Tuesday, May 01, 2012

May is Melanoma Awareness Month

Today, being the first of May sees the start of Melanoma Awareness Month in Ireland. This year the focus is on the men of this fair Isle. Although it doesn't look very much like the first day of Summer out there today, I'd urge you to take a minute and watch this short video put together to increase awareness of Melanoma risks in men.

According to statistics:

1 in 8 IRISH MEN will get SKIN CANCER*Just one blistering sunburn can DOUBLE your chances of developing a melanoma**

'La Roche-Posay have teamed up with the Melanoma Trust to build awareness and understanding about staying safe in the sun. The threat of skin cancer is real and on the rise in Ireland. We want to educate, inform and inspire people to learn how to take care of their skin.'

Anything that raises awareness and increases the chances of just one person checking themselves out has to be a good thing, right? Maybe take a minute and send this vid on to your Dads, brothers, husbands, boyfriends and friends of the male persuasion. Something that simple could potentially save a life. (I've no doubt they'd actually welcome a little break from hilarious videos about cats and whatnot, even if it's an educational one)   

Join the cause and find more information over at www.sossaveourskin.ie

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