Monday, May 14, 2012

Monday's Moments - 14/05

Eh up, Chucks, Monday again! Let's do this, shall we?

1. How Now Brown Brows

Eh, Disclaimer: We got lashed on on the way in, my grúaig is usually hella better!
Last Wednesday I tootled along to a Benefit Bloggers meet up to get the low down on some very exciting upcoming products (SunBeam for one) and was delighted when Mark, Benefit's Field Training Manager and the brands top Irish Make-up Artist, decided to work his magic on my brows. 

Mark (@Mark_beanefit) is one of the funniest people I've yet to meet through this Blogging malarkey and he really knows his shizz. I had no notion that the Benefit Brow Bar in Arnott's was a drop in service or that every one of their staff (nationally) go there to make sure their brow work is up to scratch. Long story short? I gots great brows now! 

2. I Don't Even....

I do love a funny search term when going through Google Analytics for the blog but have to admit that the dirty ones creep me out more than a little on more than a rare occasion. 

This week's winner? 'Completely nude the office'?!. What the actual eff, man? I'm pretty certain as the googler in question sat rubbing his thighs in anticipation he didn't expect to be presented with a kick ass nail tutorial. Sorry, Durrty Birdy. 

3. A Moment to Make Socially Awkward Penguin               

This is one of those moments where I happily allow you lot (and I) to laugh heartily at little ol' me. When I was invited to the launch of last week I was delighted that LovelyGirlieBits Guru Karen agreed to come along. Only problem being that on the evening in question, disaster struck and she had to pull out. Since I'd given my word I'd be there I had to fly solo. 

I know I've mentioned a couple of events and get togethers that I pop along to and normally I'm grand, have a laugh, a drink, a chat and make some new friends. This one, however, was schmancy posh. Cocktails and canapés. The room was thronged and I was a little nervous to say the least. It took a good 20 minutes but I gathered all my mingling nerve and approached an older couple to try out my mad conversational skillz. 'Oh hai, isn't this a beautiful venue?' sez I, 'Ahhhh, no habla ingles' sez she *DIE* cue much waving of arms and broken Spanish/English before I left them in peace. Scarlet for D'Mammy having me. 

4. Mammy Guilt Fail!

I've resigned to the fact that Adam will never feel as guilty as this little guy
The youngest Gorgebag is probably one of the hardest people to guilt. Like ever. Not that I use good old Mammy guilt as a parenting tool, it just doesn't work on him. 

On Friday he was asking for the bazillionth thing that he didn't need and I shouldn't afford. 'It's only another €5'. 'ONLY ANOTHER'. I turned to him, in all seriousness, and said 'You know, Ad, when you're old and I'm gone you'll look back and remember that every second time you spoke to me it was to ask for money and you'll regret it', lightening fast he says 'Eh, you know when I'm old you'll still only be slightly older'. I had to chase him around the kitchen to give him his bating. Oh and yeah, the little fecker got his fiver. I suck at guilt!

5. Damn You AutoCorrect

I have been a fan of for a long time now, you'll have heard me bang on about it on the regular or even have seen one or two of my tutorials over there that the girls were very kind to allow me to post. One thing that always and will always bring me back time and again though is the hilarity. 

This post with comments about Autocorrected texts last week had me making ridiculous whimpering sounds at my desk trying to stifle and disguise outright guffaws. I mentioned this post as my contribution, it still smarts. Go and have a read and brighten your Monday. You'll thank me for it. 


Lovely Girlie Bits said...

I so sorry that disaster struck!! But the lesson is you obvs need to learn a second language when going to these posh evints ;)

The jungest jungfella sounds like a chip of the slightly aulder block innit? ;P

Unknown said...

Ahh I shall talk to you in Spanish tonight ;)