Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday's Moments - 19/03

If you're reading from Ireland this morning then you might not even need this positivity injection - it's a Bank Holiday, fo' shizzle!!

But hey, seeing as you're already here an' all, stick around for my five moments that have ensured my boatage floatage this past week, yeah?

1. I Won, See?

This here little loon is Séamus, the love of my life, after my Hounds of course. I've mentioned him often as he never ceases to make me chuckle. Well, on Thursday my Sis sent me this pic, he had won a medal in school for Irish dancing and you can see his delight. 

That evening, while I was in the Parents' she rang because he wanted to talk to me, 'Aunty Sue, you'll never guess, I won a medal, here look!' - 'Oh my actual God, that's amazing! So shiny' - 'Isn't it? Where's Grandad? He needs to see this too'. The entire family marvelled at his medal down the phone line - well he was sure we did. I was showing Grandad this picture at the time so he'd be able to describe it as if he was looking right at it. Hilarious. 

2. This Feeling Will NEVER Get Old

I know I've done a few Monday's Moments in the past about featuring on bigger blogs and online directories. I'll try to stop but HAVE to share this one. I somehow managed to get my Paddy's Day nails featured on one of the largest and most influential beauty blogs in Americay (And, you know, the world) -!

There's probably not a feeling like it in the world, to see your own name and pictures featured on a blog that you've read religiously for years and have used as a reference point for donkeys (figuratively speaking, I'm not sure how Christine feels about actual asals). I'm delighted, truly delighted. 

3. Duty Done

I may have mentioned in passing over the past several weeks that I was caught up on dreaded jury duty. Well, I'm ecstatic to report that it's done with now. Back to work on Tuesday for moi, Thank Chraaast. 

To be honest, I've never met 11 more different people that instantly clicked together. We spent 3 weeks herded round like sheep in very close quarters but we made the best of it. We laughed easily and often, when together and in private, which was a lot to do with comic relief because the trial was fairly harrowing and I'd like to think that I've met a couple of friends that I never would have done in the normal day to day of life. Moment number 3 was raising a glass with those crazy cats when our duty was done. Just immense relief. 

4. They're Keepers

I'll start this moment with the acknowledgement that Aunty Corrina may have had a directional hand in this but the Gorgebags played a blinder over the last couple of days. It's was my Birthday on Thursday and not only did I get that beautiful card, bigger than a couch cushion with a beautiful necklace but Adam chose to write me a thoughtful message. He's a modest wee pet. 

Then this morning for Mammy's Day Aaron nearly bodily wrestled me back into the bed as he'd made me brekkie (Toasties with tea, juice and fruit). I had to sit on the edge of the bed and hog it so he wouldn't feel he'd wasted his time. I know every Mam feels this way but they really are good lads. Am very proud to be their Oulone. (Unless they call me that, then there's batings galore!)

5. In the Night Sky

Any of you interested slightly in astronomy will have known about Conjunction this week, where Venus and Jupiter move together. Apparently we were to get quite the show here in Ireland but what with torrential rain being a given for Paddy's Day we didn't see much. 

That was until last night, I happened to look up at how bright and clear the night sky was, as I was locking up the mo mo and lo and behold there they were, Venus, Jupiter and Mars just behind - they were and are nothing short of spectacular. The entire western skyline seemed brighter because of them. There's nothing quite like seeing something that amazing to realise how small we truly are. Beautiful. 

How's your week been treating you lovely ladies and gents? Owt to report?


Roisin said...

Great post Sue! Congrats on the blog mention too! Amazing! x

Anonymous said...

I love these posts, never fail to make me smile :)

That photo Séamus is adorable.

Congrats on featuring on Temptalia...with your nail art skills it's hardly surprising!

cornflakegirl said...

Not sure what happened there but Anonymous is me :)

Anonymous said...

Great post, loving everyone getting into astronomy:)

Unknown said...

Aw loads to smile about here Sue. Massive congrats on being featured on Temptalia and glad your gorgebags spoiled you on your birthday and Mother's Day. I'm a bad daughter - my mum's card hasn't got there yet!

Breige said...

Woo hoo on the Temptalia featuring! That's fantastic!

And I didn't know your jury duty went on 3 weeks, crazy!

Also, delighted to see the astronomy there :)

Lovely Girlie Bits said...

Fabaliss news re Temptalia, you is goin international innit! Glad yer jury doody is over too, about time, yuk. I actually looked out at the sky last night too but didn't know there was mad stuff out there hehe

Makeup Over Mind said...

Don't ever not tell us when you're featured or I will be very cross! Ha. Seriously though. It's the Irish in us that we think we can't take pride in our work and our accomplishments! You deserve all the good things that come your way! Delighted for you! X

stonebabies said...

Thats my little Irish dancing boy!! Congratulations again on Temptalia I'm delighted for you & your nails :) Oh & on another point, me, no I don't live anywhere near Newbridge Silver!! It was all the lads, honest. I was actually looking at the sky & had no clue what I was looking at. I called the hubby outside to tell him, "hey look at the really big really shiny stars"!

Sue Jordan said...

You lie and I allow it. Churrs, Sis xx

Sue Jordan said...

You know you're absolutely right, Orla, Thanks chuck x

Sue Jordan said...

Aw Fanks, am now an International Lady of Mystery, only not a lady and not very mysterious, innit?

Sue Jordan said...
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Sue Jordan said...

Haha, Thanks P x

Sue Jordan said...

It's amazing isn't it B, even tonight - just stunning :)

Sue Jordan said...

She's yo' Momma, it's her job to love you regardless! Thanks Em x

Sue Jordan said...

Thanks Smokey, it fascinates me x