Saturday, May 05, 2012

Avon- ANEW Ultimate 7S Range - Ulti-Minute Lifting Complex

Ooh, Fancy, check out the newest addition to Avon's ANEW Ultimate 7S collection, Ulti-Minute Lifting Complex. To be used under your moisturiser on freshly cleansed skin every morning, this formulation is said to work in 30 seconds to make your skin look and feel lifted. 

The gold pearlised serum smells no less than divine, made with sweet almond extract and a 'unique biopolymer that shrinks when applied to the skin' I definitely noticed a difference within a minute of application. 

The pearlised formulation works to brighten and lighten skin as soon as applied
I've only had the sneakiest of gos of Ulti-Minute as I've passed it on to the Elder Cherry (D'Mammy)(Do NOT tell her I called her that) for full review in a couple of weeks time.

Even typing this and remembering my first impressions, I know it's going to be one of those products I wish I'd held on to. Guess I'll have to lap up the daughter brownie points instead, eh?

Keep an eye out for her verdict very soon


Heather said...

got my hands on a sample and adored it!!! I'm sharing this, hope you don't mind :)

Heather said...

Thanks for "liking" the page :D *blushes*

Anonymous said...

I'm looking at this serum in the July issue of Vogue. It's pictured with 11 other serums, most of them pretty pricey too. This looks very reasonable at £27 (what the magazine gives as the cost), especially if it does what it claims. I might order a starter kit of the Anew Ultimate 7S Age Repair from Avon to try too as it's half price at the moment.

So pleased to have found your blog by the way. You popped up when I Googled the product name as it's not listed yet on Avon's o/l shop.

Ali x