Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Woman In Black: Angel of Death - Movie Review

Who's In It? 


What's It About? 

Creepy mute boy with a bowl cut and draws? Check.
Old abandoned house in the country with an old nursery? Check.
Older woman doesn't believe younger woman? Check.
Prettyboy love interest being the only one who believes young woman? Check, check and CHECK.

 Any Good? 

This movie was so obviously drawn up in a boardroom of management types spouting their management spiel and horror buzzwords such as "nursery" or "synergies like creepy kid and nursery". There is absolutely ZERO heart or soul to be found and it kills the atmosphere.It's a real shame because I had some hopes going in.
There's nothing spooky at all about this film, it's so old and done that there just isn't a shock factor at any stage, what's a horror film without the shock factor? Kids go to old house. One kid is creepy. Kid communicates with ghost in creepy nursery. BOOM! that thought in your head? That's the entire movie.


It's not like there's any actual story, it's just useless exposition and faff from one lacklustre scare to the next, and I use the term scare EXTREMELY lightly. Not only does it follow horror clichés, but it follows love movie ones too - emotionally damaged soldier is the only one who believes Eve (main) and she believes she can fix him. Imagine what happens. The film doesn't even tell you who the Angel of Death is, just adds hints that aren't even interesting enough to speculate on.

I can honestly say this film has just added fuel to the belief I have that all horror movies (non-grindhouse/shlock withstanding) are the same and not worth watching. It has no story, no memorable characters (except for the painfully obvious Damien rip-off) and worst of all; it's just a bunch of old, beaten horses from TWO genres of film. I may be being a little harsh here, so if I can say one good thing about The Woman in Black: Angel of Death, it's that it's certainly a horror movie. Don't waste your time.


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