Monday, November 10, 2014

Mondays Moments - 10/11/14

Ah, Monday, another fresh start, another week of possibilities. There's a chance that 2 years of Mondays Moments have brainwashed me but I genuinely find myself shrugging now at Monday Memes - what's so wrong with the first day of the week? 

I'll tell you what's right with it - being thankful for the little things in life. Ready? 

1. Texting Adam (17) to Say 'I tried calling but your phone's off the hook' and getting the response 
'It's Off The WHAT?!'

2. Being the Grateful Benefactor of a Pay It Forward Coffee on Wednesday!

3. The Interstellar Premiere with My Bestie. 

4. Asking Said Bestie If We Were On The Right Floor & A Stranger At The Back Of The Lift Saying 'YES'

5. Both Lads Going To Work At The Crack Of Dawn Saturday & Leaving Me On My Lonesome!

All in all it's been a pretty cracking week!

So tell us, what's the one Moment making you forget your Monday Blues today? 

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