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October Favourites ft Bourjois, Balenciaga, Estée Lauder, Essie, Liz Earle, Kérastase, Charlotte Tilbury, Rimmel & Tiger!

I know, I know, a beauty post, who'da thunk it? It's only when I look back at the past couple of weeks posts that I realise they've been few and far between of late. Despite my sneak peeks at upcoming products over on Instagram and slapping the keyboard as the Style & Beauty Blogger for the Dublin City Guide, poor aul CherrySue le Blog has been losing out. Fear not though, I'm on it! 

In that vein, how about a look at the products that've been tickling my beauty pickle more than any other this past month? Excellent, let's do this: 

1. Kérastase Nectar Thermique: 

I've been rocking the Keratin Complex treatment from Queen in Aungier St this past few weeks so normal shampoos and conditioners have been given the heave ho in favour of sulphate free alternatives. Because of that, styling wise, I haven't needed a whole lot of product but after each and every wash I've been loving this leave in treatment from Kérastase. 

This ultra nourishing cream is applied to towel dried hair and not only cuts my blow dry time in half but leaves my locks soft and shiny too. The Royal Jelly Extract works to smooth down flyaways without ever feeling weighted or greasy. Of all the Kérastase loveliness I've tried, this Nectar is by far my fave. 

2. Essie Take It Outside: 

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I've been recommending Essie's Take It Outside to all that will listen for the past month or more. Topping my favourite Autumnal Nails post just last week, I can't say enough good things about this flattering greige - though I try. 

If you're looking for a polish that you're likely to remove only to apply again then Take It Outside should be top of your list. That and Debenhams are selling the entire line for just €9 right now. Get. On. It!

3. Estée Lauder - Revitalizing Supreme CC Cream: €55 Here
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One reason Estée Lauder will consistently top my favourite brand list is consistency in both quality and performance. At first glance €55 seems slightly spendy for a CC Cream but even during application you can feel the difference between this and cheaper counterparts. This Supreme CC Cream leaves the tube as a greyish cream but transforms on the skin with the aid of micropigments. 

Lovers of full coverage bases won't find this is enough and I must admit the SPF 10 is almost too negligible to mention but BUT my skin has never liked a base as much as it has this. Luminous and soft, it feels as though my skin has light reflecting properties with none of the sparkle. Yes, it's €55 but I'll gladly spend that again once I'm through with this one. Gladly.

4. Bourjois - 1 Seconde Volume Ultra Black: 
Ultra Black, Mascara, Ultimate, Fave, Review

The original Volume 1 Seconde was a stand out mascara for me this year, so I was thrilled to see an Ultra Black iteration make its way to our shelves. The patented brush is the same, one of my most loved shapes, with spherical bristles in among the straight sweeping ones to cover every last lash with ease.

While I didn't find this newer version 'ultra' black, I do prefer it to its predecessor in terms of longevity. Again Bourjois prove they can hold their own with high end beauty heavy weights. I've reached for this tube more than any other in the past month because I know it will just work. You can't always say that with mascara.

5. Charlotte Tilbury - Filmstar Bronze & Glow: 

C Tilbury, Review, Bronze, Contour, Ultimate, Simple, Luxury

Had you told me a couple of months back that I'd be contouring daily and feeling slightly naked without, I'd have scoffed in your face. SCOFFED. But then came Charlotte's Filmstar Bronze & Glow. I can't emote with sufficient intensity your need to try this palette. 

Forget Lion King scary contour lines and Kim K attempts at shading warpaint, this, THIS is what will give you that effortless contoured look with just a couple of sweeps. The matte Sculpt shade is my perfect shading colour and the champagne Highlight is the buildable highlighter of my dreams. Truly, I've worn the CC cream above, this and the Bourjois mascara and been told I've never looked better. It. Is. Love.

6. B. Balenciaga: 

B., Alexander Wang, Review, Perfume, Fragrance

B. Balenciaga is  Alexander Wang's first scent for the French fashion house & nothing like I had expected. A clean green scent grounded with dark wood, it smells like I imagine the rainforest does after a downpour. Absolutely gorgeous. 

I've been guarding closely my sneak preview sample but the urge to share the scent when people ask what I'm wearing is more than I can bear and I always end up giving them a spritz. THIS is why B. is smack bang top of my Christmas wishlist thusfar. Seek it out and spray it for yourself, I defy you not to fall in love. 

7. Liz Earle - Limited Edition Cleanse & Polish: €23.50 Here

Limited Edition, Hot Cloth Cleanser, Sweet Orange. Mint

I have made no secret of my love for Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish over the years - you can see my full review here. Always a sucker for a limited edition, it was the very same night that I met Liz Earle MBE herself (I KNOW!) that I eagerly opened this Sweet Orange & Mint version to put it to the test. 

That was last month, I've been using this cleanser every other night since. While the performance of this unctuous cleanser is just as luxurious and comforting as its standard counterparts, it's the scent that truly sets this one apart. Bright and zesty, I truly own no cleansers with quite the same scent and have looked forward to using it every single time. 

8. Tiger - Phone Charger: 

I don't normally recommend products that you can't easily get your own mitts on but were I to tell you that this €9 charger from walkaround mecca, Tiger is the fastest I've ever used would that sway you to make the trip? 

As is the case with most people these days, my phone is now an extension to my arm and never put down - unless I'm in the office of course - ahem. This means, more often than not, I'm scrambling to have it recharged before I head into town and start my Spotify accompanied trek home. 

This charger gives me 100% in less than 30 mins, without overheating or losing charge once I unplug. The slightly odd thing is, it's only when it's plugged into the wall but what matter? 100% in under half an hour that holds a charge longer than usbs 3 times its price. It's like a little Lotto win. Only better. 

9. Rimmel Provocalips: £6.99 Here

Another product I've raved about ad infinitum is Rimmel's newest lip laquer, Provocalips. Available in 11 shades of vibrancy, there is no lip product on the market today that will give you the longevity these bad boys do.

But a word of warning - though saturated in colour and a cinch to wear, you should make sure your lips are in top condition before applying. Not moisturised but prepped (I give mine a little scrub with my toothbrush when brushing my teeth). A second word of warning - there is zero room for error here, as the lacquer STAINS. Use a steady hand and go slow for instant, dramatic colour. All in all if you're looking for unparalleled wear time in a lippie, you're looking for Provocalips.

C'mom, tell us, what were you loving in the month of October? 

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