best though because I'm a bit dull like that. And Ryan Gosling's your boyfriend? Good work on that! x

Unknown said...

How is your boyfriend

boredmum said...

Ok i had decided i was waiting to get the Denny Leighton ones in a few days, but u have definately changed mah mind, i am Sooooo getting the Jelly Bean one, its gorgeous, i love pink, i have an OPI one very similar to the purple sherbet one and also a rimmel one like the nude one, but might get my mam and sister to get the other ones and i can "borrow" them :D

wonderlust nails said...

Oh wow! Is this the UK or the US version? Really hope that it's the UK as I will be buying every shade for sure. x

Sue Jordan said...

No probs! :)

Sue Jordan said...

This is the UK version! There were plenty on the shelves of Dublin today too x

Sue Jordan said...

LOVING your thinking!! Hahaha x

Sue Jordan said...

You'll have to ask that fabulous wagon, Mags. We're not exactly seeing eye to eye right now. The view through night vision goggles doesn't count :/

Sue Jordan said...

The nude is fab, wore it for the rest of the day!.Oh, you didn't know Ry & I are a thing? We totally are! x

liloo said...

your photos are absolutely gorgeous and if I didn't own so many pinks already, I would go and buy 'jelly bean'
liloo/@tsunimee xx

Katie Simpson said...

I picked up Jelly bean today and I can't wait to wear it! Bon bon looks nice too so I'll probably get that too sometime during the month. Purple sherbet looks very similar to Barry M - Berry Icecream so I probably won't get that one.

Strawberry Blonde Beauty said...

The nude is really lovely too though I do love my lilac!

Nic x

Sue Jordan said...

Thanks so much, lovely! I couldn't help buying all three 'for the blog' Best excuse ever haaha xx

Sue Jordan said...

I'm with you, Nic, Lilac has to be my fave. Your pics & post are fabulous! xx

Sue Jordan said...

They're hard to resist, Katie. Though I have a serious polish problem haha x

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