Monday, 28 May 2012

Monday's Moments - 28/05

Morning all, wasn't that a scorcher of a weekend? Hope you had glorious sun shine wherever you are too and were rocking the SPF, I've little doubt that there'll be lobsters aplenty in Irish offices up and down the country today.

First and foremost the best news? This is your last Monday for a fortnight. Bank Holiday next weekend, yo! And now on with the task at hand...

1. How Do You Know it's Time? 

Some of us, that use home highlights or dyes tend to do so on a schedule, every 6 - 8 weeks for me as my hair is naturally light enough. The Sis is exactly the same, though she has a fool proof alarm to let her know it's time. His name is Séamus. I didn't believe this until I witnessed it last week.

Séamus has just turned four and has taken to examining her fringe to tell her 'That's an awful lot of old hair, Mam' or, post dye job. 'MAM! What happened all your old hair?!'. I almost choked when I saw him eyeing her suspiciously last week and exclaiming the latter. Out of the mouths of Babes, right?

2. No Caption Needed. 

Just as the title reads, this doesn't even need a caption. I saw this pic last week of BoD bringing the Heineken Cup into Temple St and almost welled up with happy tears immediately, then spent the entire day smiling at the memory. They say a picture tells a thousand words, this one has a thousand emotions. I absolutely adore it. 

3. Smells Like Holidays! 

Following the Snow White & the Huntsman premiere on Wednesday (review up Fri) the Sis and I decided that it was too early to call it a night. In we trotted (trat?) to the Gibson Hotel right beside the cinema in Point Village. It was as gorgeous an evening as we've had all year so we decided to try out the internal garden of the Hemi Bar. It was and is fabulous. 

They have lighting through the trees and running fountains with the smell of the open kitchen, cooking up tasty treats, wafting through the air. Closing my eyes for just a minute and catching the last of the evening sun, we could have been anywhere in the world. Glorious. 

4. Ice, Ice, Baby!!

I'm still pinching myself about Moment number 4. On Friday we (Karen & Joanne from and Lorraine from headed along to the 98fm Listener Summer party in the new Rouge nightclub in Swords. Aside from the inhalation of helium balloons and subsequent chipmunk rapping AND the two for one cocktails, 98fm were giving away one or two prizes on the night. 

Not being hugely interested in the movie passes or Peppa Pig tickets, we waited for the big one. A luxury weekend, all expenses paid to The Ice House Hotel in Ballina. I've heard nothing but rave reviews for this place so when the only entry condition was to tag yourself and comment, I was on it! I tagged us in and added a little rhyme (I never win the free stuff, it really is a crime, but send us to the Ice House and we'll love you dudes long time (no licky licky)) and Voilà ! WE WON!! The only thing better than a holiday is a free holiday (I say that like I know). So excited to get our tushes down there for some pampering and lolz in the coming weeks! Pack yo' mála, @Lovelygirlybits!

5. The Daily Double

I mentioned in last weeks Monday's Moments that I'd be starting to post twice a day. I was a little apprehensive at first that I wouldn't find the time to get the posts prepared and scheduled but I got there and the response has been phenomenal. Everything I'm writing about excites me (& hopefully you), so it really doesn't feel like a chore to be done.

Traffic has almost doubled and I'm right back on top of reviews, sneak peeks and tutorials for you lovely lot. One of my favourite things about established and respected Blogs is their fresh and up to date content, that and that I can check back a couple of times a day for new, exciting posts. I've had several companies (Beauty & Movies) approach me this week for PR and reviews and, while that was happening anyway, to be honest I think it's a result of the double posting and means only good things for this little blog and you, it's readers. 

It's taken me a while to get to grips with enough organisational skillz to have a hectic career, two big & bauld teens and a burgeoning social calendar to take the blog to the next level but I've gotten here eventually. I'd say if you're considering making the leap. Do it! I'm thrilled I did but even more thrilled that you're here and reading about it! Thanks, yo. 

Tell me this and tell me no more - what's going down in your world this week?

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