Monday, 21 May 2012

Easy Half Moon Mani - Using Clippers and Tape!

Not all of us have a steady enough hand for a perfect French Tip or half moon mani for that matter. That's why when I heard mention of a simple clipper trick, I had to give it a try.

Basically to make your own nail guides you use a sharp nail clippers and ordinary tape. The result is less curved than hole reinforcer stickers (what I'd been using previously) and both easier to use and cheaper than ordinary guides. I've done a pictorial below to show just how simple this is.

Step 1: Gather your supplies. Plain tape, a sharp clippers, NYC's Pinstripe White, China Glaze's Flip Flop Fantasy & Model's Own nail art pen in black. 

Step 2: Place small pieces of tape on the back of your hand. This works to both cut them efficiently but also to make the tape tacky so it doesn't stick to your base coat and is easy to remove. 

Step 3: Using your white polish, paint two thin coats as your base. This is a great way to make your neon colour Pop! Allow to dry fully. 

Step 4: Place the tacky tape 1/4 the way down your nail bed, pressing onto the flesh each side and not your nail. Paint one coat of your neon polish. While your neon is still wet, remove the tape carefully. This will give you the sharpest line. 

Step 5: Using your black striper/nail art pen, paint zebra line haphazardly onto the white half moon. 

Step 6: Using a high shine top coat, seal in your design. This one is Sally Hansen's 4 in 1. It's a great all rounder. Gorge. 

Although this particular design isn't for the faint hearted, this trick can be used for straight forward French tips or more subtle half moon manis. 

What do we think? Will you try it? Have you any other little tips or tricks you'd like to share? 

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