Friday, May 18, 2012

The Dictator - Movie Review

Who's in it?
Sacha Baron Cohen, Anna Faris and Ben Kingsley

What's it about?

General Aladeen has been the ruthless oppressor and tyrannical dictator of the people of the North African country of Wadiya since the age of 7. Coaxed into addressing the UN Council by his advisor (Kingsley) he travels to America, once there he is double crossed, stripped of his beard and cast out to the wilderness of New York. He must enlist the help of some unlikely accomplices to return to power.

Any good?

I never really was a fan of the interview/ambush style of Baron Cohen's Ali G or Borat, thankfully that style of comedy has been replaced in The Dictator. Everyone is in on the outrageous, tongue in cheek antics and obviously thoroughly enjoyed the production. That, to me, elevates this movie above any other film or show that this team have produced to date.

To the tune of Jay Z ft Punjabi! 

The humour is ridiculously offensive to just about everyone, from the initial dedication to Kim Jong Il right through to the final moments and I loved it. It's impossible not to laugh, to guffaw against your better judgment at every second line and that's the magic of this movie. There are lines in comedy that just aren't crossed, until it comes to Sasha. He doesn't see them, or he sees them and just doesn't care. This film kicks political correctness in the arse and takes no prisoners. Behind the mirth and crudity though is some pretty deft political satire.

Aladeen testing Nadal's patience. Again. 

General Aladeen's accomplice, Nadal, delivers some of the funniest deadpan lines I've heard and although he never really shines in comparison, he's a fantastic addition. Anna Faris plays an unconvincing and miscast love interest and actually manages to be semi likeable. But all of the supporting cast (they are many with some well known cameos) are there only to support the lead and they do so brilliantly. Even when the occasional gag flounders, Aladeen still manages to have you root for him.

While this isn't one for the easily offended, anyone that has seen any previous movies or shows from Baron Cohen will already know that, the Wadiyan soundtrack and non stop laughter are easily worth your hard earned eurobux. Go and see The Dictator, resistance is futile.



Lovely Girlie Bits said...

Great review Sue! I loved it, probably more than I should have and have been telling everyone to go see it and cringe/laugh a lot :)

Robsarella said...

Thanks for the review! Really glad I read this :) as I'm going to see it tomorrow!! You have such a great writing style, you should review professionally! X

boredmum said...

Brilliant review Sue, I am dying to see this film, myself and himself will be going as soon as we get sorted with a babysitter, i am not easily offended at all and can't wait, I saw all his other films and nearly wet myself, esp at Borat when he was naked wrestling, we were laughing so hard that my next door neighbour actually text me to see what in the name of god were we watching on the telly,

Sue Jordan said...

Aw, Thanks for that R, that's really appreciated. Let me know what you think x

Sue Jordan said...

Thank'um kindly :)

Sue Jordan said...

Well then you'll loooove this! Dying to hear what you think x