Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Autumnal Nail Faves - Five of The Best

For as long as I've been a beauty lover, I've been a huge polish fan too - maybe longer. While I don't dabble as much in the nail art end of things quite as much as I used to - blame ALL of the work I'm lucky enough to be doing - I still love to paint my talons on the daily. Yes, Summer colours are where my heart lie but there's just something about Autumnal shades that make that seasonal shift a little easier. Wouldn't you agree?

Essie Take It Outside
Essie's Take It Outside from their Fall '14 collection is easily the stand out nude of the year for me. Almost cast like in the bottle, this shade comes to life with purple and pink undertones once the light catches it. The unassuming shade is flattering on all skin tones and has been flattering mine on the regular these past weeks. 

Catrice Metalfusion
Catrice have never not impressed me when it comes to polishes. I can't count the amount of times I've sent pals and readers in the direction of their stands for high quality, cheap as chips polishes to suit all occasions. Metallure is the Autumn/Winter collection (more on that later) and Metalfusion here is the stand out lacquer for me. Opaque in one coat, stunning in two, this pewter foil wears like a polish 5 times it's €2.99 price. 

Essie Partner in Crime with China Glaze BOO-Gie Down
Talk about unassuming, Essie's Partner in Crime had to be the one from the collection that had me least enthused. I mean, it's brown. Straight up, no frills about it, brown. It's only when you paint it on that something magical happens - you realise that actually, you quite like brown. It's a stunning autumnal colour and with the aid of China Glaze's BOO-gie Down from their Halloween '13 collex, you get this gorgeous mani. It's one of my most liked Insta nail pics - who can argue with that?

Bourjois Violine Hypnotique
When it comes to autumn, nothing says seasonal nails quite like a rich burgundy metallic. Think Chanel's Rouge Noir but with a subtle microshimmer that lights up in sunlight. That and lasts a hella lot longer too. Bourjois' Violine Hypnotique has been a standing fave of mine since its introduction and is genuinely one that I look forward to wearing as the weather gets colder. It's also been known to make an appearance on my tootsies all year 'round. 

Nails Inc Porchester Square
The spendiest of the bunch and my second favourite nude, Nails Inc Porchester Square is a doozy. A dream to apply (Nails Inc know their brush shizz) this wears better than any nude I own. Though it's a beaut on its own, I can never help myself but add a little su'him 'su'him. The glitter here is an antique gold from a Claire's Accessories stack that probably cost a fiver for 10. BARG.AIN. That's the thing about autumnal nails, glitter is back in the game - choose your favourite base and go to town with complementing or contrasting colours. The world really is your glittery lobster. 

I could go on and on and Arist-on about favourite polishes but I'll leave my Autumn picks there... for now...

Tell us, what do you like to wear this time of year? If you have NOTD posts, sure the more's the better, pop you link in the comments below and we'll all take a squizz!

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