Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Avon- ANEW Ultimate 7S Range - Ulti-Minute Lifting Complex Review (Of Sorts)

I mentioned a couple of weeks back that the Elder Cherry (D'Mammy) was the lucky beneficiary of Avon's new ANEW Ulti-Minute Lifting Complex when it was sent to me for review, I also mentioned how I was gutted to hand it over as I was already trialling a serum but today I have her thoughts and findings to let you know how they got on.

I met said Mammy in the shopping centre yesterday for coffee and actually noticed that her skin seemed brighter, not from the usual glitter fest that she only has to walk past a card shop to get up her face for days, but more luminous, as soon as I'd said the words it clicked that she owed me a review. But first, the science bit.

Ulti-Minute Lifting Complex comes in a heavy weight glass bottle with large dropper for use. 

To be used under your moisturiser on freshly cleansed skin every morning, this lifting complex promises to give you visibly lifted skin in as little as 30 seconds. But how? 

According to Avon:

'The ANEW Ultimate Collection was founded on a breakthrough discovery: Naturally occurring youth proteins called Sirtuins are scientifically proven to extend the healthy lifespan of living organisms. Researchers have recently found that skin cells have not just one but seven Sirtuin youth proteins that affect the way skin ages. Now Avon scientists have developed a patented technology to reactivate all seven Sirtuins in skin like never before, offering a comprehensive approach to anti-aging care. This breakthrough technology is the basis of ANEW Ultimate 7S, a complete collection of powerful anti-aging essentials.'

Close up the golden microshimmer that works to bring luminosity and radiance is clear to see
D'Mammy's first comment was about the smell of this complex. She remarked how 'It smells expensive' that she 'looks forward to using it each morning before moisturising'. I asked if she'd noticed any difference in her skin with use, 'As soon as I finish applying it, I can feel it tighten my skin slightly but not unpleasantly. It just feels right'. Intriguing, Elder Cherry, do go on...

'It reminds me so much of those squeezy things your Aunty Peggy brought me home', she's talking about Elizabeth Arden's Ceramide Gold Ultra Restorative Capsules that we both adored. Apparently, even though she only applies this complex in the mornings, she can still feel it's effects at the end of the day. She commented that her skin felt 'velvety soft', which I can verify from giving it a little rub (for science) and, most importantly of all, she asked if I'd order her a new bottle when it launches in June, which takes care of the value for money aspect.

And there we have it, we'll never make a crack journalism team, nor will she write me an actual guest post but you now have it on good authority (cos she knows everything about everything) that Avon's ANEW Ultimate 7S Range - Ulti-Minute Lifting Complex is worth a punt or €35 in June when it's released.

Yep, still raging I gave it away....

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