Thursday, 3 May 2012

First Look - Nails Inc for InStyle - 2012 Freebie Swatches

So we all caught the heads up about Nails Inc freebies in this month's InStyle (out today), right? 

How about some swatches in case you haven't made your mind up about purchasing yet, eh?


Bluebell is a creamy pastel mauve with blue undertones. The formulation (as with the other two) is thick and luxurious and is one of the first pastels that I haven't needed a white base to do justice to. 

This (as with the others) is two coats with no top coat. Isn't it pretty? 

Power Pink

Power Pink is a creamy Baby Flamingo pink (It's a colour) and again is a beautiful formulation, it glides on easily, dries to a high shine and is extremely wearable. This might just be my favourite of the trio. 

Peach Sorbet

Peach Sorbet is about as pastel a peach as you're likely to find. The formulation on this one was a little too thick for my liking, taking two attempts to achieve a uniform look with no streaks. I mumbled under my breath applying it but now that I'm typing I can't help looking down to admire it. It's very, very pretty.

So what say you, do one or all take your fancy? This line is exclusively designed for In Style by Nails Inc so unless you snap them up now, you're unlikely to see them again.

These polishes are the perfect colours for your talons this season, that and the fact that the magazine (full of some gorgeous stylings) is only €5.55/£3.80, when the polish alone is worth €15/£11 has to be enough to sway you, surely? It's like making money, non?

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